Ajaa's Dowery

weapon (melee)

Lethe’s Doom: Bastard Sword +5 (MSRP: 203,035, d10 + 5 Damage, 19 – 20 Critical, 6 lbs, S, Vorpal, Adamantine)


This mighty blade was wrought from a metorite flung from the heavens by The Great Devourerer to destroy the Absolute known as Lethe upon the shores of Lake Swan, in answer to the prayers of his fledgling follower, Sonya Vortex. It was forged in the fires of the great Hobgoblin city of Tior’ted by the adroit hands of Flagoul the Foul, Grand Alchemist and former member of the 1st Expeditionary force of Shrike’s perch. ’Lethe’s Doom’ contains the destructive will of the hungry god, and the power to cut through almost anything with a single swipe!
The Sword was gifted to Captain Crucius of the Shrike Guard, master of the order of the Shield, City Councilman of Shrike’s Perch, known as The Sundererer; as the Dowery for his Bride Ajaa the Huntress. Neither this weapon, nor She shall ever willingly leave his side…


From the Ashes of The Great Convergence GedofParagon