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There are 4 missions available. Of those I personally belive that opening diplomatic relations with the Nisse is the most valuable in the long-run. This will allow you access to the goods and services of a new civilization. This poses the least valuable of the four in terms of Treasure (Witch Island is the best of these), and intellegence on your enemies (The other two missions). My vote is: Nisse Diplomacy…

Hector : We owe to ourselves to forgive or destroy the Nisse. Let’s go to the Nisse.
Sonya: Yeah lets visit the Nisse. I forgive them because they were technically right the whole time…
Feuer: I wish to introduce the Nisse to Rubicon.


The Nisse situation was largely resolved. Congrats to you all! New Items will be made available to you shortly. Some highlights are: The Caster Rifle, The Caster Pistol, and Guardian Armor. The first two allow anyone (even non-spellcasters) to launch ‘spell cannisters’ that will successfully cast a spell even in a high-electromagnetic area! Ammunition costs the same as scrolls. Guardian Armor is powered armor that adds physical and even mental attribute enhancements! New Feat Available: Craft Construct. New magic Item Available: Manuals of Golems.

New missions available! We have now entered the area of PC-created quest lines. These two will now be added to the regular missions:
Dragons Hunters: Ed still needs draconic heart stones of the four elemental Dragon Types. With these he can mass-produce Minions! to act as cannon-fodder for Shrike’s Perch. Rather than pissing off the Elemental Dragon Lords, Ed would rather hunt down the legendary Chromatic Dragons whose heart stones are steeped both with elemental power and evil – The Red, Blue, Green, and Black Dragons. He figures that their legendary treasure hordes should be more than enought motivation to get you to join him…

The Vortrix Saga! Though Zel Vortrix came into your employ with full knowlege of his Son’s demise at the hand of Author Penrose, and has been highly amused by the Expedition’s attempts to keep it from him, Author is not his target. His son was taken from him by events that even Aeron could not remember. The recent revalation that Oracle Amitri has the power to fully restore the mind of one who has lost his past has given him his first glimmer of hope. Zel wishes to petition Amitri to help his son, then recover Aeron from the great beyond and have her restore his memories. Aeron’s recovery and restoration will provide the team with a powerful assassin, and uncover the mysteries behind the Darkmoon Great Houses; thier past, and more importantly their plans for the future…

Educe: I vote for my mission next! The ability to mass-produce Minions! and to gain the wealth of four Dragons’ hoards will be critical to the destruction of my, -our enemies…

Zel: Sure, let’s fling ourselves into the open waiting maws of evil dragons…. Educe: So thats a ‘Yes’, right?

Hector: Of paramount importance is leading the Nisse to restore the AetherSprite for use by the Lake Swan Alliance. However, until such a time, I want to know more about Darkmoon… a danger that rivals that of the Absolutes and the Root. I vote for the Vortrix Saga.

Hector: A few thoughts on the bank. I think Karl’s suggestion works for now: 10% interest on loans (calculated at the start of each month) and 5% interest accrued monthly on deposit. The banks profit would be a based of 5% (the difference) with modifiers based on circumstances (investment failing or paying off) and an appropriate skill roll depending on circumstances.

As for the Khous Control Questline – I think if we could reincarnate him as an OTTER MAN then we’d have a very good candidate to lead the Otter’s post-dragon… and they would take naturally to water worship :)

GedofParagon: Two new missions have become available – Aethersprite Redux, and Khous Control…

Aethersprite Redux: The Nisse have prepared their expedition to reclaim the Aethersprite, and have asked for your assistance in ensuring their safe arrival as their Guardians are non-functional outside of a high-manaflux zone. They have prepared a troop of Badger Clan Infantry, who will assist you in escorting a team of Nisse Arcanists through the Ethereal Plane. With the Aethersprite online you will learn more about the pre-convergence Nisse and Alfar; and gain access to a resource that will allow you to map the world! This will be your first full adventure on another plane of existance, and though the Ethereal is the most hospitable to life as you know it you should prepare for some suprises…

Khous Control (Author’s Quest): Author Penrose recently contracted the Agent Zel to retrieve Khous’ lost skull fragment from the laboratory of Rune “The Madwolf” Roads. However despite access to the lost Oracle’s remains attempts to contact and retrieve his spirit have remained unsuccessful. With the loss of eight oracles in The Port Incident, and the discovery of the Oracles being direct agents for the Alfar Gods, his recovery has become more important. Oracle Amitri and the Priesthood of the Divine Guardians are willing to help you investigate his whereabouts by sending your souls into the afterlife to hunt for him – You will be transformed into spirits via Astral Projection and gain the opportunity to act as Outsiders on other planes!

GedofParagon: I agree with the above terms for Banking for simplicity’s sake. We can make for a more interesting and dynamic market Later. I will update the resources available on the Bank’s Interface Page. With that said – Mission Voting is open for Feb. 22nd Session…

Educe: I’m all for continuing the dragon hunt with Dragon Hunters, part II – The Black Dragon’s Heartstone will be the beginnings of the Blue Minion! Hive – Now I need to work out the details for hunting my… er, our next Victim: A Green Dragon! Money Money People!

Hector: I vote for Aethersprite then Khous Control.

Feuer: I suggest that gaining access to the aethersprite and keeping it secure from other influences are almost nessesary, partially to prevent any other force from abusing it, but also to see the records that it may have recorded of the past. Afterwards, we could gain more resurces in finding the next heartstone. As a side note, is there any reason why I would not be able to set up a shrine of the Fire Dragon King onboard the Aethersprite, if a shrine/temple isn’t already there?

GedofParagon: Feuer – The only issue with a Shrine aboard the Aethersprite would be a lack of worshippers. A church is only as good as it’s flock – So if Aethersprite becomes an orbital settlement I would say ‘Yes’, but if it remains a remote outpost I would say ‘No’. Which of these happens is largely up to the efforts of your Expedition.

GedofParagon: So that I can continue to further the plot, I would like votes on the next adventure ASAP.

Educe: Still looking to hunt Green Dragons… Dragon Hunter FTW!

Hector: Aetherspire Redux Part 2, Khous Control

Author: Aetherspire , Khous Control (this could be a side adventure without the complete party probably but if we can’t get around to doing it I would do it wednesday. It shouldn’t take a full session.)

Sonya: Aetherspire, Khous Control, The Vortrix Sage

GedofParagon: I find it hilarious that one person’s typo becomes the title in fact… Aethersprite “Aetherspire” Redux selected for the 22nd, with vote in progress… :

GedofParagon: New voting round! Dealing with Death will require you to go to The Plane of Shadows to confront Lady Fate and determine your future relationship with the Alfar Gods. Aethersprite Reduc – Part II will see you finally bringing the starship back online and using it’s amazing power to change the future of your world…

Educe: Lets Deal with Death quick, before it sticks!!!

Hector: Aethersprite Part II, then Dealing with Death… its a pain in the ass to get back and fourth let’s fix this puppy up. If Death decides to be dickish we can just blast it with the ship.

Educe: Easy for you to say, they’re not trying to destroy your home and take your immortal soul while you all are off gallavanting around that thrice-cursed ship! :(

Furer: If we gain control of this vessel, then we can use its power to potentially travel to the realm of death, and negotiate with the lady of fates to unseal yours, Educe. How is still in question, but Aethersprite will at least allow us to do so with some position of power!


Council vs Tribunal is up for you to peruse. This will decide the outcome of the tense situation at Shrike’s Perch. Thoughts?


Looks good. Are we going to roleplay this out collaboratively taking the role of the Council? In theory, we could also cart along a few Followers (Garonimos, Malcraft, Asya all come to mind as being in/around town and available… although Garonimos would prefer to ‘consult’ rather than fight :) )


We will probably have 3 players take the council’s role. This is a fixed challenge, and asssumes that the Council launches it’s counteroffensive the moment after the vote is complete; so no way to add Henchmen and whatnot. From a mechanics standpoint: The Difficulty level has been preset with the three councilmen in mind – It is intended to be just as diffcult as it is. ;)


New round of voting and new missions. You should also decide if you are going to return Aethersprite to the Nisse or not. Keeping the ship will probably mean their withdrawal from the Alliance, but giving it back means negotations for it’s future use.

The Warlord:

My home is embattled and my future uncertain… Still I will fight on, for what choice do I have? I feel the need to settle things with my Divine Sister: Dealing with Death. I feel that the long range plan demands sacrifice, give the little Nisse back their toy and then make them use their own resources to weaponize and repair it. If need be we can always slaughter them all and take it back by force: Return the Aethersprite.

Feuer: ‹p› After taking two asprin… How the hell did the devour gain use electro-mag-whatchacallit pulse-thingee…? Not only did that hurt, ALOT, but it broke a spell set by another god. I’m suprised the aethersprite didn’t come apart, or that the core cease to exist. It’s no wonder that the other alfar gods seem to fear him. Though it does lead to an interesting point. We could use this info of where his supposed moon is to try to get a stay of force from the other Alfar lords to focus on this as a near future thing. Also, seeing whats on the moon’s surface for any sign of divrgar/alfar settlements would yield. Who knows, we may find an intact civilization there.


Let’s give the Nisse back their ship, but extract some serious concessions from them. I think we should require that Vyrflagan and select Alfar of Shrikes be allowed on the ship to learn High Magic (and partially crew the vessel) under the Nisse and Shrike’s Perch be allowed to replicated any technology on the ship without restriction. Further, in consideration for delivering the ship back to them, it will be refitted to be used in the war effort. They will also be expected to pay for repairs and retrofitting. We will be able to use it for cartography, etc. and will each share knowledge back fourth. As for Tiroted and Darkmoon, well they can certainly try to BUY whatever information we gain from having a fully functional ship :)

As for next mission: Keep in mind that my brother and I have a secret meeting planned where we’re going to send familiars/eidolons/whatever to the Sunny Isles for a meeting with no prying eyes. Barring any cataclysmic news from that: I think we should deal with death. Having a free for all for our increasingly tasty souls seems like bad news. I can study up on some Divine Law and maybe chat with the Executor as well for this one.

Also: perhaps we can run the Council thing as an ‘online’ skill challenge.


I certainly wouldn’t mind handling it as an Online challenge. My main issue is getting it handled at all… Those that need the bonus XPs don’t even seem to be commenting on the Discussion Page, let alone showing an interest in a time-sensitive online challenge. SashaWarlord and Deklar42 have expressed an intrest in handling it at my place since we are housemates, but neither of them would get XPs for it… Maybe a boon of some kind? Due to the fact that Educe is my GPC, I cannot really adjudicate this from a neutral position, so if someone doesn’t help out soon it’s GAME OVER for the Dark Tower. :`( I’ll give TheMainEvent a call to discuss the Hector/ Hamish situation in the near future. It’s going to be a week’s time in game till they talk, so I’m in no rush.


I can’t believe those who could use the XP aren’t taking advantage of this opportunity. Though I’m not very fond of Ed, his ways, and his goals, he is still one of the party and someone needs to help.


Just let your housemates do it if you don’t want to use Wednesdays. Alternatively, I could show up a little early on Wednesday and run the monsters while Abe, Elissa, & Ben run the Council? Not everyone wants to deal with the online component, so it may just be better to do a quick adjudication in person.

Discussion Page 4

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