The Slinglance of Saphereaon

Author's Custom Slinglance

weapon (melee)

Hauflin Slinglance of Saphereon +2 (d6 + d6 Cold Dmg, 19 – 20/ x3 +2d10 Cold , 5lbs, P, Reach, Range 80’, apply Strength Bonus to projectile damage)


The Slinglance of Rubicon, designed for Hauflin followers of the Fire Dragon King, was the inspiration for this weapon. Having taken a liking to young Author Penrose, the Water Dragon’s champion, the Hauflin weaponsmith Cairn Freeborne modified the elemental channel of this weapon to match the element of water, and sold it to Author far below his usual rates. Thus The Slinglance of Saphereon was delivered to it’s Champion!

The Slinglance of Saphereaon

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