Aftermath of the Moot

Secret Wars Times are interesting. You have Started a secret alliance against the Absolutes. The Wolf Tribe and Hauflin Tribe’s are in, and you have a conditional ‘Yes’ from the Hobgoblins of Tiorted so long as you can defuse the war with the Alfar of darkmoon OR see below… It has yet to be determined if the Cloud Leopard Tribe of the Southern Forest, and the Alfar of Darkmoon will join; and if the Nisse even exist to join. :P

Obituary: All mourn the Passing of Kakuro the Cockatrice at the mandibles of the Manaburned Ankhegs of the Vulgare (Barley) fields. With him also go the many inappropriate jokes that come with a Cock being the familiar of a small female Witch… Though he will be missed, he is succeeded by Bonnaville the Salt Mephit as Misha Penrose’s new Familiar.

Engagement?: Happy news as Flaghoul, the chief Technologist of Tiorted, has proposed a political alliance between Tiorted and Shrike’s Perch that will be sealed by the wedlock of Crucius of the Shrike Guard, and Ajaa the Huntress. Each of these two worthies are the youngest members of their respetive City Councils, and thier union will be symbolic of the two communities joining forces against a common threat. Both the Rage Prophet and the Oracle have granted their blessings should the two choose to go through with this historic union.

NEW FRIENDS: I have also taken the opportunity to make a list of reccomended Cohorts based on Characters that certain of you have already met. These are by no means the final word, but would be very helpful in your ambitions:

Hector the Scroundrel → Garanimos the Numerologist – To help manage your financial Empire. He can Prestige Class into a Loremaster and use his Scrying and communications skills to organize your Notaries from Shrike’s Perch.

Author Penrose → Kari Caldon the Water Bride – Already a Summoner of some skill, she can easily cross-class into a Druid and apply animal companion levels to Trion. He will also gain the half-Dragon template eventually! Being a Hauflin used to travel and battle, she can easily wander to all of your shrines and grow your new Cult.

Crucius of the Shrike Guard → Ajaa the Huntress – A Bride, a trained ranger and an assassin all in one? Her knowlege of Magical Beasts and Vermin allow her to train the Giant Ants, and many other potential mounts!

I’ll post others as they seem obvious.

Clerical Error: I gave out far too many XPs last session. Rather than penalize you I will calculate the difference and give it to Karl to make it a wash. Expect a few less XPs next session to compensate though…

Aftermath of the Moot

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