Castle Defense - day 7

The Juggernaught assault was a moderate success. It weakened the “Heart of Darkness”, but didn’t dispatch it – so Crucius will still face the monster as a part of his defense… Lets hope the Darkmoon Generals do better.

FYI: If Crucius’ defenses don’t hold, it will be your PCs vs. what remains! O_o`

Results: 50% of Tior-Ted’s Tanks and Iron Cavaliers lost;
Nightcrawler badly hurt. Reduce size to Gargantuan (Lost Energy), Lose Daily Powers (Used), -1 to available 3/ Day Powers (Used), 50% Speed (Booty Bug Wild Surge), Lime Green (Color Change Wild Surge) – Reduce MaxHP.
XP Total: 9142 Combat and 9142 Dragons as Spoils of War.

8) Darkmoon’s For Glory!:
-SashaWarlord: DIY General 10 (Druid)
-TheMainEvent: Level 10 (Magus)
-Plasmacoils: DIY General 10 (Darkmoon Excecutioner General)
-IsaacObsidianPortal: DIY General 10 (Darkmoon Excecutioner General)
-JohnathanDrake: DIY General 10 (Darkmoon Excecutioner General)
-Deklar42: Inquisitor Ikasenu – DIY General 10 (Inquisitor)

Still waiting on any last-minute Generals
Added after a discussion with JohnathanDrake: Each General should be made with full PC equipment for level 10 (62000 Dragons worth!)…

…and in addition please don’t forget that you have each earned a total of 29567 Dragon worth of War Material that is currently stored in ‘The First Bank of Shrike’s Perch’ for you. You may place this cash towards magic items, equipment, etc. at any time. Currently you have a trade agreement with Darkmoon and with Tior’ted meaning that (For a small export tariff of 10%) you can purchase magic items/ Alchemical Items at 110% cost for Immediate use!

After a discussion with Plasmacoils and SashaWarlord: During the last few sessions we have been plagued by difficulties in getting our team to focus on the game. As a direct result of this, and with the understanding that we are all rational adults here, there are three rules that I need for this team to follow:

1. Arrive prepared! Check this website for xp totals, treasure totals, progress towards magic item construction. Level up your Characters, Henchmen, and Followers. Be ready to roll dice the moment you hit the table.


Be attentive! Bring energy drinks, or coffee, etc. whatever you need to be awake and alive.


Be Interactive! Please ensure that you are not distracted so badly by your electronic devices that you are unable to roleplay. If you JUST want to play statmonkey you should ignore tabletop RPGs alltogether and focus on Online games where the roleplaying aspect is muted in favor of stats and equipment builds…

Castle Defense - day 7

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