• Author Penrose

    Author Penrose

    Denied his family birthright this Hauflin Cavalier seeks to make a name for himself any way he can...
  • Crucius


    Adopted brother to Hamish and Hector; he defends his adopted family and township with steel and grit!
  • Feuer Zegota

    Feuer Zegota

    A priest of the Fire dragon, he travels the lands bring the blessing of Rubicon across the land, in Saint Mani's name!
  • Hector the Scoundrel

    Hector the Scoundrel

    Hector has become the smooth-tongued Scoundrel of Shrike's Perch, as devious as his brother was gifted
  • Sonya Vortex

    Sonya Vortex

    Half-Alfar Sorceress with a Gift for Fire Magic whose powers reflect a full-blooded Alfar
  • The Warlord Reborn

    The Warlord Reborn

    Spawned from the divine might of the fallen God called The Destroyer; he fights to claim his birthright!
  • Zel Vortrix

    Zel Vortrix

    Aeron's father, employed liason to Shrike's Perch and master spy.