Castle Dragoon - Tower of Fire

Castle Dragoon Continues: As promised, XP totals and RP elements will be dropped here, so that it doesn’t take up game time. Less time admin. = more time adventuring! So here we go: XP/Character for 09/29/2011 = 6321 each! Total XP in Treasure Plundered = 44,450 Dragons! (This includes the MSRP for all acuired items and goods)
Political Boon: Ingot’s Favor – The Fire Spirit, Ingot, is grateful for his rescue from the Absolutes. He is now Helpful towards the party, and can be considered an ally on the Plane of Fire. Boons: He can Planeshift between the Prime, Ethereal, and Fire Elemental Planes; as well as grant access to the Forges of his Salamanders. This means that he is an accessible craftsman that can forge even the toughest metals. (Example: Making a Masterwork Starmetal eg. Adamantine Bastard Sword so that Educe can transfer enchantments to it.) Due to his planar nature, Ingot can be accessed via the Dark Tower interface, and later the Fire Dragon Shrine interface.

Smoke if you Got ’em: Within Ingot’s home on the Plane of Fire, you can get a good night’s sleep, and recieve healing from Ingot’s staff. Please restore all attribute damage, hp damage, and daily spell/ power allotments for next week. You may also opt to sell the gear recovered from previous adventures at 72% Value. (50% + 10% Ingot’s Favor + 12% Hector’s Diplomacy). Value for Darkmoon Gear, Goblin Gear, and Ceremonial Tridents if all sold = 18792 Dragons total, Each PC gets 2684 Dragons, 5 Amber, 7 Iron. Unless you email/ sms/ call me otherwise, all equipment will be sold. Exception: Sonya wanted (1) Mastercrafted Backpack. Clarification per Hector’s post on the discussion page: You are also keeping the ‘Staff of Fire’, which can be used by Sonya or Feuer.

Ingot’s Postal Service: Having already breached Shrike’s Perch once, Ingot knows the way. He is willing to have his servants make a run to Shrike’s Perch to drop off/ pick up “stuff”. He will recover the Warlord during the trip. Those of you who want to send stuff home need to do so now, so please make your intentions known on the Discussion Page. HINT: Orders for The Dark Tower or the city council. Post now or forever hold your peace!

Discuss: A new Discussion Page will be added so that you can interact here on Obsidian Portal until I upgrade to Ascendant Status. (Giving us Forum Access). Please use this page to leave messages for you team-mates and myself!

I have added the Strategic Interfaces Link to the Home Page below; and there is now a Character Entry for Garanimos the Numerologist. He is now hector’s henchman, and available to assist the party both as the Front man for The Bank; and with his own not-insignificant powers: Check him out! You can also see Educe’s Henchwoman, Bryar_Fox, a Priestess of a Forgotten God, and Ed’s Tower Mistress. Ajaa the Huntress is already present as Crucius’ Henchwoman – and can be used for political assassinations with Chris’ permission… Other henchmen will be added as it becomes apparent that you have who you want. Rune’s Kit “Subject-1” Roads has accrued enough XP to be a Level 3 Alchemist Already, Feuer has no marked Henchman, Sonja has no Marked henchman – But Liss has suggested one… Kari Caldon is awaiting Karl’s Permission.

Rune’s Alchemy Lab: Rune’s Alchemy Lab has now been added to Strategic Interfaces. It will be a good way to manage ordering potions from Rune!

Real Estate: You are now crashing your first castle. Should you be able to take it, you can keep it! You will have to decide what it will be used for as a group. The Castle, and it’s grounds, can house up to 10,000 people in underground homes, businesses, and Bunkers; while the Castle itself is designed to support around 1000 Military Personel within the Second Wall! This could be used as the site for the proposed ‘Outpost of Convergence’, but it’s up to you – Of course you have to take it successfully first!

The perfect Beings: There has been some exposition as to the purpose of the resssurection of Castle Dragoon, and the Absolutes’ Long Range Plans. Apparently they wish to challenge the Gods with some kind of ‘Perfect being’. Experiments leading up to ‘The perfect being’ were “The Dead Ones” – Flesh and Mind Draining Undead Shapeshifters; “The Live Ones” – Unstable, but living, Shapeshifters; “The True Fish Tribe” – Shapeshifting Fishmen with powerful charm magic that used to be The Horse Tribe; “The Proto-men” – Assumed to be the foes that were posing as well-equipped Darkmoon Alfar Soldiers; “The Kirchwasser” – Those that will give birth to ‘The perfect being’; “The Perfect Being” – Those that will bring down the Gods themselves. The “Live Ones” that you encountered seemed to indicate that Hector and Hamish were of these “Perfect Beings”… You have also encountered the “Squablins”, who appear to be a genetic recombination of Goblins and Squids – Amphibious, prolific, and quick to mature – These beasts could give the Absolutes the Army that they have so long craved, but been denied by the limitations of The Fish Tribe!

Castle Dragoon - Tower of Fire

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