Castle Dragoon - Tower of Air


The Tower of Air – You Bastards, you blew it up… You Blew it all UP!!!: So to set the record straight – While Sonya and Feuer, alongside the Magma Dragons Slaggar and Molitor, AND the combined elemental forces of Hydrax, Chthon, and Ingot staged a flank attack against the Elder Air elementals of the Tower Vortex; Jin, backed by the rest of the team, detonated an AV Mine (named for the fallen Aeron Vortix who pioneered the concept) against the tower of air. The deuterium-fueled mini-thermo-nuke blasted it’s Alchemically Purified Cold Iron Jacket into a 200’ cloud of electromagnetic chaff and unchained nuclear fury that blew up the Material Plane Tower of Air, and caused it’s ethereal and Aero plane shadows to be ripped from their moorings and replace the destroyed physical form – forever closing the Wind Gate, and banishing the Air Spirit known as Aeolus to only the gods know where! Diamondius the Air Dragon King is sure to be thrilled… Anyway: You defeated 16 Large, 8 Huge, 4 Greater, and 2 Elder Air elementals, Aeolus the Air Spirit, and The Absolute Master of Air, as well as Gaining the Staff of the Wind; Finally securing Castle Dragoon – 49,760xp total or 7108 XP Each

The Aethersprite – Pre-Convergence Alfar Colony Ship: You then bargained for passage to the Ethereal plane to follow up on a tip from Oracle Amitri Half-Alfar that the missing Knight Boreginald was 5 Miles above you on the Etheral Plane. You successfully brought a Promethius-Class Strike Bomber back online, and used it to assist in your explorations of the vessel. During the exploration you managed to have Hector impersonate his brother, Hamish, who was recognized as the vessel’s commander. In a series of quick decisive battles, you took the ship from it’s occupants. Defeated: 12 Absolutes armed with Arcane Bazookas, and 12 Kirchwasser – Who proved to be incomplete versions of Hector, able to copy the physical powers of their opponents with startling ease, and even to remember previously copied incarnations! – 11760 or 1680 XP Each. (Would have been more, but the Promethius Bomber’s own CR was balanced against 1/2 of the Absolutes…)

Revalations – The machinations of the Absolutes: In exploring the Aethersprite you have discovered many interesting things. Most of the Ship’s systems are off-line, and cannot be repaired without the application of High Magic. (Which is almost impossible to perform in a world stricken by elecromagnitism…) The energy of the Orbital Ley Line (Manaflux equivilant to Earth’s Van Allen belts) allows limited functionality. A case in point is the Promethius Bombers, who can only function within a high-mana zone; losing all power and becoming inert in normal magic and lower areas. The Aethersprite was being used to feed a powerful beam of pure Manaflux to Castle Dragoon, and to the Absolutes’ underwater city of Shangraloth – a fortress city buried under hundreds of feet of bedrock beneath Lake Swan’s bed. The construction of Shangraloth is not dissimilar to the Dvergar Bunker City of Mount Norad, in that it is designed to survive for hundreds of years even if a total holocaust would afflict the region, though cut off from the power of the Aethersprite the city cannot sustain itself indefinitely. The Absolutes will have to make their move soon! Story Award: 2500xp each

Aethersprite’s Purpose: Another frighteneing revelation is the Magitech that is missing from the Aethersprite: Growth Pods! The Aethersprite was designed to reproduce the full ecology of an Alfar world and Alfheim-form dead planets into thriving, habitable ones. It apparently did this using a combination of temporally accellerated cloning vats, and advanced teleporation tech, powered by solar-foils that collected the Arcane Energies of the Orbital Ley-Lines. The process could take hundreds of years… The Alfar Colonists, held in suspended animation, would then be awakened to settle their new world; after being augmented to survive any remaining environmental anomolies by the ship’s intellegence. The Ship’s AI would then relocate itself into the planet’s own Mana-Field, making it an intregal base for the new world’s spirit, and leaving the Colony Ship inert.

The Dark Moon: The Aethersprite has extensive logs of sensor data from scans of The Dark moon. Most of it is just charting the moon’s surface, and careful obsevation of it’s orbital path; this reveals one intersting anomaly – The Dark Moon has excecuted several course corrections over the last 20 years to maintain it’s exact orbital position…

Special Delivery! Hector’s Gloves of Dexterity +2 have arrived from The Dark Tower. They were completed by Bryar Fox, and shipped via Teleport.

Castle Dragoon - Tower of Air

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