Cold Iron Mace

Anti-Magic Arm of the Dvergar

weapon (melee)

Alchemical Cold iron Mace +2
Heavy Mace 20,324 Dragons d8+2 x2 8lbs. Special: Alchemical Enhancement, Interference, Feybane.
Alchemical Enhancement: This weapon gets a +2 to Hit and +2 to damage due to superior construction, and counts as magical for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction.
Interference: Because this weapon is made of Cold Iron, it causes Interference: Setting the DC of any Caster level check to overcome it to 10 + Damage Inflicted. This replaces the normal concentration check; and combat casting doesn’t help! On a failed check use the results of table 7-16 (Wild Magic Effects) from the DMG!
Feybane: Due to being made of Cold Iron, this weapon overcomes DR/Cold Iron, and has been enhanced with a Bane vs. Fey that inflicts an extra 2d6 damage vs. anyone with the ‘Fey Magic’ or ‘Fey’ racial traits!


Forged by the Dvergar of Mount Norad, weapons of Cold Iron are specially designed to defeat the Magical beings of the world. Originally created to defeat the Alfar, these brutal mana-suppressing arms find new use in the defense of civilization against the monsterous spawn of the Great Convergence! This particular example is a high-end Alchemically enhanced weapon carried by Berzerker Bill, Kurin Norad, and many other members of the Dvergar Elite. Sometimes they are gifted to deserving allies! These Weapons are referred to a “Cold Iron” because they ae forged at a very low tempurature using Alchemical means to preserve their magnetic properties.

NOTE: Cold Iron weapons are now available at The Foundry due to the Expeditionay Force’s discovery and Exploitation of the Magnetic Iron Vein in Croaker Cavern. This includes ammunition such as bullets, bolts, and arrows as well! Cold Iron Weapons cost twice normal value, and can only be alchemically enhanced – Never Enchanted. Alchemically enhancing a Cold Iron Weapon or armor costs 2000 Dragons before you can even place the first enhancement on it! Masterwork weapons still cost an additional 300 Dragons to produce, and only masterwork weapons can be enhanced!

Cold Iron Mace

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