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Hector: Did we find Boreginald?
GedofParagon: Sadly no, but nor did you find Hamish or anything above Absolute Commoners and Kirchwasser…

Author: Have 43,900 dragons after winnings from arena and the lance also won from the arena. With funds will buy 35,000 dragon sling-lance and get barding for Sunny hopefully at a discount for a bulk purchase. Barding will be no more than 8,000 dragons. Will stay in darkmoon 2-4 days to heal from condition track damage and allow the barding to be fitted for Sunny. Also there was a crossbow and bolts that were used during the duel but are unaccounted for. I’m assuming a +1 crossbow and some magic bolts if so I will give/sell cheaply to Sabastion, if much more valuable I may just sell for the money. Was my personal cart left in Darkmoon or did it continue with the caravan?

Author after darkmoon: will tell everyone (even those in my personal employ) I’m intending to catch up to the rest of the expeditionary forces on way to Ravenloft and leave the appropriate gate. After getting half day from city will circle city to village must similar to the profile of Ound where I feel the Akata are likely to attack next. (Size, distance from city, Direction from city) I did look into the area around the city earlier with the fire priestess and the village girl may know of other villages near to her own that are similar. Will attempt to get village to migrate to Shrike’s Pearch with stories of Ound from the villager with us will still attempt even if village is not under attack. Then will escort these villagers away from darkmoon towards ravenloft then Shrike’s Pearch as descretly as possible if they are willing to go.

to Author: Good thought, made some checks based on your skills, and those of your retinue. Success: The Villaige of Olbar packed up and headed north. You got them as far as Ravensloft before ‘War were Declared’, and now they are under Raven Tribe protection until the current situation blows over. ALSO: You have the option to delegate Author to someone for the coming battle to earn a share of XPs; or to have him stay in saftey at Ravensloft. Story XP: 2000

Everyone Else: I have removed myself from the Battle scenarios, though Ed and Warlord are still available for anyone to requisition and play. (I’m going to be way too busy with calculations to pay attention to a character of my own.) I want to get through at least 3 Missions/ session if not more. We need to have on-time starts, and I need full rosters no later than Mon. Sooner if possible! Thanks in advance.

Hector: Character Requisitions-

1. Zuri of House Zurai
2. Kit riding Subject Zero
3. Jada
4. Witch and Priest of Rubicon (someone else should play Ugten)
5. Sarin
6. Hector (someone else should use Author)
7. Snarf
8. TBD
9. N/A

GedofParagon: Looks good, but why is Day 9 N/A – The mission will still happen in some fashion?

Author: My finale Wednesday class is next week. So I should be able to rejoin before the the end of the war. Does Author can be used next week, but Abe will need to provide stats on New weapon and Barding. I will be in the game two weeks from now but three weeks from now i have business travel to NYC and will miss that. After that i should have normal attendence again. Also my frost drake might be formidable enough to take or would he just be part of my equipment and the fire preistess was going to lend dragons/followers.

GedofParagon: It’ll be good to have you back K. We’ll let you know what scenarios are expected for next week. The Frost Drake (Iczer) may be played separately if you wish, he is certainly powerful enough. I can add Kari Caldon to the Shrike’s Guard forces if you are here for that; please do make a DIY General, and I can throw on an extra tank commander. (Lion-O?) I will post the Barding and the Lance in the ITEMs Tab shortly. (READ: After I get some sleep… :D )

(remember that people should have their henchmen in a mission that their primary character is not participating in so they can play it)
1. Sonya Vortex
2. Ugten the Trickster
3. Alloysius of the Hauflin Tribe
4. Sebastian Baxter
5. Blackfire the Adult Umbral Dragon
6. Molitor the Adult Magma Dragon
7. Tigeris
8. TBA

Ged: Sasha makes an interesting point: People should play their own henchmen in a mission not their own. Hector, would you mind selecting a different character for the 2nd mission? Sonya has bid to play the Rage Prophet in the last mission – arguably the most powerful character in your line-up. Does anyone want to dispute this choice?

Deklar: Alright, this is a bit late, but these are mhy character selections:
1. Trigon the Adult Umbral Dragon
2. Arella of the Fire temple
3. Sculd Norad
4. Jarnvior of Frostwyrm
5. Feuer
6. Meeko “Ko” Mentzu
7. WilyKat
8. Inquisitor Ikasenu
9. Cinderblock the Adult Umbral Dragon

Hector: I am going to recommend we sub out one set of generic characters for Ed/Warlord and another set for Muezza the Priestess on my sapper mission. Ed can summon burrowers with relative ease and give us ready made sappers, and having one high powered priest should keep us safe.

GedofParagon: I agree that these are good ideas, and I will allow someone to run with Ed and Warlord IF there is a request along those lines. Muezza would be a welcome addition to the team as well, but again I need a request HERE by 11:59p on Monday 11/14/2011.

Hector: Its going to be hard sapping with few people able to dig or use explosives.

GedofParagon: Mission parameters seem to have changed anyway; you’ll be trying to stem the tide and keep the enemy from mounting an effective assault on the incoming allied forces. Digging takes a backseat to tactical flexibility, as you don’t know what you’re going to have to counter next.

Discussion Page 2

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