Statement of Intent

Statement of Intent

I hearby anounce my intent to organize and run a new RPG game based in the Pathfinder System, and set in a new game world. (Working Title: Convergence). This is a summary of my intentions and expectations of the new campaign as a GM.

The Management: As I am getting older and busier, I have come to rely on the services of an Assistant Gamemaster. Benjamin has been invaluable in keeping up the high level of quality and Detail in the previous STAR WARS: Saga Edition campaign, and he has my gratitude. In giving him the opportunity to take off the ‘GM hat’ for a bit, and just enjoy being a player, I am nominating Elissa as my first AGM applointment for ‘Convergence’. Her qualifications include successfully running campaigns in BESM Tri-Stat, (A challenging system for the best of us!) her ease of accessibility to me as my Spouse and Housemate, (No need for midnight Dennys runs for us!) and her ability to quickly digest and apply new rules templates to Character, Race, and Monster Construction. (These will be a must in order to forge a new and distinctly different world.)
If anyone has reservations about this, or feels that another member of our team would be more appropriate, now is the time to speak your mind.

RPG Resources: The mechanics of the game will be drawn from the following 4 Titles: Pathfinder: Core Rule Book, Pathfinder: Roleplaying Game Bestiary (and subsequent Expansions thereof), Pathfinder: GameMastery Guide, and the Pathfinder: Advanced Players Guide. NOTE: That on all Titles, Particularly the Advanced Players Guide, I hold the right to Line Item Veto any and all rules, classes, items, etc. that I deem unfit for ‘Convergence’.
The reasons for this are manyfold: 1) ‘Convergence’ will be a unique game-world in the manner of ‘Dragonlance’, ‘Dark Sun’, and ‘The Forgotton Realms’, and will therefore have rules and conventions that defy the rules set down in the above books. 2) I have still, to this day, not gotten over my horror at the abuse of ‘Kits’ in 2nd Edition, and ‘Prestige Classes’ (‘Battle Rager’ anyone?) from 3rd. If I feel that a Class/Kit/Feature/advanced rule is unbalancing, it WILL be Vetoed into non-existance. (Please take this into consideration when eyeing up some of those Juicy options in the advanced players guide…) 3) The Advanced Players Guide gives a section on building your own classes and races from the ground up: These will be the unique providence of the GM and AGM appointed to increase the diversity of available starting races/classes to our players. 4) Blasted Re-Writes: Many of us were greatly irritated by the er… “evolving rules set” presented to us by STAR WARS: Saga Edition. Having a clean-cut idea of where our RP resources are being drawn from in the first place will prevent such arduous and irritating problems in ‘Convergence’.
FINAL NOTE: I would urge all of you to collect at least the Pathfinder: Core Rulebook, and to look into getting the other 3 manuals as well. Not only is this a VERY well-written system, and a worthyaddition to anyone’s RPG toolbox, having them on hand means not needing to wait to come to game sessions to research your next level increase, or to get an understanding of the Combat System…

Convergence: Some of you who are fans of Science Fiction and Fantasy are familiar with the idea already: 9th Diminsional Physiscs! For those of you who are brave enough to try, you can check out the science behind this at The short pseudo-science version is this: There are an infinite number of Possible universes seperated by nothing more than the thinnest of memberanes, and these universes range from the totally bizarre to near parallels of our own.
The Idea of ‘Convergence’ occours when, for reasons unknown, that membrane shatters between two of these universes, resulting in the materials, and the differing physical laws, of both attempting to occupy the same moment in space time. Your Characters will refer to this time as, “The Great Convergence, a time of fire, death destruction, and woe”; when the realms of Materium and Manaheim collided. The differing physical laws of these two universes tore into each other: Stars exploded, worlds collided, whole sections of the night sky burned in the cosmic fires of Chaos! The parralel worlds of Terra and Alfheim coalesed together into a single cataclysm-scarred landscape dominated by the fueding forces of Manaflux and Electromagnatism.
Manaflux is a powerful force created by life itself, that allows those who know it’s art to change reality itself through the power of their will by bringing the resting state of reality into ‘flux’ and changing the final ‘resting’ state of reality. Electromagnatism affects the quantum state of particles, and changes reality by changing the physical interaction between real bodies. These forces are referred to as Magick, and Tech respectively; but are equally magical. Whats worse is that the two are anathema to each other – each breaks the physical rules of how the other operates! The greatest achievements of each disipline have become impossible to replecate because of the constant struggle between forces. Ancient and powerful Magicks will never be possible by todays practitioners, and the greatest achievements of Technology are also beyond our reach.
In this scarred, and entangled future live the races of Man (Terra) and Alfar (Alfheim); who have (by nessesity) learned to live alongside each other in their quest for survival. Other races, twisted by radiation and manaburn, have arisen from the ashes as well: Beastmen, born from the fires of the ‘Convergence’, live in the shattered plains as tribes of Barbarians. Dwarves, born from men who thought to weather the Convergence in deep underground bunkers and warrens, keep their distrust of the Magical arts and guard technological secrets horded from before the cataclysm. Gnomes, Alfar who shared a similar fate to the men who became the Dwarves, lurk in their secret glades, hoarding forgotton magickal artifacts. Agrarian Halflings, co-mingled folk from both stocks, ply their quiet lives in their hills and fields. Meanwile other races, some so monsterous as to deny any knowlege their origins, lurk in parts unknown…

Characters: Your Player Charcters represent the best and brightest of their generation. Play begins in a Small Cosmopolitan Town of less than 1000 souls, that sits on the banks of a river. This population center began as a refugee camp a little over a century ago, and any knowlege of the lands further than 20 or 30 miles away is simply an unknown. Up until now, all focus has been upon simple survival, and the solidification of the town’s social, and physical infrastructures. To the Alfar, the Great Convergence happened les than a generation ago, and to the Men the event is still in living memory. Your characters will be among the first to set out on a journey of exploration. Keep this in mind when honing your character concepts. Training for most concievable character classes exists, and all player races will be avialable wit the exception Half-Orcs, who have been replaced by beastmen. (Wolf, Puma, and Raven tribes will be available. More information will be forthcoming.)
Character Death and Apprentices/henchmen: Starting at Mid-Levels, you will be encouraged to create apprentices and henchmen. Should your Character die, and be unrecoverable, you may opt to play one of these to replace your fallen Character. Otherwise you will have to start from Level 1! (Though Accelerated Leveling will be allowed, i.e. gaining more than 1 level/session.)

Progression and Expansion: Character XP progression will be using the ‘Fast’ table as I prefer dynamic campaigns where our characters quickly scale the ladder to become world powers. nother focus of this campaign will be expansion via the old ‘Basic D&D’ system: Levels 1-3 will be Linear, and will be a ‘shakedown cruise’ for your Characters. Levels 4-9 will begin the ‘Sandbox’ of overland travel and discovery. Levels 10-15 will focus on establishing Strongholds for your characters, and the beginning of your lives as feudal lords of the land. (Yes: PVP warfare can and will happen. Do not see this as a betrayal, rather as an opportunity! In URT I, the results of our first world war created allies of enemies, and set the stage for our high-level campaining). Level 16-20 will focus on high-level campaigning, and exploring the other realms that were created by the power of the Convergece; as well as setting up your countries into a world superpower! Level 21-25: We will walk the paths to Immortality together, and replace the false gods who have up to now ruled over the Convergence! Level 26+? Immortal Rules… Lets see if we make it that far, no?

Of Gods and Demons: The ‘Gods’ of this world are hold-overs from Alfheim. Beings who were so powerful in their mastery of Manaflux that they had Achieved Immortality and near-omnipotence. They are now exiled to the outer planar realms, because the power of electromagnatism in the inner realms would rob them of their power and leave them vulnurable. So these once-mighty beings rule from afar, using a pantheon of lesser agents spawned from their power to attempt to control the world they regard as their personal playground. They vie for control of the one resource that can continue to feed them: The Mana-giving life-force of the people of the convergence. All life generates Manaflux, but sentient life carries the most power. The Gods claim the ‘souls’ of those that folow thier philisophical paths, and fight over the reverence of the populace to keep their fonts of power fresh and pure. The fate of the concsiousness of the ‘souls’ depend on the disposition of the diety in question. ‘Good’ Dieties may allow the conciousness to inhabit a land of peace and plenty, while an ‘Evil’ diety might enjoy the misery of it’s victims. Good or Evil, all god strip these souls of their Manaflux, and consume it to maintain themselves. Even those who are returned from the dead have a bit of themselves devoured. (Thus the permenant Loss of a Level as per the pathfinder rules, and perhaps other issues a well…) Living suplicants also provide nourishment to thier Lords, as their Prayers and Reverence beams a portion of their life-force directly to the Diety.
In order to encourage obedience, the Gods grant the power to perform ‘Miracles’ to their priesthoods. With proof of their diety’s favor in hand, these loyal souls act as their masters’ proxys in the realms of the Convergence. These Priests have a good chance of being imbued with their Lord’s power upon death, and having their conciousness reborn in immortal flesh; however their will is then completely enslaved to the Overmind of their Diety, making a lie of this path to Immortality…

Final Thoughts: I want this to be a landmark game for us, and a chance to creat something new. I will endeavor to create a wiki for us on Obsidian Portal as this Campaign unfolds, and I hope that those of you who are Game Masters in your own right will take up the torch and use the World of Convergence as the seed for future adventures. This a a project to create something fresh and new, and to show that it’s not wrong to lump something under “Sci-Fi/Fantasy” at your local library.


Statement of Intent

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