AWE-I, Round 1


You have successfully arrived at the heart of the first level of the AWE-I facility on the North-western slopes of Mount Norad. On the way you braved a fierce mountain sleet storm, and faced traps of Poison Snow and a Punji-lined spear-pit that nearly claimed the lived of several of The Expedition’s memebers.

You encountered a pair of old crone’s who lived as trappers on the mountain’s face. They were revealed to be powerful Seeresses calling themselves ‘The Sisters of the Mountain’s Shroud’, who were willing to trade information and magical aid for the souls of the damned. There you recieved a vision of the Knight Boreginald, formerly Grant Ebers of the First Expedition. His fate was to have fallen to the Absolutes at the mouth of the Green River on the south end of Lake Swan. He was kept by Hamish the Polymath as a pet and familiar, and now resides in a strange temple in the bowels of the Absolute’s fortress city…

You entered the AWE-I facility through it’s front door, and found the ancient Dvergar edifice to be operating as if new! You bypassed cameras and electronic security under the oppresive electromagnetic flux-field that kept the place operational. Zel the Contractor was nearly lost to a cleverly trapped fire-suppression system that reacted poorly to his attempt to use a message spell to warn his team. Crucius of the Shrike’s Guard cut his way through the steel doors to rescue his ally using the dark blade crafted for him by the High Alchemist of Tior’ted. The Expedition was then accosted by seven worm-like adversaries bearing alchemical bomb-guns and carrying power tools! The first of these was slain by force of arms, and the rest by manaflux run amok – Sonya, Princess of Darkmoon’s fireball turned them to stone?!

After exploring much of the facility’s first level, Hector the Blue found a terminal and made text-based contact with a being calling itself THE ROOT. The being bid them welcome and opened the path to the facility’s main control room. THE ROOT was revealed to be a gargantuan worm, with a tri-partate mouth that revealed feather-like antennae studded with tiny eyes. It vibrated these antennae to speak to The Expedition:

THE ROOT claimed to be the original inhabitant of this world. The individual creatures together shared a collective unconcious that united them for the good of all, and permeated the biosphere of their world from the simplest one-celled organism to the intellegent megafauna that inhabited the place. All individuals had their conciousness backed up at a cellular level within THE ROOT unconcious, meaning that they all had true immortality and freedom from the bonds of sickly flesh. Should an individual perish, they could ressurect themselves by budding off of another. Theirs’ was a paradise in which the environment and the individual were truly as one. Then came the Dvergar…

The Dvergar came in their Starship, and without bothering with warning or parley, bombarded THE ROOT with a terrible plague called THE PURGE. The PURGE devoured and transformed all life, soil, rock, and liquid; reshaping it into a hostile blue-green world awash with alien life that knew no collective unconsious – a paradise for The Humans sheparded by The Dvergar. The Humans were never told how their new home came to be, and thanked their Gods for the good fortune of finding such a perfect new home. The Dvergar, ever curious and analytical had kept samples of the flora and fauna of the world they had destroyed, unknowingly sealing their fate…

The Dvergar had created a secret facility from which to obseve and guide humanity, the fortress of Mount Norad! Deep in it’s depths were the laboratories, and myriad testing grounds in which the life forms of THE ROOT were cultivated and studied. For decades this imprisonment went on, and THE ROOD hid it’s conciousnesses from it’s oppressors – fearfull of discovery and eradication. THE ROOT dispaired of freedom until tragedy struck The Dvergar: The Great Convergence!

When the universe of Materium collided with that of Manaheim, untold chaos was unleashed, and huge quakes wracked Mount Norad. Containment fields failed, secure labs cracked wide open, and the whole of the Dvergar’s information network and power grid failed. Taking it’s opportunity, THE ROOT struck back. Biomasses reduced themselves to crystaline spores that swam through the Dvergar fortress with concsiosness and purpose. Many Dvergar were consumed where they stood, but rather than destorying them, THE ROOT mercifully allowed them to become one with the universal uncouncious, and to understand what they had done. These Dvergar quickly merged with THE ROOT, and tried to reach out to those who did not yet belong and understand – so began the war for Mount Norad…

Many Dvergar, including their King, Kurin Norad, fought a retreat to the surface. THE ROOT found that the Manaflux on the surface was too much for them to bear, and so had to tearfully allow the traitor king to run away with the other unenlightened Dvergar. THE ROOT then looked for a way to make everything right again, and eventually found the nano-tech terraforming technology that fueled THE PURGE. They joyfully had their enlightnened Dvergar brethern reprogram THE PURGE to restore their world, and attempted to release it through the AWE facilities only to find two problems: 1) THE PURGE was instantly disrupted by Manaflux, and 2) The AWE facilities seemed to be offline.

Determined to share THE ROOT with all of the inhabitants of the world, they sent their VECTORS to reclaim the AWE facilties, but before sufficient biomass could be accumulated to project THE ROOTs’ will, they were wiped from AWE-II and AWE-III… While perplexed, they agreed that AWE-I would be sufficient, and focused their efforts their. They would use the Thermonuclear reactor, and the weather station to create a large enough magnetic storm to test THE PURGE on Mount Norad’s slopes. But now a new factor had entered the faciltiy – Unenlightened Conciousnesses! New brethern to teach and to enrich THE ROOT!

Confusion?!? These beings did not wish to be enlightened? They did not want immortality, freedom from fear, disease, and decay!? They Spoke of THE ABSOLUTES, THE ROOTs’ intolerable opposite numbers from Manaheim… WE MUST HELP THEM, THEY ARE MAD!!!

XP: 11,733 each

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Ged of Paragon


To: Second Great Expeditionary Force, Shrikes Perch Council
Re: Security
From: Executive Vice President of GB&T (Garaonimos Bank and Trust) Hector


With the danger of sleeper agents having been revealed by the exposure of my own father/mother, it is time to take precautions. First and foremost, we must be certain our leadership is not compromised. As such, at a random time each month, TWO spellcasters will audit each member of the Town Council and Second Great Expeditionary Force for signs of tampering. These can occur anytime, anywhere, and MUST be done on the spot. We can include Garonomis as part of the Expeditioanry Force due to his knowledge of affairs and scrying.

Second, the general populace will be screened in town council meetings, without their knowledge. We will have various obligatory subcommittee meetings that require different folks from town. In three months time, all citizens should be screened in a manner similar to that of my father. After the intial screening, normal ciitzens will be scheduled for annual screening.

Should any sleeper agents come up, no immediate action will be taken. Throwing them into the Dwarf facility will both hurt town morale AND reveal that they have been compromised. Instead, they will be allowed to function in town (just like my father). They will continue to provide GOOD low level intelligence to the Absolutes. However, for certain critical objectives, we will corroborate certain parts of misinformation. NOTE this should only occur during a MAJOR operation and ought to require approval by the Town Council consulting fully with the Second Great Expeditionary Team. If any of their intelligence is contradicted, then there will likely be little further use for them as counterintelligence assets.

The First Operation will be Project Hideaway. As The Absolutes covet me and my brother personally as their “Perfect Being” it is likely any offspring we have will recieve unwanted attention. As such, we will fake miscarriages for both Haimish and my own Offspring currently being carried by members of the Cloud Leopard Tribe. The Children will be raised at Mootfort by thier mothers as to not endanger Shrike’s Perch or compromise our ruse.

Finally, as a collateral matter, both my brother and I can shapeshift and mimic someone perfectly. Moreover, after sexual contact with any female they are drive to absolute loyalty to either of us. We believe that Dwarves are immune to this. I was unaware of this fact and, as such, will not be dabbling with anyone susceptable to this effect. However, Haimish has no such compunctions. There is a good chance that Sonya’s sister is already compromised and in a position of power in Darkmoon. As such, be wary of ANY female that exhibits unusual sudden and strong feeligns for a man as it could be my brother has won them over in disguise.

AWE-I, Round 1

From the Ashes of The Great Convergence GedofParagon