A Wild Mongo Hunt

Wild Mongo Hunt:

Aeron: Alfar, Rogue 1.
Jada: Cloud Leopard Clan, Sorceress 1.

Our Story begins…
The 4th day of Alfather, in the year 112AC or After Convergence

During the summer Aeron Vortix worked as a farm-hand in the Quinoa Valley below the falls. It was hard, but honest work, and he took pride in it. But he preferred his job during the winter months, like many of the farm hands in shrike’s perch he turned to hunting in the winter months to make a living. The thing was, he was not only was he good at it; he relished the feeling of stalking his prey on a primal level. The quiet, the crisp atmosphere, and the feeling of warm blood flowing over his hands from the fresh kill…

His partner also enjoyed these morbid things. She was both a mortician, and a natural born predator. A Sorceress of the Cloud Leopard Beast Clan, Jada Malveaux was widely regarded for her magic, her hunting skills, her disturbing laughter, and her… feminine endowments. This last she displayed with garish and skimpy outfits even in the dead of winter, trusting in her natural fur and constant activity for warmth.

On this day they had entered The Hunters Mark to petetion Warden Singham Ramstalker for permission to leave town and hunt the wild Huemel that lived in the high forests…

I. Preparing for the hunt…

Aeron and Jada presented their equipment to Singham Ramstalker for inspection. Jada favored a light crossbow, and had brough ten quarrels for the hunt. Aeron had never needed anything more than a dagger or three, and presented four Alfar Long Knives for the Warden’s inpection. They had also made sure to pack waterskins, and a couple of days of food, as the Warden would not let anyone hunt without them. He sighed at Jada’s inadiquate outfit, but nodded his approval anyway. He then asked if there was anything else they needed?

Jada wanted some Huemel Urine to disguise her scent, but was strapped for cash. Aeron gallantly offered to purchase her some, and she accepted. After daubing the nauseous liquid over each other, they left along the river Azata’s Run to begin their hunt.

They picked up tracks near the river bank not far up the trail. This was not unexpected as most of the local wildlife came to these banks for water, which flowed year-round. One set of tracks belonged to a hart, or Male Mountain Deer; large, powerful, and possibly dangerous. The other belonged to a hind, or female mountain deer. They decided on the Hart, for it’s superior size and trophy value, and began to track it east.

II. Hunting the Hart?

Following the trail in the new-fallen snow was an easy task. They quickly closed with their quarry. Hearing a crashing in the woods they stalked forward to try to glimpse their prey, as a burbling cry like the mixed screams of a cockadile and a eagle broke the silence. A blur of brown and white broke from the frigid undergrowth behind them, and slammed full-tilt into Aeron; knocking him prone amidst a spray of arterial blood!

Having mistaken his scent for a Huemel Hind, a vicious Mongo, or feathered velociraptor, had struck down the hapless Alfar with it’s razor-like dew claws. Acting Quickly, Jada hissed wildly and spooked the beast with a show of her own beastial ferocity, giving time for Aeron to wound it with a desparate slash from his keen Alfar Longknife. Though his aim was true, his weakened condition meant that he merely hurt the agile predator before succumbing to shock and passing out.

Realizing that she stood no chance alone, Jada channeled her power into a blast of raw, primal fear, and stabbed it into the Mongo’s mind. The predator fled in unreasoning terror from the feline sorceress! The danger momentarily passed, she fell to binding Aeron’s wounds. By a stroke of luck, the wounds were not as bad as they had at first seemed, and Aeron was quickly back on his feet; and he was PISSED!

III. Facing the Mongo.

Rather than return to hunting the hart, or retreating for now; Aeron had them track the Mongo’s blood trail back to it’s lair beneath a tall, snow-capped, white pine. The only way into the den was a dark opening between the branches that had obviously been broken away to create an enterance. His Blades at the ready, Aeron moved like a shadow into the lair with Jada ready to back him up with her crossbow.

He caught the Mongo in a twisted nest of pine branches and feathers. It was too busy nursing it’s wounded flank to notice the assassin in it’s home! Aeron struck with a Dagger from each hand, but missed as the beast reacted to the sudden movement; he lashed out again and struck the raptor in the chest, drawing blood yet again. The beast was frantic, and caught the young hunter across the face, leaving a bloody gash along one cheek. Jada moved in and tried for a shot, but wouldn’t risk accidentally hitting her partner in such close quarters. She again used her feline countenance and powerful personality to frighten the beast with a mighty yowl, turning what could have been a fatal bite to Aeron’s throat into a near miss. The Hunter and the beast lashed out at each other with their frantic blades, each drawing blood and weakening the other. Jada couldn’t let this go on any longer, she summoned the power of every living being’s fear of death to her fingertips and gave the Mongo the lightest of touches along it’s spine in the hopes of frightening it; but so great was the Mongo’s terr, or that it’s heart exploded in it’s chest! The beast was dead.

The Hunters searched the Mongo’s lair, and discovered the frigid remains of two other hunters! A Dvergar, and a Human by the looks of them. They discovered a light crossbow with a carven stock, some bolts, a light sledgehammer, and a mysterious crystal bead that was warm to the touch. The bodies also had a dozen Amber Pieces between them. So exited were the pair by these discoveries, and thier rare Mongo prize, that they forgot all about the bodies of the lost hunters…

IV. Loot Glorious Loot!

The pair returned triumphant, selling the mongo carcass for 66 Dragons! Aeron kept one of the Dew Claws that had wounded him as a token, and Jada kept one of it’s long tail-feathers. A trip to the Arcanist revealed that the Glass bauble they had found was a powerful magic weapon called a ‘Bead of Force’. Aeron decided to keep it with Jada’s blessing. They decided that it was best if they didn’t mention the corpses of the hunters, as then tnhey’d have to go out again and get them. Why leave the saftey of the town again when they had enough money to live off of for months after all?

Encounters: 400xp
RP: 200xp
Treasure: 66xp
XP/Character: 366
66 Dragons, 5 Amber.
Light Crossbow, 10 Bolts, Sledge Hammer.
Net Allignment Shift
Chaotic Evil…

A Wild Mongo Hunt

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