Sonya Vortex

Half-Alfar Sorceress with a Gift for Fire Magic whose powers reflect a full-blooded Alfar


Fire Sorceress Build

Name: Sonya Vortex
Level: 10
Race: Half Alfar
Class: Sorceress (8), Lore Master (2)
Alignment: True Neutral
Player: Elissa
Quote: If there’s a reward involved, I’m in.

ST: 10 + 0
DX: 14 + 2
CO: 12 + 1
IN: 14 + 2
WI: 8 – 1
CH: 18 + 4

HP: 56/56 AC: 18 (22)
BAB: + 5 (Melee: + 5 Ranged: + 7 ).
F/R/W: + 4 / + 5 / + 6

Race: Alfar
-Attribute Modifiers (+ 2 Dexterity, + 2 Intelligence, – 2 Constitution)
-Vision (Low Light)
-Special: Immune to Sleep, + 2 VS. Enchantments, + 2 SR, + 2 Spellcraft to identify, + 2 Perception
-Languages: Common, Alfar, Draconian, Ignan (Fire Elemental)
-Fey Magic
Speed 30 feet

Feats (1): Childlike, Elemental Spell (Cold), Elemental Spell (Acid), Skill Focus (Knowledge Planes), Still Spell, Empower Spell
Class and Feat Proficiencies: simple, longbows, shortbows, rapier, longsword

Skills (2 class + 2 int + 1 rank):
Skill (rank + ability + class)

+14 = Appraise 7 + 2 + 3 + 2
+14 = Bluff 7 + 4 + 3
+10 = Diplomacy 3 + 4 + 3
+6 = Fly 1 + 2 + 3
+8 = Handle Animal 1 + 4 + 3
+10 = Intimidate 3 + 4 + 3
+13 = Knowledge (Arcana) 7 + 2 + 4
+16 = Knowledge (Planes) 7 + 2 + 7
+5 = Perception 0 – 1 + 6
+12 = Spellcraft 7 + 2 + 3
+18 = Use Magic Device 9 + 4 + 3

Class Abilities:
- Eschew Materials
- Bloodline Powers: Elemental Ray Elemental Blast
- Bloodline Feats: Bloodline Arcana Fire
- Fire Resistance = 20
- Lore Master Abilities: Instant Master, Lore

Spell List:
0th: Light, Detect Magic, Fey Healing, Disrupt Undead, Mage Hand, Read Magic, Message, Arcane Mark, Detect Poison, Prestidigitation, Acid Splash
7 x 1st: True Strike, Mage Armor, Burning Hands, Expedious Retreat, Magic Missile, Identify,
Caco’s Soul Lock
7 x 2nd: Knock, Glide, Scorching Ray, Create Treasure Map, Misdirection, Ceusto’s Guardian
7 x 3rd: Fireball, Tongues, Protection from Fire, Dispel Magic, Hydro’s Sleep Spittle
6 x 4th: Dragon’s Breath, Elemental Body I, Wall of Fire, Leuko’s Breath of Flies
3 x 5th: Wall of Fire, Purro’s Weapson Steep

Rapier of Spell Storing 1
Attack: +11 Damage: 1d6
1 Critical: 18-20 x2
(Weapon’s Steep Enchantments: Defending, +3 [AC +4])

Ghost Touch Alfar Curve Blade 2
Attack: +7 Damage: 1d10
2 Critical: 18-20 x2

Equipment (Encumberance: L- 33lbs / M- 34-66lbs / H- 67-100lbs):
Cash: 504 Jet 1486 Dragons, 9 Amber, 15 Iron.
Soul Gems: 1 Fox Tribe, 1 Acota, 1 ?
Shortbow (1d6 Damage, Crit: 20 x3, Type: P, Range: 60ft, Cost: 30 Dragons Wt: 2 lbs.)
Dagger (1d4 Damage, Crit: 19-20 x2, Type: P,S, Range: 10ft Cost: 2 Dragons Wt: 1 lbs.)
Explorer’s Outfit (0ac, -0acp, Any maxdex, 0%asf, Wt: 8lbs, Cost: 10 Dragons)
Monk’s Outfit (
0ac, -0acp, Any maxdex, 0%asf, Wt: 2 lbs, Cost: 5 Dragons)
Quiver and Arrows x 20 (Cost: 1 Dragons, Wt: 3 lbs)
Silk Rope 50ft (Cost: 10 Dragons, Wt: 5 lbs)
Fishing Line 50ft with Fish Hook (Cost: 1 Amber 1 Iron, Wt: 1/2 lbs)
Backpack (Cost: 2 Dragons, Wt: 2 lbs)
Waterskin (Cost: 1 Dragons, Wt: 4 lbs)
Trail Rations 4 x days (Cost: 2 Dragons, Wt: 4 lbs)
Soap (Cost: 3 Ambers, Wt: 1/2 lbs)
Flour (Cost: 1 Iron, Wt: 1/2 lbs)
Chalk (Cost: 5 Iron, Wt: 1/2 lbs)
Merchant’s Scale
Grappling Hook, Batons
Gas Mask w/ bag and filters (5)
Ear rings Mercy Spell 3 times a day on up to 3rd level spells
Ear Plugs, Gloves with Weapon’s Finess Rapier
Wet Suit, Air canisters x 5 (1 hour per) one canister for breathing water
Headband + 4 vs. illusions and compulsions
Ring of Protection +2
Armor Weave +2
Wand of Shield (charges x 50)
Wand of Fire Magic Missiles (charges x 50)
Bag of Holding (250 lbs)
True Strike Potion x 2
Healing Potion Extra x 5
Potion of Anti-paralysis x 5
Potion of Imolation x 2

CURRENT ENCUMBERANCE: 33 lbs/ 0 Move Penalty

Experience 87,674 / 105,000


The year was 20 BC (before the Great Convergence) when Mani Vortex was born. She was only a nineteen year old Alfar when her father, Jarl Vortex, was murdered. Mani’s mother, Freya Vortex, was a strong emotionally and spiritually. Freya was able to overcome the deep depression that Alfar usually fall into after losing a mate and raised Mani alone. The next year, the Great Convergence imbued Mani and Freya with elemental bloodline traits. This allowed them to imbue their spells with the element properties of fire.

In the year 77 AC (after the Great Convergence). Freya was about finished morning the loss of Sindri and was raising Mani as a single parent. She was a sorceress, as her daughter was training to become, but she worked as one of the only teachers in the town of Shrike’s Perch teaching arcane magick. Her brightest and most attentive student was Sindri and not just because he enjoyed learning about the arcane arts. Sindri was a fifteen year old human who had Freya as an instructor for his entire childhood. He had feelings for her, and throughout the next twenty years his infatuation for Freya slowly grew. Sindri eventually got up the nerve to begin courting Freya. Thirty-five years old, Sindri had qualities that reminded her of Jarl. Over time, she ended up falling in love with Sindri as deep as he was with her. Three years after being together, they had a daughter. Sindri agreed to keep Freya’s last name and called the child Sonya Vortex. Since Freya was Alfar and Sindri was human, they expected Sonya to be a Half-Alfar. However, she looked like a human baby. It would take someone very perceptive to notice her fiery red eyes and realize that she is not human. As time passed, they discovered that Sonya had the spell power of a full Alfar. Mani became jealous that her new sister was getting so much attention. She was also annoyed that Sonya was able to develop and learn so much faster than her. Mani tried her best to ignore her sister and treated her as a leper. However, Freya believed strongly in family values and occasionally lectured Mani on being there for each other. “She’s not even my real sister, though. She’s only my half sister!” Mani would respond. Freya would simply smile and say, “She’s still your sister. You need to stick together and take care of each other.”

One night when Sonya was four-years old, she heard something outside the house that would woke her in the middle of the night. Her curiosity made her leave the house to investigate. Since Mani slept in the same room with Sonya, she awoke when she heard Sonya leave. She would normally have ignored this and gone back to sleep. The only reason she got up and followed Sonya out was because that night Freya had just given her another lecture about taking care of her sister. Both of the girls were outside when the house burst into flames. The fire spread quickly throughout the home and almost instantly killed Sindri and Freya while they slept. Mani could do nothing but slowly turn to her sister. “Really?! I’m stuck with YOU? You’re all I have left?!”

Mani worked as a waitress in the tavern and made sure that Sonya had basic clothes and the cheapest food to eat. There was always plenty of money left over for Mani to pamper herself with nicer clothes and accessories as well as better tasting food. Sonya was happy to have a place to live and something to eat at all. Mani also practiced her spell casting on her sister. Sonya had an innate, minor healing ability that was unheard of in sorcerers. So when Mani would practice her damage spells with her sister as a target, Sonya was able to heal herself to keep the injuries from being serious. She wasn’t happy being shot at on a daily basis, but she used this time to study Mani and improve her sorceress skills as well.

One year ago, Sonya was eleven years old and had been working at the blacksmith’s workshop for a couple years now. It was handy that she could continue adding to the flames of the forge throughout the day without breaking a sweat. She also paid attention to the value of metals, gems, weapons, armor, etc and learned to appraise them. Around this time, Mani was getting ready to join a team of explorers to travel beyond the known borders of Shrike’s Perch and discover the rest of the world. Sonya did not necessarily hate her sister, but she had become deathly afraid of her. She thought that the idea of sending Mani away from her and rendering her unable to practice her spells on her was a great one, especially because working at the blacksmith allowed her to make her own money. The calendar year has now changed to the year 112 AC. Winter has come and the exploration team was not able to return before the snow blocked the path the Shrike’s Perch. It was unknown whether or not the team was even still alive. Believing that her sister is stronger than that, Sonya was sure that Mani was alive. When the elders talked of sending a new team to find out what happened to the old one, Sonya immediately volunteered. Sonya was asked why and she simply responded in a somewhat paranoid fashion, “I don’t like not knowing where my sister is.”

Sonya Vortex

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