Earrings of Mani's Mercy

Earrings that allow Merciful Spell Feat


Type: Wonderous Item Slot: None Price: 1500 (lesser) / Pair Weight: Negligible
Effects: The Wearer can cast up to Three Spells of 3rd level or lower as though using the merciful spell feat. (Any damage done via the spell is treated as non-leathal damage of the appropriate type)


Mani Vortex always felt hampered by the fact that she couldn’t practice her destructive fire-magic around town. So she created a pair of earrings that would blunt the deadly force of her magic, but still allow her to channel her power at full strength. This powerful jewelry found a secondary use in allowing Mani to dicipline her wayward sister, Sonya, in the most devestating way possible… They also found a tertiary use in allowing her the ability to capture alive enemies that would otherwise be burnt to a crisp!

The aforementioned sister rediscovered these talismans during the pacification of the Giant Ant nest in the Quinoa Valley; and has carried them ever since!

Earrings of Mani's Mercy

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