Araknae's Devotional

Allows Polymorph into Large Spider


Araknae’s Devotional
Aura: Strong Transmutation
CL: 7th. Price: 18,000 Dragons. Weight: 2lbs.

At Will: Polymorph Self as a Full Round Action between Medium Humanoid and Large Jumping Spider.
Spider Form
Large Size (+8 Strength, -2 Dexterity, +4 Constitution, +2 Natural Armor),
Racial Modifiers: +8 Acrobatics Checks, +4 to Stealth and Perception Checks, +16 to Climb Checks, +2 Save vs. poison, +12 bonus vs. Trip in CMD,
Climb Speed 60’,
Movement Speed becomes 60’,
Natural Attack (Bite d8 Damage + Poison),
Poison (Bite, injury; Save Fort dc 10 + 1/2 HD + Con Modifier; Frequency 1/ round for 4 rounds. effect d3 Strength damage. Cure 1 save.)
Suspended Animation As a full round action the user may enter suspended animation, allowing him to pass the time in a partial aware state, while his body takes little or no damage from fatigue, hunger, thirst, or lack of Air. Though the user is aware of his surroundings, he is considered flat footed (but not helpless) in this state. It takes a full round action to revive from Suspended Animation.


This beautiful Black Silk Gi is tied by a flat cord of crimson silk, and decorated with a Tarantula Mon in Gold thread that dominates the back of the shirt. Araknae’s Devotional was lovingly crafted by the High Priestess ‘Cancer Rides’ upon the Sacred Altar of Lady Araknae, under a blood moon. She made it for Jin the Wanderer; a young human monk who desired to share in the eternal meditation of the Orb, but was physically unable to fast for more than a few days without risking death. Though created as a meditation aid, Jin has found that there are more than a few advantages in roaming around as a Giant Jumping Spider!

The Devotional is still in the hands of Karojin, who is thought to have joined the Orb as their first non-spiderfolk citizen. His exact whereabouts are currently unknown…</p

Araknae's Devotional

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