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Aftermath of Castle Dragoon, and the new face of the world:

With the successful defense of Castle Dragoon, now rechristned ‘Fort Moot’, the geo-political landscape of the Lake Swan City-States has gelled into something semi-stable. The fires of war between Darkmoon and Tior’ted have cooled to a seething simmer. The Raven Tribe is all but destroyed for their duplicity, and their remnants enshrined as servants to Emaraldaeon the Earth Dragon king. The Cloud Leopards have ‘new’ Orb neighbors that have offered the hand (pedipalp?) of friendship and alliance; finally giving Cloud Forest sufficient martial might to act as a buffer between the Alfar and the Hobgoblins… Through the Orb the spirit of diplomacy can finally be sent to the Nisse of Port City, and their co-habitants: The Guardians (a mighty race of sentient manatek machines), and the Badger Beastman Tribe. The Wolf Tribe and the Hauflin Tribe have a new home and are nomads no longer, acting as the caretakers for Fort Moot. The Dragons of Frostwyrm have made their goals known, but still keep largely to themselves, using Sarin Half-Dragon as their mouthpiece. The forces of lake Swan, the Absolutes and thier servants in the Fish Tribe and the Squablin Legion, know desparation that will drive them to war; their Underwater City is slowly dying. As their resources dry up they must strike outwards of face annihilation, and no one will come to their aid; so to war they must go…

The First Great Expeditionary force has been rediscovered. Hamish has been revealed as the leader of the Raven Tribe known as Bran, and has hidden in plain sight as an agent of the Absolutes; now he remains at large planning a future known only to the godless depths of Lake Swan. Mani Vortex is the high priestess of Rubicaeon, The Fire Dragon King, and dwells under the Shadow of the Devourerer in the Great City of Darkmoon; though betrothed to Hamish, it is unknown if she lives under his influence and no one has had the wherewithall to ask her… Quiani Leafcutter the Druid is dead again, her tortured soul sent to the Gods by the 2nd Great Expedition in order to cure the blight that had infected Cloud Forest. Sarin Half-Dragon walks the thin line between humanity and dragonkind, seeking to keep the peace between his peoples in the halls of Fort Moot. Grant Ebers the Cavalier is still lost to us, his memories and his form thought stolen by the Absolute High Council or perhaps Hamish? His grieving mother, alone since the tragic loss of Thomas, keeps a lonely vigil at the Temple of the Divine Guardians… Torak Boron the Alchemist has been lost to madness, though his alter-ego known as Flaghoul the Foul lives among the Hobgoblins of Tior-Ted and is the father of their industries. Grue Norad the King’s Champion and his personal guard have asked to be incarcerated in the Dungeons of Tior’ted under Flaghoul’s watchful eye; he fears that the brain alterations done by the absolutes could turn him against his beloved king and kinsmen. Tengu the Trickster, aka Ugten the Sapper, has been revealed as an ally of Lake Swan, and his people have paid the ultimate price – the Ravens are all but destroyed. Tengu himself is assumed to be working behind the scenes with Hamish.

Jin the Spider Monk has left the 2nd Expedition as suddenly as he joined it. He simply left with the Orb Queen’s delegation when they returned to Orb. Without a word he has become Civilization’s advocate among the spider-folk, which is only fitting because without his first happy hello the alliance with the Orb, and victory over Hamish’s machinations would not have been possible. He will be sorely missed, as his youthful exuberence and natural curiosity fueled many of the Expedition’s greatest gains! The money earned in betting on him when he dueled the undead Darkmoon General as well as the instant respect of Darkmoon’s leadership, the discovery of the nature of the fiendish ‘Aspect of the Destroyer’ in Cloud Forest, the Favor of the Beastmaster and his servants; all of these and more were Jin’s contributions to the Expedition…

Now on the eve of a long and brutal war, we look to the future. A secret fire burns on the northern slopes of Mount Norad, and the 2nd Great Expedition moves to reveal it!

Onto the AWE-I Facility

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