The Second Great Expeditionary Team Ballad

The Second Great Expeditonary Team,
Collected Scrawlings from The Tavern,
Set to a ballad in 486 AC
By the Bard Javier Shrikesguard

Haimish the Polymath and The First Great Team,
Did wander down a stream, not to be a seen,
And so after a great while,
When the Town Council could no longer be in denial,
A Second Great Force was brought together,
And all hoped they would fare better in their endeavor.

The Second Great Team’s beloved Lord,
Author Penrose did things of his own accord,
Count of Croaker Cavern, Light of the Hauflin Nation,
His mount Sunny and mighty lance bespoke of his noble vocation.

Found as a babe in the River Shrike,
Crucius Shrikesguard was a strong and loyal tike,
The Polymath and the Scoundrel’s adopted brother,
His skill at arms protect the town from others.

Glib of tongue and quick of thought,
Haimish the Scoundrel was all that the Polymath was not,
Deceiver, Herald, and Pistoleer,
Behind his rascal ways he held his town and people dear.

Favored by the Water Dragon King,
His life given in exchange for a brave Haufling,
Khous the Oracle live and died,
So that the team could thrive.

The child of man and Aelf,
With a bloodline of heat and flame,
Sasha Vortex yet to know herself,
Desired both great power and fame.

The dark skinned assassin,
From a land devoid of compassion,
Horrified by what he had been,
Aeron Vortrix sought distance from his kin.

Exiled by his fierce Wolf tribe,
Rune instead to chose to imbide,
Potions great and strong,
To prove his tribal kin wrong.

Ed the Brown banished from his foul land,
fled to Shrike’s Perch on his Warlord’s command,
Where he aided his newfound home,
With magic and minions from parts unknown.

With arcane power from her Nisse stock,
Misha the witch had a mighty Cock,
And with her wily ways and compassionate heart,
She took up Lost Khous’ cause when he did depart.

…The rest of ballad is unreadable… for now….

On another table, you think you see another few verses of the The Great Ballad:

Perfection was Jin the Monk’s only goal,
Armed with his discipline and trusty anole,
He did join the Second Great Team,
To protect young Mani the preteen.

Born of fire and flame,
Fueror of Darkmoon sought no fame,
Only to spread his Lord’s burning glory,
Heal his friends, and cook his quarry.

The Second Great Expeditionary Team Ballad

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