From the Ashes of The Great Convergence

Verdegale and The Coalition

The Mootfort Summit – Dennis’ Guest Adventure

I gave you the wrong XP totals for the last session. Each of the last two sessions shoould have been worth 102,000xp/ player; and the Green Dragon Scenario should have been worth a cool 200,000/ player. XPs should have been as follows for each Player:
Hector: 404,000xp
Crucius: 302,000xp
Rune: 302,000xp
Sonya: 204,000xp
Zel: 302,000xp
Author: 200,000xp
Warlord: 404,000xp
Feuer: 302,000xp
Please modify accordingly.
Having completed these Three Missions:
Hector has… gathered vital information on the whereabouts of the Absolute’s City, and their involvement with Darkmoon!
Crucius has… Taken secret control of the Nisse military forces including The Aethersprite and General Zaxxon of the Sky Guardians! He has also solidified joint military command of the Coalition through the Nisse…
Rune has… successfully founded his school of Alchemy under the auspices of Tior’Ted, and discovered how to tap the Arcane Elemental energies of the Mootfort to power Alchtech devices. He has also cracked the genetic code of the Goblins/ Squablins, and learned the dark secrets behind making an army of deformed mutants to call his own…
Sonya has… defeated General Setanas! Thereby assuming command of Darkmoon’s potent armies and eliminating one of her eight rivals for The Great Devourer’s throne. Her skin has turned jet black, and her eyes glow with arcane power as a visable show of the Dark God’s favor…
Zel has… captured operatives belonging to house Baron, and imprisoned them at a secret pirate base among the Witch Iles. He has pumped them for information allowing Hector’s seamless infiltration; and gained the name of House Baron’s entry into the succession games: Onsdag Baron, the Seer on Obsidian Skies… He has also tracked down and exposed The Absolich; resulting in that dark being’s surrender to The Expedition!
Author has… won the Airiel Joust against the Nobles of Verdegale, and inspired them to join your cause. He then moved to oversee the “growing” forces of the elemetal spirits bound by Sonya.
The Warlord has… Masterminded the fall of General Setanus of Darkmoon; delivering the leadership of their armies to the Expedition, and placing himself one step closer to the throne of Abbadon.
Feuer has… Secured the favor of the King and Queen of Verdegale, and influenced them to send their students and soldiers to learn the ways of Lake Swan. He has also secured entry into the domain of Dokkaeon – Dragon of Destruction…
Gifts from Verdegale:
-Each of you has been granted 100,000dp from the Verdegale treasury to do with as you will.
-Magic item prices have stabilized thanks to the solidarity found during the Starategic Conclave.

New Missions Available:

Absolute Stronghold: Exploration/ War Effort Difficulty 3 /5
Root of Mount Norad: Dungeon Hack/ War Effort Difficulty 3 /5
Witches of the Isle: Loot / Destroy Difficulty 4 /5
Dragon Hunters: Search/ Destroy – Then Loot Difficulty *4/5Part 1 of 4 in Completed
The Vortrix Saga: Exploration/ World Building 3/5Part 1 of 9 Completed
Bam, Zoom, Straight to The Moon: Exploration/ World Building 2/5Part 1 of 2 Completed
Thats No Moon…: Exploration/ Dungeon Hack 5/5
Orbital Cartography: Exploration/ War Effort 1/5Delegated to Nisse Government; Pending
Dragons of Destruction: World Building/ War Effort 3/5
Discuss Objective on Discussion Page

The Vortrix Saga 1 of 9 Completed XPs given during session!

The Vortrix Saga has begun, as have the Succession Games of the Darkmoon Royal Family… Sonya has already been targeted by a powerful contender who gated in a Major Demon of the Abyss as a test of her power! Much is at stake as your long time allies in House Zurai are now third from the top, preceded only by House Vortrix and House Devourer… You have now spent a couple of weeks in Darkmoon digging for information on the mysterious ‘Matron of House Vortrix’, and the secretive royal heirs that seek the life of your fire sorceress.

Garanimos and his Seven Visions…: Garanimos has used his mastery of the divining arts to learn as much as can be found about the other heirs. Due to their strong arcane defenses he has only met with limited success. Though their names are guarded, some facts about them have been gleaned – Including their houses of origin! A powerful military leader who commands the respect of all houses is sponsored by – House Zurai (Centepede) – Known for Traders/ Diplomats. An Arcane Master of Divination is sponsored by House Baron (Boar) – Known for Land Barons/ Real Estate. A faithfull Devotee of the Dark Pantheon is sponsored by House Mateur (Spider) – Known for Healers and Poisoners… A Reknown hunter of Heretical Souls is sponsored by House Stinger (Wasp) – Known for being the Police force. One of the Devourer’s Executioner Lords is sponsored by House Malveaux (Goat) – Known for their maitnenance of the Magic Grid/ Power Company. A Childe of Sapheraeon and of Alfar Blood is sponsored by House Kanceru (Crabs) – Known for running the Water Works. One who commands both Arcane and Divine Powers is sponsored by House Archae (Fire Toad) – Known for their Archaeon Sorcery Bloodline. One who has died and been reborn of Emaralaeon’s stony flesh is sponsored by House Vortrix – Known for it’s mercenaries, spies, and assassins.

Hector and his Accounting: Research into the Bank’s activities has revealed an alarming situation – ALL of the Houses of Darkmoon have withdrawn their funds from the bank Completely!?! The monies have been tracked to a new House that has gained prestige since the Battle for Mootfort: House Mindor (Wererat)! House Mindor has begun to act as a clearing house for the exchange of military equipment and slaves between the armies of the other houses; and now as a bank that is fully owned and operated out of darkmoon. The young house has sprung into being as a result of the actions of an Alfar adventurer who has retuned from a pillage cruise around the Green Sea. Known only as Seafang the Coursair, his house of origin and his lineage are as yet unconfirmed; but his devotion to Darkmoon, the House Devourer, and the Alfar people is unquestioned. His sudden aquisition of the Bank’s customer base was preceded by wild rumors and reports that The First Bank of Shrike’s Perch was actually a secret intellegence and monetary resource in use by Tior’Ted’s government; with Shrike’s Perch as a puppet partner. Massive Hobgoblin Investments, the Hobgoblin Occupation of Cloud Forest, and the use of war loans to construct a Tior’Ted’esque weapons factory have only fanned the flames… Before this occoured, several applications had been made by House Baron for funds to purchase land in Mootfort.

Author and his Shrine Maidens: Visions of anything inside Darkmoon are cloudy at best. Each scrying attempt has been misdirected; and an assassination attempt has been made on young Shrine Maiden who commands the water Temple in Darkmoon! The misdirects have all gone to what are assumed to be look-alikes of The Matron: Ageless young Alfar women with chalk-white hair and violet eyes…

Sonya and Manaer: Manaer Finehand, a high-ranking paymaster for House Vortrix, is now so terrified of Sonya that the mere mention of her name causes him to soil himself… While he had no information on funds used to summon the Fire Demon, you have learned that House Vortrix forms 10 – 15% of all other house armies as well as fielding it’s own. This information confirms that House Vortrix has assembled a force that is three times the size of any other house; and has access to the military records of all other house armies! This makes them unbelievebly powerful as both a military, and a political force… Only the fact that The Avatar sits on the throne keeps House Devourer on top. While the Avatar may direct policy, the influence of House Vortrix means that The Matron is the one who gets to interpet and enforce it…

Zel and Zurai: Using Zurai’s sword-emasculating pen, Zel has desiminated information indicating that House Vortrix has been iniltrated by the Absolutes. This has not resulted in any immediate action as yet, but it is rumored that the Avatar may order an Inquisition of all House Vortrix assets and personel. Since this is only a minority report, and since House Vortrix boasts almost 23.5% of field forces, no direct action is being made at this time as far as the House’s deployed assets. There is also a report that the head of the Order of Sapheraeon is out to make an attempt on the Matron of House Vortrix’s Life. This will most likely be investigated by the House itself.

Ajaa’s Vacation Plans: Ajaa Shrikeguard took a trip into the wildreness to hone her Warden skills, and ended up in downtown Darkmoon! Word on the street is that only the threat of War with Tior’Ted and Lake Swan is keeping the city from being swept into a full-out civil war! She also discovered during her travels that slaves have been dissapearing near the water ways. The fact that they don’t seem to resurface in House Kanceru seems to indicate that they go in, but don’t come out. Ajaa suspects that Absolutes may actually have infiltrated House Kanceru, and this may explain the sightings of strange abberations in the city…

Rune’s PKE Meter: Rune has managed to create a device that uses Darkmoon’s power grid to help him detect nearby disturbances within co-curring planar boundries. He has used this device to devine the abyssal lair of the Balor that you Slew. A new mission has been added to your list: Lair of the Fire Demon – Travel to The Abyss home of the dark god known as The Scourge. Within his domain you will have the opportunity to explore the nightmarish lair of the Balor you killed, and lay claim to his treasures. Enjoy!

War Report: The Dvergar have perfected a stable version of ‘The Blessing of the Absolutes’ that could allow coalition forces to take the war under Lake Swan. They currently lack the funding and facilities for mass production, and a special meeting of the Shrike’s Perch City Council has been arranged to discuss the issue. In addition, the Absolutes have succeeded in isolating a part of the surface of Lake Swan with a powerful magical barrier that the Shrike’s Perch Pumping Station cannot affect. Within this zone they have created an artificial Ice Island where they are ammassing a new army…

Assets Report: A new House has arisin within Darkmoon that seems to have stolen all of the Bank Assets within the city. Wild rumors circulate that Darkmoon is being isolated by the coalition in preperation for destoying them after the end of the absolute threat. Others maintain that it is an Absolute incurion into House Vortrix that has rendered the House ascendant, and is the secret target of the coalition forces. This has increased the price of all magic items and goods in the region by 50% (Including item creation costs for your people!) as arcane goods and services are scrutinized for tampering by the Absolutes…


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