30 Questions

A Game of 30 Questions (From the DMG):

The Heroic Details:
What is my Base of Operations?
You are based in the small Town of Shrike’s Perch.

Do I Look Different from Everybody Else?
If you are Human, Dvergar, Alfar, or HalfAlfar then no. If you are a Beastman, Hobgoblin, Hauflin, or Nisse then yes. The former have physical majority, and political control; while the latter are still welcome here. Due to the fact that everyone counts on, well… everyone for survival means that racial tension and bigotry are at an all-time low!

How do I make a Living?
Each of you have a small, earthen, one bedroom dwelling with a small kitchen, larder, and living space. As members of the town’s new exploration team, you live tax-free, but are still expected to provide for yourselves as far as provisions, medical care, and whatnot. Most of you have a mentor and/or boss; as well as a job to do beyond adventuring. Everyone is expected to contribute towards the town’s foodstocks, maitnance, and defense in some way.

Have I been doing this long?
Nope. In fact you have yet to be sent on your first mission, or formally organized as a team for that matter.

Are we at war, or at peace?
You are technically at peace, but this is largely because you are the only settlement that you are aware of. Scarcity of resources will probably lead to conflict if another settlement is found too close to Shrike’s Perch.

What am I doing with these Guys?
The Council of Nine is organizing a new exploration team after the previous team failed to return before the onset of winter. This closed the passes that lead to the lowlands beyond the second fall. Your training is scheduled to begin soon, so that you will be ready for action by spring.

How are lives affected by Magick?
Magick IS Life. Manaflux is the very energy of life pressing upon the substance of reality. Everyone, except the Dvergar, knows at least a cantrip or three. The constant war between Manaflux and Electromagnetism has come to define the current era. Both powers are present and accessible, but the presence of it’s opposite number make the use of either fraught with peril. Nevertheless, both Alchemists and Arcanists hold much respect for each other, and often collaborate to probe the ragged edge between their oppositional diciplines. Divine Magic is also a large part of life here, and the town is dominated visually be the large circle of standing stones atop the Shrine to the Divine Guardians, with the oracle and ten practicing priests providing miracles to support and guide the townsfolk.

How are Lives Affected by Religeon?
Building on the above… Oracle Amitri is the spiritual guide of the Townsfolk, and venerates all of the Gods. No distinction is made between the “Good” and “Evil” Gods; the Oracle teaches that they all have a part to play in the ways of this world and the next. Everyone attends bi-weekly services, and the Priests are in charge of organizing festivals and social events. The Rule of the Council of Nine is said to be backed by the will of all ten of The Divine Guardians, and as such their rulings are taken as the will of the Gods.

Who or What is going to try to kill me?
The Short answer… Everything! Monsterous Creatures and Abberant Monsters walk the land. Areas of high Manaflux rend reality itself apart in spectacular ways, while areas of Elecromagnetic Flux create invisible, mana-inert and deadly radiation zones. Creatures that may once have been Human or Alfar, but warped beyond redemption, stalk the frontier with murderous intent. Giant Space Wasps… It is small wonder that we need “A New Crew”, after contact was lost with the last group of explorers! The only good news is that because of the Town’s natural defenses and alert watch, you will probably have someplace to come home to.

Where can I sell this loot?
Right now you are limited to the resources of Shrike’s Perch, but Economic Growth has evewrything to do with you. As YOU help Shrike’s Perch mature into a larger, more prosperous burg you also help your ability to buy and sell better stuff. You can also found or discover other settlements and build trade routes to expand the current state and/or create your own.

The Mundane Details
Who is in Charge around Here?
The Council of Nine

Who has the biggest army?
Shrike’s Perch has a small army of militia, and watchmen. That about sums it up.

Who has the most Money and Power
The Council of Nine, the Priesthood, and the Business Owners around town.

Who Maintains Law and Order
The Knightly Order of the Shield forms the core of the town watch, and the Wardens act as the town’s hunters as well as it’s eyes and ears in the surrounding wilderness.

How Hard do the Poor People have it?
Not too bad actually. The nature of the Town as a refugee camp has built a strong work ethic and reliance on one’s neighbors. There are some that are poor, but none that could be called destitute. The local priesthood provides for most healthcare, and strategic food rationing keeps everyone’s belly full.

How do People Travel, and how easy is it?
By Mount Animal, or on Foot; and pretty hard. Sesonal Passes are currently closed up, making travel to the lowlands, or into the high mountains potentially deadly. Even during the warmer months it’s best to be with a well-armed party that includes at least one Battle Mage, War Priest, or Fighting Alchemist to back you up with magical firepower; due to the dangerous creatures that abound.

What are the Best known Landmarks?
The Shrike River, and it’s tributaries Azata’s Run, and Shrike’s Intent; as wll as the headwaters and the Shrike’s Falls. The Standing Stones of the Divine Guardians. Mount Norad, the nearby former-home of the Dvergar of the Norad Clan; upon which sits the Town. The High Pastures, where the town sheppards tend their hardy flocks of Mountain Goats. The Fall Lowlands, where the majority of the town’s Quinoa Crop is grown.

Why is Everybody Celebrating?
There ar ten months in the year, and each month is named for one of the Divine Guardians. There is a festival held on the first of each month to celebrate the Guardian God for whom the month is named. Birthdays are often celebrated at the Family level; and everyone turns out on the 26th of Alfather to celebrate the founding of Shrike’s perch.

What do People do for a Good Time?
The answer is as varied as the nature of the Town’s people. Many enjoy the consumption of fine Alcoholic beverages, song, and dancing as such seems to be in the shared heretige of all of the races of Shrike’s Perch. The Alfar enjoy contests of poetry, and martial feats with their traditional weapons; as well as skillful displays of stage magic. The Dvergar enjoy their bawdy songs, and contests of both strength and fortitude. The Humans seem to enjoy racaucious music, and dancing in alternating frenzies, and slow soothing melodies. Everyone shares the joy of being alive despite everything that the multiverse has done to try to kill them.

How Weird does it get around here?
From your character’s point of view it’s all business as usual. From our terrestrial POV… The sky at night is a dull, aching red that blots out all but the brightest stars; meaning that the world never sees a “True” night. The town is on permenant light control at night, so as not to give it away to anything that might be watching from the foothills or the sky. Monsters of all description have been encountered just outside the city, and it is often that armed men have to be mobilized to counter these threats.

The Scholarly Details
How did the world come to be
In the fires of the Great Convergence. See the Statement of Intent.

What is the Nature of the Gods?
See The Divine Guardians

What is the Source of magic?
Life Itself.

What Happens when you Die?
Your Soul, an amalgamation of your Conciousness and your Life Force, is met by a servant of Lady Fate. This servant guides you to the Realm of The Executor, who judges which of the Divine Guardians to whom your Soul belongs, and sends you on to your “reward” in the capable care of an Inevitable. Once their your patron consume’s your Life Force, and renders judgement on the fate of your conciosness…

What Cycles or Events define the Calandar?
There are 10 Months named for the Gods, divided into 5 weeks of 7 days each. The Months are, like on our Earth, based on the full change of the phases of the moon. A Full year is 350 Days, broken down equally into 35 day months so as not to favor any of the Gods. Once every 40 years, there is a “Long Year” in which all of the Gods gain an extra Day; and to be born on this day is a sign of greatness among the Alfar. A date might read: The 3rd Day, of the 5th Week, in the month of Fate; in the year 112ac or After Convergence.

What do you see when you Look at the Sky?
During the day, the Sun shines like it does on our Earth, but it sits in a violet sky. The red wavelengths of the new universe’s afterbirth penetrating even the rich nitrogen of the atmosphere. There is no true night here, a bloody red twilight saturates the hours of darkness, the sky filled with burning clouds of gas and dust that allow only the light of the brightest stars to be seen. There are two moons, the larger moon, Mani, is similar in size and luminosity to our native Luna. There is a smaller Moon called Encarda, which is linked to the God known as The Devourer. It is said that this moon appeared in the sky as a sign to his coming, at the height of the Great Convergence when he struck down the Lord Darkness and took his place in the Heavans. Clouds and weather effects are otherwise quite terrestrial.

What Contitutes Cutting-Edge Technology?
Hard to say with so much having been lost… Modern era Firearms are present, but difficulties in manufacturing and maintaining stable ammunition make muscle-powered weapons commonplace. Metalurgy, medicine, and whatnot are understood at a 21st century level; though magickal power does a lot of the heavy lifting that would normally be accomplshed by machinery.

Where do Monsters Come From?
Many places, but the majority are mutants and victims of uncontrolled manaflux. Whole populations were left changed by the energies released by the convergence of the two universes of Materium and manaheim. Some so badly warped as to have their origins be unrecognizable. As if this wasn’t enough… Overlap between the planes of existence of this new multiverse allow strange otherworldly beings to escape into the Prime material, bringing with them the unknown agendas of ancient and powerful beings.

Which is the Strongest; Magic, Gods, or nature?
All are a part of the same whole here. Currently Nature is in the lead however, as the Rampant energies of convergence literally light the Multiverse!

If I drop this off the balcony, what happens?
The laws of Gravity, and Physics in general, work normally until Manaflux is applied to change thier resting state. For most intents and purposes you can rest assured in the teachings of Einstein, Newton, and their ilk. :D
Any Questions?

30 Questions

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