Dealing with Death

Dealing with Death – Completed.
Not much time at the moment, but here is the xp totals: 73,142xp each; and you are again protected by “The Law of Death”…

Note: Council vs Tribunal

OK, it’s late and I’m Tired so here’s the short version: 28,570xp, 8228 Dragons, 5 Amber, and 7 Iron per person. Morale Points: Author + 2, Crucius + 2, Warlord + 1, Feuer + 2, Hector + 2, Sonya + 2, Zel + 2. Aethersprite: You can operate it as a team, and Hector can repair it to an extent. Engineering, Propulsion, Life Support, Navcom, and Sensors are operational. Communications will take 57,000 Dragons and 57 Days to repair. Weapons, Cloning, Medlab are all offline. A single Sky Guardian is inoperative, but may be restored with some TLC. The Nisse want their ship back, but it’s up to you. New Missions: Bam, Zoom, Straight to The Moon (Check out the Moon and see what new adventures await you beneath it’s surface), Thats No Moon… (Take a Trip to the Dark Moon known as Encarda; but don’t say that The Devourerer didn’t warn you), Orbital Cartography (Set off on a trip to circumnavigate the world and find areas of interest). New Enemies: Encamine of The Melting Blood is now your sworn adversary – and he still desires the blood of both Hector and Hamish for unknown reasons.

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Dealing with Death

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