The Following is a proposed list of factions that care about your antics. Did I leave anyone out?

Shrike’s Perch Factions are…
Shrike’s Perch City Council:
Dvergar of Clan Norad:
Ljosalfar (Light Elves) of Shrike’s perch:
Humans of Shrike’s perch:

Tior’ted Factions are…
Tior’ted Generals’ Assembly (Ruling Class):
Tior’Ted Hobgoblins (1st Class Citizens):
Tior’Ted Goblins (2nd Class Citizens):

Darkmoon Factions are…
House Devourerer (Lamprey) – Ruling Class.
House Zurai (Centepede) – Traders/ Diplomats.
House Baron (Boar) – Land Barons, and Tax Collectors.
House Displaast (Displacer Cat) – Beastmasters, animal Husbandry.
House Mateur (Spider) – Healers and Poisoners (EMTs)…
House Vortrix (Strige) – Mercenaries.
House Stinger (Wasp) – Excecutioners (Police), Swordsmasters.
House Malveaux (Goat) – Witches/ Magic Grid (Power Company).
House Kanceru (Crabs) – Water Works/ Fire Dept.
House Archae (Fire Toad) – Archaeon Sorcery Bloodline.
House Utsher (Giant Termite) – Construction and Demolitions.
The Kitsune Tribe (Fox Beastmen) – Working Class Citizens, Well Connected.
Darkmoon Refugees (varied Races) – Working Class Citizens, Poorly Connected.

Cloud Forest Factions are…
Cloud Leopard Tribe –
Orb Spider Folk –
The Forest Spirit (Omnipresent Mist Elemental) –
Aspect of the Destroyer (Daemon Lord) -

Port City factions are…
Nisse –
Honey Badger Tribe –
The Guardians (Living Machines) -

Ravensloft Factions are…
The Raven Tribe -

Frostwyrm factions are…
The White Dragons (Ruling Class) –
The Snow Leopard Tribe (Slaves) -

Lake Swan Factions are…
The Absolute Council –
The Fish Tribe –
The Squablin Legion -

Plain’s Barbarian Factions are…
The Wolf Tribe –
The hauflin Tribe -

Castle Dragoon Factions are…
Tower of Fire (Ingot the Forgemaster) -
Tower of Water (Mr. Clean the Spontanious) –
Tower of Earth (Kthon the Saltmistress) –
Citizens of Dragoon City – Coming Soon?

Green Sea Factions are…

The Divine Guardian Factions are…
Lord Alfather – patron of the Alfar Race, male rolemodel.
The Shining One – Lord of Light and Healing.
Lady Alfmother – patroness of the Alfar Race, female rolemodel.
The Executor – patron of the Dvergar Race, deals with Logic and Order.
Lord Beastmaster – patron of the Beastmen, rules over animals.
Lady Fate – Guardian of universal balance, patroness of the dead.
The Dreamer – Lord of Chaos, and inspration.
Lady Crucible – patroness of the Hobgoblin Race, mistress of tyranny and improvement via pain.
Lord Devourer – patron of the Darkmoon Alfar (Dokkalfar), master of destruction and rebirth.
The Scourge – lord of power, destruction, and selfish indulgence.

The Elemental Dragon Factions are…
Rubicaeon (Fire)
Emeraldaeon (Earth)
Sapheraeon (Water)
Cerulaeon (Wind)
? (Creation) ;)
(Destruction) ;)


From the Ashes of The Great Convergence GedofParagon