Excecutor Pistols

Lawfully Alligned Alchemically Enhanced Pistols

weapon (ranged)

Heavy Automatic Pistol Cost: 75,000 each! Dmg: d12+1 Crit: 19-20/x2 Range: 60’ Wt: 1 lbs Type: P Ammo: 9/ Magazine. Special: Enhancement Bonus, Telekinetic Bolts, Abberant Power Source, Icon of Law.

Enhancement Bonus: + 1 to Hit and Damage/ up to + 5 when steeped in the power of an Abberation, and Special.
Telekinetic Bolts: The Pistols may draw upon the strength of it’s wielder’s will in order to launch a bolt of Telekinetic Force. Like all force-based attacks it can strike ethereal and incorporeal targets. The weapons has almost unlimited ammunition, but can be taxing on the wielder’s personality. On the roll of a 1, make a second attack roll; if this also misses then the weapon drains 4 points of CHA damage from the wielder as temporary ability damage. The weapon may be used to fire physical ammunition as well at the user’s discretion in case he wishes to use special ammunition.
Aberrant Power Source: This weapon will only function for a person with an Abberant Bloodline. Aberations, Abberation Bloodline Sorcerers, and Kirchwasser Born are the only ones who can activate the Telikinetic Bolts or use the +5 enhancement bonus. Those of the Blood can unlock the twin pistols’ true power: The Law Abiding Mithryl Cannon. In the hands of a non-abberation this only counts as a +1 Weapon. Further the strength of the abberation’s spirit modifies the weapon’s Telekinetic Bolt damage (See Below)
Icon of Law: Counts as a Holy Symbol for those that follow The Executor; and shots count as Lawful Alligned for the purpose of overcoming Damage Reduction. A wielder who is of the blood may further use a special attack called the Law Abiding Mithryl Cannon – which mimics the effect of the Arcane Bazookas that the weapons upgrade was based on.
Law Abiding Mithryl Gun: Fill Round Action – By channeling a spell through the twin pistols, the caster can generate a pair of powerful arcane bolts that do 2d6 + Spell Level + Caster’s CHA modifier + Enhancement Bonus each! These bolts are targeted using a ranged touch attack, and may be fired at the same or at separate targets. EXAMPLE: A 4th Level Spell cast by a wielder of the Blood with a CHA of 18 becomes 2 bolts doing 6d6 + 9 damage each to paoint targets of the caster’s choice. Total damage generated = 12d6 + 18…

Once an Abberation has used Purro’s Weapons Steep, the weapon’s Telekinetic Bolts are enhanced by the power of the Wielder’s Spirit:
1HD d6 Damage
2HD d6 Damage
3HD d6 Damage
4HD d8 Damage
5HD d8 Damage
6HD d8 Damage
7HD d8 Damage
8HD d10 Damage
9HD d10 Damage
10HD d10 Damage
11HD d10 Damage
12HD 2d6 Damage
13HD 2d6 Damage
14HD 2d6 Damage
15HD 2d6 Damage
16HD 2d8 Damage
17HD 2d8 Damage
18HD 2d8 Damage
19HD 2d8 Damage
20HD 2d10 Damage

NOTE: _The Enhancements on this weapon that allow Telekinetic Bolts, and Abberrant Power Source count as a +5 Enhancement for the purposes of Magic Item Contruction; and require Unique Organic Crystals ONLY avaiable from The Dark Tower… Item Cost is estimated at 75,000 Dragons EACH!


These Heavy Automatic Pistols are made of Purest Mithril silver and are decorated with Icons of the Divine Guardian known as the Executor. These Mastercrafted guns are dedicated to the ideals of Law ond Order; and their ammunition takes on a pinkish aura that Punches through the boundry of the border ethereal to strike those beings that dare to use it’s power to eschew Death: Ghosts, Ethereal Beasts, and Planar Entities!

These mighty weapons were crafted by Master Dvergar Artisans in the wake of the Great Convergence, and lost during the cataclysm under Mount Norad. They were claimed by Hector the Scoundrel during the clearing of Croaker Cavern’s worm tunnels; and subsequently enchanted using some power crystals granted to him by Siangham Ramstalker.

After the Battle for Castle Dragoon, now called Fort Moot by the victors, Hector realized that he needed a serious upgrade to his weapons. As such he sought out Rune ‘Madwolf’ Roads, who was a master artisan and alchemist at the Shrike’s Perch foundry; as well as being a member in long standing of The 2nd Great Expditionary Force. Rune had since broken down the Crystaline ‘Spell Bazookas’ used by the absolutes and discovered the underlying principles of their operation and design. Sadly, this mana-technology couldn’t be used with the Dvergar Built Pistols. Then came the breakthrough…

Using a Mysterious Organic Crystaline Compound provided by Educe the Brown, the weapons were imbued with a resonance with Hector’s own Aberration-spawned powers. As his powers grew, so too would the strength of the crystals increase. These artificial organic neurocrystals in unity with his spirit could be made to fire energy drawn from his own will! Using Alcha-Tech to combine the principals of Manaflux with the form and function of the Pistols’ design – Rune succeeded in replicating the effects of the Arcane Bazookas that the weapon’s new magazines are based on, with a Manflux splitter and amplifier so that they are twice as powerful as the original models at a fraction of the size!

Excecutor Pistols

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