Stained Glass Halberd

Cursed Halberd made of Glasteel

weapon (melee)

Halbard +4, Wounding, Curse of the Second Blade.
Halbard +4: Damage d10+4, Crit x3, Wt 12lbs, Type p/s, Special Trip/Brace and +2 to Hit
Wounding: The Halbard deals 1 point of Bleed Damage when it hits a creature as normal for a wounding weapon. On a Confirmed Critical Hit the Dagger Causes 1hp of Bleed Damage/round.
The Curse of the Second Blade: On a confirmed critical hit, or on the roll of a 1, the Halbard’s thrusting spike snaps off at the base and regrows into a maelevolent red blade. While the red blade is in place the Halberd acts as a cursed weapon as per the standard rules, and remains a cursed weapon even if affected by remove curse or similar effects. If the weilder rolls a natural 1 while the curse is in effect, the weapon IMMEDIATELY delivers a coup-de-grace to it’s weilder using the weilder’s full bonuses and automatically hits; snapping off it’s red blade in it’s weilders own body and causing wounding as normal! After the coup-de-grace, a normal silvery thrusting spike regenerates, and the weapon no longer counts as cursed. The weilder can defeat the curse temporarily by rolling a confirmed critical hit against an enemy before their next natural 1, which will also trigger the regrowth of a normal silvery spike. (At least until the next time the cursed second blade manifests itself…


The Stained Glass halberd is a powerful enchanted arm that was created by the combined efforts of Educe the Brown and the Glass Artisan Hiril Meerlith. Using Hiril’s method of strengthening glass to rival the tensile strength of steel, and Educe’s talents in the transfer of enchantements between weapons, the two craftsmen drained the daemonic essence of the deadly Rejuvenating Glass Dagger into a mastercrafted Halberd made of Glasteel stained to resemble metal and wood.

This devestating weapon was then delivered into the hands of The Warlord to replace the Steel Halberd that he broke in battle at the AWE-II facility while retriving the water spirit Amphitrite. When the Warlord Delivers a particularly successful thrust, he can snap off the spike atop the weapon which will stick in the wound and cause uncontrollable Bleeding! The Spike will then instantly regrow…

As powerful as this ability might be, there is a dark side to this weapon: The Curse of the second Blade! Every second blade grown hungers for the death of it’s weilder, and if the Warlord fumbles his attack, the Halbard will strike at him and snap off it’s spike in his body! Though great success with the weapon might temporarily sate it’s bloodlust with the life of another victim.

The Warlord recently poured a fraction of his divine power into the weapon, permenantly upgrading it’s enhancements. He contimues to use the dangerous blade because he feels that it’s personality is kin to his own…

Stained Glass Halberd

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