Warlord Eidolon Build

Appearance: The Warlord appears as a menacing figure dressed from head to toe in Black Steel Plate armor. His gauntleted hands end in iron talons, and his boots make a satisfying crunching noise on the backs of his enemies. His violent intent is written in his fiercely Glowing white eyes, which are the only bit of him that is visible not sheathed in Cold, Dark Steel. Though capable in “unarmed” combat, the Warlord prefers finely manufactured melee weapons as his tools of destruction.

Name: Dark Warlord
Race: Outsider
Class: Eidolon 11
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Player: Abe

ST: 18 +4
DX: 14 +2
CO: 13 +1
IN: 9 -1
WI: 10 +0
CH: 11 +0

HP: 81/ 81 AC: 24 (22ff)
BAB: 9/4 (Melee: +13/ Ranged: +11): Stained Glass Halberd +15/ d10 +8; Shotgun +11 3d6/2d6/1d6 + D6 Alchemical Acid.
F/R/W: +7 /5 /7 (
4 to Enchantment Spells and Effects)

Race: Outsider/Bipedal Eidolon (Unique)
-Vision (Darkvision 60’)
-Special: Link (Communication/Item Slots), Share Spells (Target of ‘You’).
-Natural Armor +6
-Claws x 2: d4 + str damage, Type: Piercing.
-Languages: Common and Goblin + Archaeon, Dvergar, Alfar.
-Manatouched/Fey Magic/SR: None of the Above.
-Evasion (1/2dmg from AOE, 1/4 on failed save).

Feats (3): Power Attack (May subtract BA from Attack to add to Damage!), Cleave (Standard Action: Make a Single Attack at Full base Attack, if you hit you may make a second attack against an adjacent foe at Full Base Attack. 1 additional attack/round. -2 Penalty to AC on following round), Great Cleave (You may continue to make additional attacks at your full BAB against adjacent enemies, but may attack each foe no more than once), Improved Sunder (Sunder does not draw an attack of opportunity).
Class Feats: WGP (Simple), AGP (NA), Vital Strike (May add +1d percision damage to 1 attack/round).

Skills (6class+ -2int+ NAfavClass= 4):
Perception (8 + 0 + 3) = +12.
Intimidate (8 + 0 + 11) = +20.
Ride (8 + 2 + 3) = +14.
Stealth (8 + 2 + 3) = +14.

Class Abilities:
Evolution Pool: 15ep. (Costs noted Below)
Natural Armor 12 (6 Racial, 6 From Natural Armor Evolution/3ep)
WGP (Simple) (2ep), WGP (Martial), Weapon (Improved Trip), Skilled (
8 Intimidate), Breath Weapon (Lightning, 8d6 Cone 30’. Save = 10 + 1/2 HD + CON = 15; 2/ Day).

Spell List:

Equipment (Encumberance: L-76/ M-153/ H-230):
Cash: 0 Dragons, 0 Amber, 0 Iron. (Paid for by Educe the Brown)
Stained Glass Halbard (D10+6 Damage, Type: P/S, Range: Melee, Cost: Unknown Dragons Wt: 6lbs. Brace/Trip)
Morningstar 1 (D84 Damage, Type: B and P, Range: Melee, Cost: 2308 Dragons Wt: 6lbs.)
Double Barrel Shotgun, Break Action (Cost: 100 Dragons, Dmg: 2d8* Crit: 19-20/x2 Range: 10’ Wt: X Type: P Ammo: 1 Shotgun. If fired Double, May make two attacks in a round! Does +1 Die of Damage at PB range. )
Shotgun Shells (Corrosive): 20 (Belt)
Armlet of Unfettering (Cost: 1500 Dragons, Wt: 2 lbs, Permenant Unfetter on Warlord)

CURRENT ENCUMBERANCE: 12lbs/Light (No Move Penalty)

Warlord Eidolon Build

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