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Absolute Stronghold: Exploration/ War Effort Difficulty 2 /5
Root of Mount Norad: Dungeon Hack/ War Effort Difficulty 3 /5
Witches of the Isle: Loot / Destroy Difficulty 4 /5
Dragon Hunters: Search/ Destroy – Then Loot Difficulty *4/5Part 1 of 4 in Completed
The Vortrix Saga: Exploration/ World Building 3/5
Khous Control: Exploration/ Recovery 5/5MISSION COMPLETE
Dealing with Death: Divine pact/ World Building 4/5MISSION COMPLETE
Bam, Zoom, Straight to The Moon: Exploration/ World Building 2/5
Thats No Moon…: Exploration/ Dungeon Hack 5/5
Orbital Cartography: Exploration/ War Effort 1/5
Dragons of Destruction: World Building/ War Effort 3/5

GedofParagon: You have now plunged into the depths of Darkmoon’s Politics. Are we continuing to Vortrix part II, or are we hitting something else?

The Warlord: The trip to the moon was quite successful. We found the remains of a Dvergar and Nisse base that had melted together in s strange interference-laced gestalt. There were beings from another world trying to set up shop there. They resembled humanoid versions of The Absolutes; and seem to be an advance force for other aliens… The good news is that their ship had been destroyed, and their communications disrupted by attacks originating from the Dark Moon of Encarda – Stranding them here. I have chosen to call them ‘Moon Walkers’. We are returning with a cargo of treasures. More later… As for the next move, either Vortrix part 2, or Thats no Moon…

Hector Let’s continue with the Vortrix Saga. I’m going to go deep cover and make sure that this new House in Darkmoon learns why you don’t mess with The Scoundrel. Our henchman should scout out the Absolute Base.

With Paymaster Maneer of House Vortrix in Sonya’s thrall, we should start next adventure with a look at the assets they have committed and vulnerable. From there, we can manipulate the Vortrix assets to strike against the other members of House Devourer, and even set them up for ambush and reprogramming by my ‘tame’ Absolutes so there’s ample evidence against House Vortrix.

Rune: Wait. Warlord your saying we discovered a new race of stranded aliens on the moon? Did you bring me back a cadaver or some technology? You need to think more of others, really. Further, are these aliens hostile at the moment? If not we should recruit them for Sonya’s house.

I beleive we cannot leave Darkmoon to its own devices. Leaking the plans first should be good. Then we need to stage some assanation attempts and blackmail on other houses. Further, we are kinda of new to Darkmoon’s political ways. So we might want to find some professional help to keep our i’s dotted and t’s crossed. A constultant if you will. While we have Zyrie’s freindship he is a moonie and will more than likely throw us to the ravinous wombats if the need arises.

Hector Gone Fishing! Each team member will dispatch someone to hunt absolutes, with the emphasis on live capture. We will equip them appropriately with nets, charm and dominate spells, etc. We will then sell them for 15k each (along with knowledge of how to milk them). Proposed team: Khous, Malcraft, Asya, Lockbox, Kit, Stein, Ed

Author Khous will go fishing, and the temple can offer water training for the troops as well as potions and scrolls to help in water combat situations.

Sonya Time to try and not get eaten by dragons!

Discussion Page 6

From the Ashes of The Great Convergence GedofParagon