NecroNeko Build

NecroNeko Project SK:
This Build is for a seductive Necromancess that can use her charms on both man, beast, and undead being alike. She functions as a Seducer/talker and monster controller.

Ability Scores:
Str:12 Dex:12 Con: 12 Int:12 Wis: 12 Cha: 14

Increase: CHA + 1 every 4 Levels.

Spells by Level:
0) Manatouched: Disrupt Undead-1. Sorceress (9): Daze-1, Bleed-1, Touch of Fatigue-1, Mage Hand-1, Message-2, Light-4, Detect Magic-6, Read Magic-8, Prestidigitation-10.

1) Bonus (1): Chill Touch-3. Sorceress (5): Charm Person-1, Cause Fear-1, Sleep-3, Disguide Self-5, Shocking Grasp*-6, Silent Image-7, Mage Armor-8**.
Exchange ‘Sleep’ for ‘Shocking Grasp’ at 6; When ‘Deep Slumber’ becomes available.
Exchange ‘Cause Fear’ for ‘Mage Armor’ at 8; When ‘Suggestion’ becomes available.

2) Bonus (1): False Life-5. Sorceress (5): Spectral Hand-4, Command Undead-5, Blindness/Deafness-7, Detect Thoughts-9.

3) Bonus (1): Vampiric Touch-7. Sorceress (4): Deep Slumber-6, Suggestion-7, Gentle Repose-9, Fly-11.

4) Bonus (1): Animate Dead-9. Sorceress (4): Charm Monster-8, Black Tenticles-9, Confusion-11, Evervation-13.

5) Bonus (1): Waves of Fatigue-11. Sorceress (4): Dominate Person-10, Magic Jar-11, , Telepathic Bond-13, Break Enchantment-15.

6) Bonus (1): Undeath to Death-13. Sorceress (3): Create Undead-12, Symbol of Persuasion-13, Circle of Death-15.

7) Bonus (1): Finger of Death-15. Sorceress (3): Control Undead-14, Symbol of Weakness-15, Mass Hold Person-17.

8) Bonus (1): Horrid Wilting-17. Sorceress (3): Create Greater Undead-16, Symbol of Death-17, Symbol of Insanity-19.

9) Bonus (1): Energy Drain-19. Sorceress (3): Dominate Monster-18, Soul Bind-19, Wish-20.

Sorcerer Bloodline Feats: Sorceress Bonus Feat (1): Eschew Materials-1. Bloodline Feats (3): Toughness-7, Endurance-13, Diehard-19;

1) Combat Casting, 3) Still Spell, 5) Silent Spell, 7) Widen Spell, 9) Defense Combat Training, 11) Craft Staves, 13) Dodge, 15) Mobility, 17) Spell Penetration, 19) Greater Spell Penetration.

Class Abilities: Included for Completeness…
Bloodline Arcana: Undead. (Bloodline Spells and Cantrips Above)
1-Formerly Humanoid Undead count as Humanoids for your MindAffecting Spells.
1-Grave Touch. (3+Cha/Day; Melee Touch Attack makes opponent shaken for 1/2lvl rounds)
1-Bonus Feat: Eschew Materials.
3-Resistance (5/Cold and Nonleathal Damage)
7-Bloodline Feat (Toughness)
9-Resistance (10/Cold and Nonleathal Damage)
9-Grasp of the Dead (20’ Burst, skeletal arms erupt from a surface, d6/lvl and Imm. ref/half, 1/Day)
13-Bonus Feat (Diehard)
15-Incorporeal Form (Become Incorporeal for 1 rnd/lvl. 1/day)
17-Grasp of the Dead (2/Day)
19-Bonus Feat (Endurance)
20-Grasp of the Dead (3/Day)
20-One of Us!: Immune (Cold, Non-Leathal, Paralysis, Sleep). DR5.

SKILLS (2 class + 1 Int + 1 Favored Class = 4):
Rank + Ablity + Class = Modifier
Survival 1 + 1 + 1 = +3
Intimidate 1 + 2 + 3 = +6
Knowlege (Religeon) 1 + 1 + 3 = +5
Profession (Mortician) 1 + 1 + 3 = +5

Little is known about the origins of the Beastmen, only that they were formed in the fires of the great convergence. Many beastmen tribes exist, with countless variants of animal-human hybrids. The local tribes are Wolf, Puma, and Raven. Beastmen are famous for their wilderness skills, and their signature Wrist Weapons: The Talons. Resembling swords, or iron claws built into special bucklers, these unique weapons provide options for attack, and defense, and reward those that aspire to two weapon mastery.
+2 to one Attribute
Speed: 30’
Low Light Vision: See Twice as far as humans in dim light.
Intimidating: +2 to Intimidate Checks
Beast Blood: Counts as an Animal for the purpose of Magickal Effects.
Toothy: Has a bite attack that does 1d4 Piercing Damage.
Weapons Familiarity: “Beastman” Weapons; and Natural Weapons.
Heart of the Wilderness: Add 1/2 Character Level to Survival Checks; +5 to Con checks to Stabilize when Dying; add 1/2 Character Level to Con Score when determining negative HP total to kill you.
Manatouched: Select 1 Cantrip/Orison that you can cast at will. (Counts as Arcane)

NecroNeko Build

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