The Cloud Leopard Claws

Monk Combat Gloves +2, Ki Strike


The Cloud Leopard Claws
Aura: Moderate Transmutation
CL: 5th. Price: 20,000 Dragons. Weight: Negligible.

Enhanced Unarmed Combat: Grants a +2 enhancement bonus to unarmed combat attacks.
Leopard Claws: The User can cause claws of Ki Energy to manifest from the back of his hands, allowing his unarmed attacks to cause piercing damage rather than bludgeoning damage. This may be activated or deactivated as an immediate action prior to any attack roll.
Ki Strike These Claws channel the users Ki just as would bare fists.


The Cloud Leopard Claws are sacred weapons of the Beastmaster, which transform the fighting spirit of the user into deadly claws of ki energy. These claws were presented to Jin the Wanderer by Muezza, High Priestess of the Cloud Leopard Clan from the Hidden Village of Bast.

The Cloud Leopard Claws

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