Castle Dragoon - Tower of Earth

Castle Dragoon – Tower of Earth: 6956xp and The Staff of Earth. You have also gained the grudging favor of the Kthon the Earth Spirit – including a contract to create and maintain a clergy for the Earth Dragon King around Castle Dragoon, and her right to act as a freelance mercenary out of Castle Dragoon.

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Author’s Quest: Author Penrose, his merry Hauflin Skirmishers, and his new companions (Miko “Ko” Zephyr the Herald, and Sabastion “Bastard” Backster the Butler) managed to rescue the villagers from Ound from the deadly Akata Abberations. He also encountered a mysterious force that drove them to the attack that seemed to represent The Devourerer. Though their village was
destroyed, the citizens were safely brought into Darkmoon, and the House Devourerer took them in at the gate. Author also defeated the heir appaernt to House Baron in a legal duel at the Darkmoon Arena, damning that Noble’s soul to Abbadon and gaining regional fame in the process. He has taken possession of the fallen Noble’s dueling equipment, to include his mount: The Ice Drake ‘Iczer’! His team is now resting at the Fire Dragon Temple, and planning their next move.

DISCUSSION TO 10-21-2011

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GedofParagon: Welcome to our Discussion Page. Here you can get clarification from me, and make plans with your team-mates. In the near future I will be upgrading this account to acendant status so that we get a forum; till then this will have to do. Whats on your mind?

Hector: Question: that gold dump includes Sonya keeping the staff and a few others things, right? Can I have Ignit fashion me a holy symbol for the Earth & Air water dragon kings? I have a water symbol and I’m hoping that I can use energy channeling a consecrate spell to similarly release the elemental beings held in the other towers…

GedofParagon: Good thought, but upon discussing the issue with Ingot, not nessesary: Removing the control staff from the Absolute in control will break the compulsion on the bound spirit. Thanks for being the first to comment BTW. Note: Without a Water or Air Priest to emulate, the Symbol by itself would be largely useless. The Staff of Fire and the MC backpack were not included; but all of the spell scrolls and potions were.

GedofParagon: It looks like Educe will have take to the field. Due to certain limitations in the Armlet of Unfettering, Ed and Warlord have to remain on the same plane of existance while the Warlord is summoned; So having Ingot transport him via the Plane of Fire isn’t going to work. The Planar distortions of Castle Dragoon will likely keep there from being a stable spot for him to be summoned and maintained as well… Bryar can keep working on some magical equipment while Ed is in the field, so thats currently a non-issue. Having Ed in the field, at his current power level, heavily changes the party dynamic… Thoughts?

Hector: Welcome back, Ed.

Sonya: I beleive that it would be best for each character should have a Cure Poison and a Cure Disease potion (the cure disease potion could be brewed with Feuer’s help) with a few Alchemical Allocation potions.

Feuer: While that does seem to be a good idea, does that ability work that way? Also, we should probably make a plan to strike a new area soon. While the air and earth temple’s are still active and prime targets, the problem being seen is that they control the sky and ground, respectively. This makes it hard to impossible to both infiltrate and/or assault these positions. Also, if the water temple is shut down, much like the fire temple, where would the place be for gaining that power? Is it from the staffs, or something else?

Hector: Someone could use a divination during our downtime to look for Boreginald? His disappearance maybe a clue

Sonya: Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone has an divination capabilties to look for Boredginald. I still wonder if he wasn’t an illustion to begin with used to lure us here, possibily by a long lost brother? If we continue to take out each of the two remaining towers, I’m sure the overall force behind this will reveal itself. Ged has already approved the mechanics of using cure diease and poison potions with Alchemical Allocation potions and thinks it’s a good idea.


I will confirm Sonya’s point on the Potions. I don’t think any of you has access to scrying or a crystal ball, and there is no known way to contact Garanimos, so the Divination search is probably out. (Though keep that in mind for later!) The HUGE issue is the selection of the next assault point:

The Earth tower will be trouble, especially if it is flooded with earth the way the water keep was with water. Fortunately Ed’s Browns! can burrow, and he can maintain 6 separate summonings of d4 + 1 3rd Level Browns! each for 10 Minutes/ summoning. A total of an hour of free-moving burrow-time; with additional summons available for shorter periods. Taking out this tower will kill the enemy’s ground defenses.

The Wind tower is sure to be rough, especially if the Tower master uses Air Pressure (Read: Vacuum and Crushing) and Gale-force winds to his advantage. All of his troops will also be invisible to the eye… I’m not sure what we have to defeat this. Though defeating him first would clear the skies, allowing air-assault on the earth tower. Thoughts?

Sonya: I did have an idea of air assaulting the last tower. If I could borrow the boots of flying and a resist energy potion agains the element of the last tower along with Expeditious retreat, I could fly to the last tower and throw up a wall of force around the top of the tower. This would prevent further attack from it’s weapon so the rest of the team could make their way over through the air. It would be especially difficult to fly people over if the last tower is the air tower because of their likely air guards. However, I agree with Ed’s assessment about how going through the hallways of the air tower would be especially dangerous with air crushing us and throwing us around.

I have a question for ED on a future enchantment job, how long would it take to upgrade my ring of protection from +2 to a +3? Ed: 7500 Dragons, 8 Days, Access to the ring.

Feuer: In theory that’s good, but there’s several problems with that plan. Firstly, I do not believe Expeditious Retreat works for air travel. Secondly, the air elementals are probably as fast, if not faster than the boots. Also, it’s already proven that the elementals wouldn’t reside just AT their respective temples. Finally, once you get the Wall of Force up, it is always possible that the Absolute that resides there would dispel it, or if it can’t, have the Djinn (or whatever that particular is called) it commands to do it.

I cannot fathom a way for us to attack any of the other two temples W/O either using a sacrificial lamb, or heavy losses of resources before we reach one of them. As such, I do have a question for Edd and Rune on this regard: In the Dvergar equivalent of this place, how would they gain the power to keep these towers empowered enough to allow them to fire an attack into the stars? I’m pretty sure that both Sonja and Hector have mentioned something about that at one time or another…

Hector: With water under our control, maybe we CAN use sacrificial lambs… err…minions. What if we persuade our elemental allies to power up and ‘fire’ their respective towers weaponry to lead a minion sortie at one of the remaining towers? It need not be successful just provide us with the needed time to cross the no man’s land into the other buildings. Exactly how much time DO we need/how far do we have to move to make it across. With a haste spell, our base movements will be 60. An ‘all out run’ would let us move 240 feet a round without obstacles.

Educe: Rolls Knowlege (Dungeoneering), Craft (Stone Mason) and Knowlege (The Planes) – The distance to the other keeps is quite short. From the exit of the main keep both entrances are in sight, and no more than 60’ Away. Getting accross that 60’ no-man’s-land and through a gate similar to the one we already breached is the issue. The area in question is below the firing angle of the AAA turrets, so no problem there. We know that we will likely face Squablins, backed by Earth Elementals and Air Elementals; so be on the lookout for hidden pits, (or other earth-work-style defenses) and air-to-surface attacks of some kind. (Air elementals can pick up, and drop, heavy objects; as well as channel weather effects like lightning or tornadoes…) The Master’s Minions! are of course, ready to die in droves to prvent Me… er, Us (!) from coming to harm. We can count on construction elements of the other towers being in line with the current one, so be prepared for issues getting through that gate at the end of the 60’ gauntlet…

Hector: Wishes to roll knowledge religion (+6) or have Feurer roll knowledge religion so we can figure out what spells may be needed to break the seals at the top of each tower. Does Mr Clean have any spells that may act as the brute force needed to hack through the door? Crucius’ sword is effective, but slow.

GedofParagon – GM Hat On:

Feuer has Knowledge (Religeon) +11, Sonya and Hector can add (Lore) as an assist for +4, Karojin has Knowledge (Religeon) as a Trained Skill and adds +2. These four hold a religeous debate during your rest period and take a 10 for a result of 27! The Elemental Dragons bequeath gifts to their sworn followers in the form of Elemental Domain Spells – Therefore the spells to defeat the 9-Seal Doors of Emeraldis (The Earth Dragon King), and Diamondius (The Wind Dragon King) are likely to comply with the 9 Domain Spells matching Earth and Wind respectively. (See Page 41 of the Core book for the Air Domain; and page 43 for the Earth Domain.) Rune’s Dispelling Bombs also seemed to be effective in a pinch…

Since they were unengaged in the discussion on religeon, Ed and Rune focused on a plan to get through the Keep’s Gate Doors using Knowlege (Arcana). Ed has a +16 to Knowledge (Arcana), and Rune can add +2 for having it as a trained skill. They discussed the party’s current Arcane assets and took a 10 for a Check result of 28! They determined that a simple application of Sonya’s new Knock spell should open the Gates and/ or Portcullis without issue. Failing that, they determined that bandoliering sufficient explosives to swarms of wild rabbits, and driving them into the door in droves would also be a viable solution – Until Crucius beat them about the head and shoulders with the flat of his sword… They then decided that with access to an external panel, someone with Alfar Blood could open each door one at a time via a 2nd level Electrical spell each.

NOTE: I was unable to determine what Crucius’ contribution might have been because his Player has not posted his character’s Skills… >:(

Castle Dragoon - Tower of Earth

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