Castle Dragoon - Tower of Water

Castle Dragoon – Tower of Water – OVER 9000!: You have successfully freed ‘Mr. Clean’, the amnesiac Water Spirit from his servitude to the Absolutes. You have gained 9356xp. (That number IS NOT a typo! Adventure was designed for 8 Players at Level 10. Your skill level alone allows you to get away with this…) You have obtained The Staff of Water, which functions in all ways as a Staff of Frost, but is usable by priests with the Water Domain as well as Arcane Spellcasters; and acts as the key to the Tower of Water. Due to adept bypassing of other rooms and combats, this is the only treasure obtained. You have gained the ‘favor’ of the Water spirit you have dubbed ‘Mr. Clean’, but he is a capricious being…

Obituary: Educe the Brown suffered icy death at the hands of the Absolute Master of the Tower of Water. Fortunately he was thawed by the might of Rubicon, as channeled by Feuer, and will shortly return to duty.

Stop Nerfing Us, Man!: After a review of Educe’s lackluster performance last session, I began to tear apart his Minions, and compare them tit’for’tat against other summons. Turns out I had nerfed myself badly. Currently Ed has Monster summoning: I = Grey Warrior Minion 1 (cr1/3), II = Colored Heroic Minion 1 (cr1/2), III = Colored Heroic Minion 2 (cr1), IV = Colored Heroic Minion 3(cr2), V = Colored Heroic Minion 4(cr3). I looked at the average CR of the monster summoning spells and discovered that they are: I = cr1/2, II = cr1, III = cr2, IV = cr3, V = cr6, VI = cr7, VII = cr9, VIII = cr11, and IX = cr14! OOPS!!!

So that means that there is no need for Greys at all, and the progression SHOULD be: I = Colored Heroic Minion 1 (cr1/2), II = Colored Heroic Minion 2 (cr1), III = Colored Heroic Minion 3 (cr2), IV = Colored Heroic Minion 4(cr3), V = Colored Heroic Minion 6(cr6) – The CR of most Minions! = their Heroic Level – 1 as is standard progression for NPCs. The CR on Minions! of level 5 and higher is equal to their level because of a +1cr modifier from being fiendish with over 4HD… To top it all off, the Level – 1 stat assumes NPC equipment suitable for that level – so expect to see minions with Master Crafted, and/ or magical wargear.

New Friends: Brown 6 MS V, Red 6 MS V, Green 6 MS V, Blue 6 MS V

Promotions: Due to your efforts, some of your Henchmen have gained levels! Garanimos the Numerologist may now be advanced to Level 8 by TheMainEvent; and Kit “Subject-1” Roads may now be advanced to Level 5 by IsaacObsidianPortal! Get’em leveled, and please Email me with any question.

Castle Dragoon - Tower of Water

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