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GedofParagon: You have decided that it’s time to explore the source of The Great Devourer’s material power: The Dark Moon of Encarda! You are currently maintaining a very low profile, and no one appears to know that you have returned from Dokkaeon’s domain. In fact the general concensus is that Dokkaeon destroyed you all as a lesson to any who would attempt to attain his power… The Dark Moon is a high tech zone. As such Magickal powers will be severely weakened, and alchemical powers will recieve a boost. Good Luck and Godspeed. Thoughts???

GedofParagon: As we draw closer to Epic Levels (21+) the need to streamline and expedite our increasingly complex battles and skill challenges has made itself apparent. I am strongly considering converting us to the Marvel Role Playing Basic System starting at the end of 20th Level. This will be a full system change in violation of the original Statement of Intent, so we need to discuss it carefully as a group and make OUR decision on whether or not to go this route. To this end I need to further playtest the system using the provided example adventure. I would like all of you to think about a character you would like to play in the Marvel universe. The character need not be proprietary to Marvel either; so if you wanted to play someone from DC comics, or an independent line please feel free. Just be prepared to role-play that character’s personality including it’s faults and be able to fully explain him or her to me. (Oh, and please select someone who isn’t going to instantly incur the wrath of the entire team. I’M LOOKING AT YOU JONATHANDRAKE!!! cough Syler cough) I am considering running The Green Lantern from DC Comics or Venom from Marvel. Thoughts?

JohnathanDrake Hey now, I never said that I was going to be an evil evil bastard…but that was a dark time for my gaming career. And remember (oh that’s right nobody but me watched it) Syler became a GOOD GUY and saved everyone’s ass… I’d almost rather play Peter if I was doing a ‘Heroes’ character. But anyway, a diversion to see how things work would be fun, if we go with Marvel to replace, I’d like to tune Zel just a bit more to where he actually is from Dennis’ original. As for who I’d pick for the Marvel/DC universe, I’m not sure yet, but I found Marvel Characters Take a look around, there are people I’ve never heard of. Anyway, whichever way things go I’ll follow along.

Dennis: I’m pretty confident that you can make any comic book character in Marvel. I highly recommend people take someone super powerful (Superman, Green Lantern, Hulk) for a spin while someone else plays a more ‘street’ level character (Batman, Daredevil, Spiderman being the most powerful of that ilk). The system ‘balances’ itself with plot points. Fuck it, I’m going to go way out of the box here, I want to play a Beholder.

GedofParagon: Sounds good. Dennis won’t just be ‘a’ beholder, he will be THE BEHOLDER! :D I think I’m going to settle on Venom because I have always loved the dual nature of the character as a personification of mans eternal struggle of Id vs. Super-Ego, and his delightfully dark sense of humor. This is the later Venom, not the early vengeful ‘eat spidey’s Spleen Venom… (Though when Spiderman called him out on not knowing where the spleen was in the human body, Venom went to the library and looked it up! :o ) He is easily converted from the Carnage Watcher Character in the example Adventure Module. (i.e. Event) So far we have a D&D Beholder, (Which I can just picture wearing a purple mask and cowl for some reason…) and Venom the down on his luck super-criminal seeking retribution. What else do we got?

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