Visiting Darkmoon


The Orb and the Old Devourer You have good news, and you have bad news… The Good news is that you have unexpected allies to bring to the fight against the Absolutes. The bad news is that you have encountered a new and powerful potential enemy. being that both are sidelined for the moment, both will have to wait. :(

A Contract has been Made!: Sonya Vortex has completed her negotiations with The Great Devourer. She reports that he is very nice, and quite community minded. He encouraged her to be true to herself, and glorify him through her actions: Never give up, never allow another to control your destiny, and remember to live by the seven great virtues of Darkmoon: Lust, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Gluttony, Pride, and Envy! In return for her ‘service’, he asked that Sonya use his power to help strike down the old, false Alfar “Gods”, and help him create a new and better world free from War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death by Old Age; the very image of Darkmoon itself! She has been given access to Bonus Spells from the Archaeon Magic list.

Obituary: The mathmagician Garanimous was sadly taken from us before his time, by an unknown assassin. Hearsay indicates that this was an act of vengence by House Todto for the terrific gambling losses at the Nisse Falls involving the Duel between Jin ‘The Spider Monk’ and Colonel Ruun of House Zurai. He has been placed in Gentle Repose by Misha Penrose, who is maintaining his physical remains, while the Expeditionary force looks to see if he can be recovered somehow…

Obituary: The Cavalier, beloved leader of the 2nd Expeditionary force, Count of Croaker Cavern, et all: Author Penrose, met a tragic end within the life-draining blast of breath from a battle-dragon belonging to House Baron of Darkmoon. He met his end shortly after besting the third in line for house Baron’s throne: Calmic Baron. He was returned to life as part of a prisoner exchange – leaving both Calmic and Author alive, if slightly less vital. The High Priestess of the Fire Dragon King, Mani Vortex, officiated over the negotiations with her typical righteous fire…

Obituary: Bonnaville the Salt mephit has left us, withered in a single gust of breath from a House Baron battle-dragon. His wisdom and his handy spell list will be sorely missed. His soul was claimed by a Caco-archaeon in the name of the Devourer, and was a part of the Blood Price in the negotiation for the return of Author Penrose and Calmic Baron. He is survived by Misha Penrose, who has already replaced his companionship with a cat.

Adoption: Rune Roads has ‘adopted’ the Fox-Tribe Youth whom he calls Subject-1 in the fine old Darkmoon fashion: Kidnapping! Young Subject-1 shows some aptitude for higher learning, and Rune hopes to train him as an apprentice, and beast handler for the Gazepede known as Subject Zero,

New Minions! Educe the Brown has finished his latest research into Minion Summoning, and can now bring Heroic Findish Heroes of up to 4th Level into the Fray. Minions! He has shared the fruits of his research with the rest of the Expedition, allowing them to Summon the new Minions! with their own Monster Summoning Spells as well.

NEW FRIENDS! The 2nd great expeditionary force welcomes Luca the Silvanshi Agaithion (aka Talking Magical Cat) as Misha Penrose’s new Witches Familiar. She brings with her the wisdom of the Beastmaster, and has already digested Garanimous’ the Mathmagician’s Spellbook.

Twinked by the Gods → Jin has been equipped (to match his level) by divine provedance in the form of three powerful boons: The Cloud Leopard Claws, Araknae’s Devotional
, and Lucky the Anole.

Special Victims Unit Demimoor the Shadow Dragon has charged Misha Penrose with multiple penert… counts of aggrivated sexual assault after the incident involving the deaths of Bonnaville, Author Penrose, and Calmic Baron. After being “lawfully” taken into custody via Demimoor swallowing the Resilient sphere that contianed Misha, the Nisse resisted arrest by bursting the sphere inside the dragon’s stomach, and immediatly casting Black Tentecles to Potent Effect within the dragon’s body. Eye witnesses to the incident report that the dragon was “Buggered from the inside out” and that it’s riders: Princep Naltext Baron (heir apparent to house Baron), the Battlemages Negima Baron, and Kwani Martest, and the Beastmaster Forven Baron were assaulted in a baroque fashion by the tentlecles flailing from the dragon’s anus, mouth, and ears. Forven Remarked, “I feel so violated… I can never get clean…” Misha Penrose then compounded her crimes by summoning an Earth Elemental within Demimoor’s stomach. Though the Dragon managed to dispel the Black Tentecles, it was forced to vomit up the Earth Elemental whole, dealing untold damage to her Esophagus and dental work. The shock of this violent er… upheaval caused Demimoor to roll onto her back and crush her crew! Due to the nature of Darkmoon law however, no charges could be enforced, and this vicious sexual predator remains at large. Naltext Baron commented, “There WILL be restitution! We Shall be Avenged…”

Continuing Coverage: The fate of the 1st Expeditionary Force from Shrike’s perch Mani Vortex, older sister of Sonya Vortex, and betrothed to Hamish the Polymath, has been discovered alive and well. Due to a standing contract with The Great Devourerer, she cannot leave the city of Darkmoon. She serves two valuable functions within the great city: High Priestess and Foundress of the Temple to the Fire Dragon King (Rubicon); which makes her much sought after as a neutral arbiter of disputes, and a source of fire-magic training. She also waitresses part-time at several small restaraunts to, “Keep her eyes and heart in the business of the average citizen”. The reunion of the two sisters was marked by gigantic explosions of rage and anger as Mani pilloried and castigated her “Worthless” little sister for selling her soul to the Devourer. She officiated over the ressurection of Author Penrose and Calmic Baron; before leaving to go to her part-time job. Author and Misha Penrose visited her at work, and learned that she could supply military support (to include a pair of Rubicon’s Fire Dragons), and told of the fate of Sarin Half-Dragon – Who is currently advising the Ice Dragon King, Lord of the White Dragons. Mani plans to continue to support Shrike’s perch by manipulating politics in Darkmoon towards the downfall of the Absolutes.

Visiting Darkmoon

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