AWE-I, Round 2

Success! The AWE-I Facility has been disabled, fantastic riches have been recovered, and a new secret weapon has been secured for the defense of Shrike’s Perch: The Worm Lord… all players present gained 17,600 XP, a Soul Gem worth 300,000 Dragons (Sale Value 150,000 Dragons) has been recovered, and an arcane Alche-Tech artifact called ‘The Water Spirit Pump’ has been recovered from the AWE facility!

Educe: Sadism +1, Conformist +1.
Sonya: Bravo +0, Child +1.
Hector: Archetect +2, Deviant +0.
Feuer: Martyr +1, Soldier +2*.
*VERY successful mission.

The story began where last week left off: At a standoff with a giant black worm-like being calling itself THE ROOT. The standoff ended when THE ROOT used it’s mastery of space-time to teleport The Expedition away. The Warlord of The Destroyer, Sonya Princess of Darkmoon Vortex, Hector the Blue, and Feuer Vindicator of The Fire Dragon Temple; were transported a mile above The Green Sea, and began to fall… Crucius Master of the Order of the Shield of the Shrike’s Guard, Zel the Contractor; and Author The Count of Croaker Cavern, Champion of the Water Dragon King, Master of the Tournament, Lord Financeer of the Cabelleros, and Lancer Extrordinaire in the Order of the Cockatrice Penrose were transported to parts unknown.

The Green Sea group quickly recovered quickly, and having the ability to teleport they returned to thier campsite that was less than a day’s travel from AWE-I. The second group, who lacked the ability to teleport, were reported missing! Rune Madwolf Roads, and Garanimos The Bank Manager of Shrike’s Perch were dispatched to locate them through Scrying and Science. With help on the way to their comrades, Hector planned their return trip with Sonya’s assistance, while Educe Warlord’s Bitch, and Minion Master the Brown and Feuer conjured and bound a mighty Fire Spirit known as Vulkarcash. In Exchange for the spirit’s unwavering service and assistance for 13 days – Educe has given up 6 × 1st Level Red Minions from his followers, and Feuer has agreed to build a Shrine to Rubicon that will allow Vulkarcash access to the Prime Plane as the Shrine’s Guardian Spirit. The Red Minions will be transformed into servants belonging to Vulkarcash as Monks. Feuer and Educe have ‘a year and a day’ to complete the temple, otherwise they shall face the Spirit’s wrath…

Hector’s first order of business was to plan a strategy. In order to protect his team from teleportation he had Educe use a wish granted by Vulkarcash to cast a conditional Diminsional Anchor spell on the Team that they could activate or dispell at will. (Swift Action) This benefit would protect up to six individuals indicated by Educe for as long as the Spirit served him. Realizing that they needed additional muscle, Hector used his mimicry to copy Educe’s ability to bind an Eidolon. He swiftly conjured Manny the Eternally Expendable Manticore: a large, bipedal, extraplanar, venemous, Manticore Beastman! They decided that time was of the essence, so no rest was taken before they force-marched their way back to the AWE Facility.

The Facility was guarded by six guardian worms that THE ROOT had referred to as SEEDs. Without warning or mercy the Team surrounded them with a wall of fire from Vulkarcash, while Sonya lit them up with a Fireball. Feuer attempted to finish them with a second Fireball, but a feedback spike caused his enchanted shield to explode, showering the party with deadly shrapnel instead! Hector and The Warlord pumped gunfire into the besieged foe, while Educe accidentally shot Sonya with an acid-laced crossbow bolt… Despite some setbacks, the Enemy was dispatched before they could land a single telling blow, proving once again that the 2nd Expeditionary force was it’s own worst enemy.

Expecting trouble, Feuer cast a find traps spell as the Team approached the entrance door. The spell revealed that Plastic explosive, camoflaged as mud, had been placed in a thin layer on the blast doors, and studded with small stones and twigs. Using his borrowed knowlege of technology; Hector located and removed the detonators which were primed to explode when the door was opened. They entered the combination, and then the facility.

The Warlord covered every camera that they encountered with Weapons Black – a combination of grease and soot used to keep metal weapons from shining at night – as they moved through the ancient Dvergar complex. A Brown Minion! was summoned to explore the long coridoor that had nearly claimed Zel on their last visit. The Brown made it all the way to the opposite end, where his attempt to open the door triggered more plastique; blowing him up, and once again tripping the deadly fire suppression system. Hector and Sonya then used knock spells to open the way.

As the Team moved deeper into the facility they ambushed a pair of Dvergar Techs!? Upon being knocked out these Techs transformed into a pair of very aware SEEDs who had to be dispatched in close quarters. Further exploration led back to the lounge, which was now covered in the fungus and lichen that they had come to expect from the darkness under Mount Norad. They bid Vulkarcash to torch the room with a combination of Scorching Rays and Pyrotechnics. Following behind the Spirit, they came to the Security Scanning Airlock that had nearly killed them at AWE-III.

Educe summoned a Green Minion!, and sent him to investigate. As the Green entered the lock it closed him in. A friendly femal voice spoke in Dvergar, “Welcome to the Main Control Room Security Scanner, checking DNA for impurities… Sorry, you appear to be a restricted being, please stand by.” A brilliant white flash and a scream heralded the end of the Minion!s visit to this plane. Just for fun, Ed summoned a pair of Browns with his wand, and sent them in to see if it had a recharge time, and for the fun of it… The also quickly died, and Educe was treated to watching a small automated vacume cleaner sweep up their powdery remains. (Educe gained a Morale Point for ‘Sadism’)

Having made the decision to bypass the Security Scanning Airlock, the Team turned to the ventellation shafts that had served them so well at AWE-II. Another Minion! was lost to the discovery that the vents were electrified! Fortunately the Team was strong in Abjuration – Educe and Hector granted each member of the team the benefits of a Resist Energy spell against electricity. (Sonya gained a Morale Point for ‘Child’ – as this was given freely for her benefit only) Vulkarcash used his powers to reduce his own size, and that of Manny the Manticore so that they could fit into the tight space. Guarded againt the ravages of the ventillation ducts’ defenses the Team moved to close in on their quarry. Some time later, they found the path to the main control room…

THE ROOT sensed their approach, and when Hector attempted to parley he was struck with a powerful mental bolt that send him reeling. The Warlord sundered the grate and exited the vents directly down THE ROOT’s gaping maw, and found himself swallowed whole! Seeing that THE ROOT could pick them off one by one as they exited the vents, Vulkarcash transported the rest of the Team to the Elemental Plane of Air, and moved them into position to attack when they returned to the Prime Plane. Educe summoned one of his finest Brown Minion!s, who flew into a rage in anticipation of the battle. Feuer chanted a Prayer, Sonya readied her Rapier, and Manny returned to full size. Meanwhile on the Prime Material Plane, Hector was rendered unconcious and bleeding from the eyes, nose, and ears by a psychic crush generated by the many individual conciousnesses within THE ROOT, while The Warlord slowly dissolved while trying to claw his way free of the creature’s gullet.

The rest of the battle was a miserable affair where neither side could gain the upper hand. The only ones who died were the ROOT-spawned Dvergar Techs employed by the creatures to carry out their plans to unleash THE PURGE. Manny the Manticore gave his current incarnation to free the Warlord and ward off THE ROOT’s terrifying physical attacks, while Feuer and Hector deflected mental assault after mental assault. Feuer placed his mind on the line against THE ROOT’s psychic powers, and bled for his team – Using his Vindicators’ Stigmata through the whole fight! (+ 1 Morale Point to Feuer for Martyr) It was discovered by accident that the creature was vulnurable to Cold Iron, but even this revalation didn’t turn the tables completely. Out of desperation, Educe used a ‘Magic Jar’ to channel the Warlord’s spirit into an attempt to possess THE ROOT’s worm-like body and imprison it’s collective conciousness within a gemstone – It Worked…

With The Warlord in full control of THE ROOT’s body, he also inherited it’s powers over time and space. Now THE WARLORD, the Team was able to use him to not only bypass the rest of their enemies, but also to remove the Water Spirit Pump via teleportation! This shut down the Reactor instantly and took AWE-I offline. ( + 2 Morale Points to Feuer for Soldier, 1 Morale Point to Educe for Conformist). The Team transferred the Spirit Pump to The Shrike’s Perch Ciry Council to allow a permenant upgrade to the Shrine to the Water Dragon King (1 Morale to Hector for Architect); further, though Durin Norad commanded the Expedition to destroy THE WARLORD’s new body in order to contain the taint of THE ROOT, they instead used a wish from Vulkarcash to make THE WARLORD’s condition permenant. Enshrined in the bowels of Educe’s Dark Tower, THE WARLORD grants the party the benefits of being a Teleportation Gate and of being able to ressurect them on death by mimicing the Clone spell. He can also combine souls with his flesh to create new minions… A permenant and powerful increase in the Expedition’s Arsenal… (+ 1 Morale to Hector for Architect) The team will break for 7 days to regroup, leaving 5 more days with Vulkarcash!

New assets:

THE TOWER HEART: OK so the Warlord’s metamophosis has turned him into something completely different. His ROOT body will transform into a living sphere at the heart of The Dark Tower – forming some sort of “Tower Heart”. :D He will eventually create a new body for himself that will follow the rules for an ‘Unfettered Eidolon’ – a new monster from the Bestiary 3, which Elissa kindly bought me for my Birthday. He will be able to access his main body’s teleportation abilities, making him the new party rigger. He will also provide access to the Clone Spell, (see page 256 of the Core Rule Book) which will allow you to return to life without having a piece of your soul (read: Constitution Score) eaten. Understand that a usable Clone takes 2d4 months to grow, so you cannot afford to perish too often. Your first batch is already being manufactured, and I will roll secretly to determine how long it takes to be ready. After maturing the Clone will be held in stasis within the ‘Tower Heart’ until needed, and Educe will be informed when this happens. The Warlord does have one major weakness – The Armlet of Unfettering is the original soul jar. If it were to be destroyed – so would The Warlord and The Tower Heart. As such it is the responsibility of The Team to see to it’s saftey. Lets get creative people!

THE WATER SPIRIT PUMP: The pump recovered from AWE-I is awesomly powerful. It can actually channel water from the Elemental Plane, and direct it’s flow magically. You can replicate nearly any Water-Based spell from the books along The River Shrike, it’s Tributaries, and even have limited power over the surface of Lake Swan. The Brine Dragon at the Shrine has matured to Adult Size (Page 94, Bestiary 2), and is available to Author as an ally following the rules for the Spell ‘Summon Planar Ally’. In addition the influence of Sapheraeon has been greatly increased with the Shrine’s power – now all other Water Dragon Shrines are attended by a young Brine Dragon which can be contracted by Author per Summon Planar Ally! Being Spirit Dragons, if they are killed they can return after a time of healing on the Plane of Water in new bodies generated at their shrines; but count as outsiders for the purpose of spells that affect them. A member of the 2nd Expeditionary force other than Author may contact Saekron the Water Spirit at Fort Moot if they wish to contract one of the water dragons. Your favorable actions in the past mean that she likes you enough to act as an intermediary to the Dragons!

Warlord Soul Lock Weapons are the project that Educe, Sonya, and Bryar have been working on in their 7 day downtime.

Excecutor Pistols is the project that Rune and Hector have been working on in their 7 day downtime. Rune gains 18,750xp For Science!

AWE-I, Round 2

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