Repeating Rifle with Bomb Launcher

An Alchemist's Best Friend...

weapon (ranged)

Repeating Rifle 1, Corrosive (2 to hit, d10 + d6acid + 1 Damage; 19-20/ x3 critical; 120’ Range Increment; 10 Round Magazine; 8lbs; 8500 Dragons)
Bomb Launcher 1 (1 Hit, Bomb Damage 1, 20/ x 2 Critical; 40’ Range Increment; 1 Shot Break Action; -; 2500 Dragons)
Cold Iron Bayonette + 1 (
1 Hit; d8 + 1 Damage; x3 Critical; Melee; 2500 Dragons; Causes Interference)
Total Weapons System Cost: 13500 Dragons…
Bullets: 12 Dragons Each (Cold Iron – Interference)


This well machined repeating rifle is fitted with an underslung Bomb Launcher, and is a favorite among the Elite Alchemists, and Iron Cavaliers of the Hobgoblin Nation. It’s similarity to Dvergar Weapons of similar design have casued many to wonder if there is some collusion between the two races. (Both Dvergar and Hobgoblins categorically deny this however…) For purpose of Enhancement, this is treated as a double weapon, and in the case of adding a Bayonette for close combat: A Triple Weapon! The great cost in enhancing a 2 or 3 in one weapon means that only the best of the best are able to afford this masterpiece of destruction…

Note: The individual Components of this weapon system can be bought separately!

Repeating Rifle with Bomb Launcher

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