Flashy Glasses of Self-Repair

Smoked Goggles that Self-Fix


Glasses: Count as Smoked Goggles – These spectacles have lenses made of
smoked glass that help protect against creatures with gaze
attacks. You are always treated as averting your gaze when
dealing with gaze attacks, and you gain a +8 circumstance
bonus on saving throws against visual-based attacks (any
attack that a blind creature would be immune to). You
have a –4 penalty on Perception checks while wearing
the goggles, and all opponents are treated as having
concealment (20% miss chance).

Regeneration: The Glasses are made of a special alchemical crystal based on absorbing ambient dust from the atmosphere to grow to a specific size. The result is a set of glasses that will slowly regenrate their lenses when broken. The exact color of the lenses varies according to what elements are in the atmosphere when regenerating.
Effect: Whenever these glasses are broken in combat, they will be ready to wear again within d6 hours!

“Staying” Power: When these glasses are pushed up on your brow to allow normal sight, they will inexplicably NOT fly off when jostled unless it is dramatically appropriate…


Tired of replacing Subject-0’s goggles after every accident, Rune Roads came up with these stylish alchemical goggles to address the issue. they can be had for the low price of 20 Dragons!

Flashy Glasses of Self-Repair

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