Strategic Interfaces

Strategic Interfaces: We are coming to the point in the campaign where each character is going to start having a lot to do between games. Beyond that, updates via Educe, discussion of magic item creation, and long-range politiking have begun to take their toll on game-time in session, resulting in a loss of momentum and action-based XPs… It is now time to rectify that. Each character will have a themed page devoted to his/her long range developments as follows:

The Dark Tower (Educe’s Interface) The Dark Tower will be Educe’s point of contact for magic item requests, summonings, and news from Shrike’s Perch. Listed will be a place for a single magic item/Summoning request by each player, along with Educe’s current Item Creation Feats and Planar Binding Spells; his requests for materials and contracts (Including Money) to craft items and summon creatures. Via this interface you can gain custom magic items. Ed may also request aid in item creation from certain characters when it makes sense. For example: If you want a wand of fireballs or a bound Fire Elemental, he may request Sonya’s assistance; for a skill outside the party he might request that Hector aquire it via his ‘Encore Performance’ abilities. From the Dark Tower Educe can use his follower allotment to take on permenant Minions! – His henchman is ‘The Tower Mistress’, a Cleric of ‘The Great Destroyer’, a fallen and forgotten god…

The 1st Bank of Shrike’s Perch (Hector’s Interface) The 1st Bank of Shrike’s Perch will act as Hector’s Strategic interface. Monies deposited will form an available “Loan Pool” allowing other players to take out loans to take on projects, and interest rate determined by The Prime Rate will be allotted to allow the Bank to maintain it’s profitability. The more (an more prosperous) places the Bank becomes established, the bigger the available pool, and the better the Prime Rate (The basic function of interest rates on investments and loans). In addition: Funds deposited in The Bank will increase at a monthly rate determined by the “Prime Rate”. Special quests can increase the popularity of The Bank in certain areas, allowing an expansion. Damage and/or destruction to population centers, as well as political climate will disturb or buff the bank as well. This will affect loan rates, as well as available funds. Should damage to The Bank ever cause the available loan rate to go negative – the Bank will collapse. This will result in the loss of all invested funds, as well as general financial damage to all businesses: Causeing a depression… Dont let this happen! Finally: The Bank can act as an intellegence clearing house – More on this later! Hector may use his follower allotment to assign Rangers, Diviners, and Experts to The bank – His henchman should be the Bank CEO. (Reccomend: Garanimos, Diviner 7)

The Shrine of the Water Dragon King (Author’s Interface) The Shrine of the Water Dragon King will act as Author’s Strategic Interface. The Shrines in each major city act to establish a house of healing and divination available to the party; and as each shrine grows, so does the effective Druid level of it’s Shrine Maiden. (Currently all Shrine Maidens are at 4th Level). As the Shrine grows in power, Brine Dragons will be attracted to take up residence as temple guardians, and can be bribed to provide their services both on and off the battlefield. So far only 1 Young Brine Dragon has made it’s appearance at the main Shrine in Shrike’s perch. As the party supports author’s Religeous crusade, others will become available; and the first one will be replaced with a more powerful servant! The Water Dragon Shrine’s will also act as intellegence clearing houses – With higher levels allowing greater feedback. Author may use his follower allotment to assign Cavalers of the Cockatrice Order, Druids of the Water Dragon King, and Adepts to his Shrines. His henchman should be the leader of the Water Dragon Order. (Reccomend: Kali, Druid 4/ Cavalier 3 – Special: Eidolon Mount 7!)

The Council of the Nine (Crucius’s Interface) Shrike’s Perch City Council Crucius is now a full member of the Shrike’s perch city council, as well as the leader of the Shrike Guard. His interface will deal directly with the other council-members, as well as having the current readout for the fighting strength of the Army. Requests may be made to the council, but crucius can only propose 1 topic/week at this time. He may draw followers from the Shrike’s Guard, and use his follower levels to create an elite cadre of Fighters, Cavaliers of the Order of the Shield, and Warriors. (Reccomend: Ajaa the Huntress Ranger 5/ Assassin 3?)

The Alchemy Cart (Rune’s basic Interface): While Rune doesn’t have a proper stronghold, he DOES have a mobile alchemy lab that is enough for himself and a henchman, and can count as a basic Interface for ordering Potions. Rune’s Alchemy Lab

The rest of the Team Sonja, Jin, Rune, and Feuer have yet to establish strongholds or organizations for themselves; and will not gain the free Leadership upgrade at level 10 until they do. Nor will they gain access to henchmen until that time. Please meet with/call me outside of game to establish your organizations, or at least to set up a stronghold of some kind. Reccomendations: Sonya – A Mercenary Unit made up of warriors and Sorcerers; which will form the basis of an interspecies Mercs guild OR begin establishing Shrines to The Great Devourerer. Jin – Establish a Dojo, and sattilites in other towns. Rune – Establish a Laboratory, and/or a Hospital. Remember: Shrike’s Perch recently lost it’s apothacary, and he was licenced to act separately form the Dvergar’s Foundry… Feuer – Make like Author and Establish Fire-Dragon Shrines outside of Darkmoon; I won’t say why but this is important…

A note on Followers Once this arc is complete, those who have established Strongholds and/or organization will gain access to the ‘Lord Level’ Bonus Feat, which supplies a political interface, and free access to the leadership Feat. It also establishes a Henchman who will take over for your PC if his dies, or is needed elsewhere. (Adventures with Henchemen will pass a portion of their earned XPs back to the parent character). All follower levels are assumed to be heroic classes; if you select a non-heroic class you gain a +1 Bonus to that follower’s level. This is especially importanty for lower levels! Example: Crucius has access to 3 1st level fighters, he could instead trade any of them for a second level warrior! This will allow you to have a better low-level cadre.

Strategic Interfaces

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