Fire Sorceress and Loremaster Build

Vortex Project SK II:
Lore Master Upgrade
Vortex is a Fire Elemental Sorceress that is loosely based on Lina Inverse of SLAYERS fame. She is a magical DPS/Area Denial MONSTER that knows a little about fooling divination spells (Because she jealously guards her privacy), and has some basic Counter-Magic, and movement effects as well to round her out as a battlemage par excellence. This is a reccomended spell list created at the Player’s Request.

Ability Scores:
Str:10 Dex:14 Con: 12 Int:14 Wis: 8 Cha: 16

Spells by Level:
0) Fey Magic (3): Light-1, Detect Magic-1, Fey Healing^-1. Sorceress (9): Disrupt Undead-1, Mage hand-1, Read Magic-1, Message-1, Arcane Mark-2, Detect Poison-4 Prestidigitation-6, Mending-8, Acid Orb-10.
^New Spell: Fey Healing: Casting Time: Standard; Range: Touch; Target: 1 Creature; Effect: Restores 1 hp. Special: The caster can only heal a number of HP/day equal to 3+Cha Modifier. Prerequisite: Must have the ‘Fey Magic’ racial ability and the ability to use Arcane Spells as a Class Feature.

1) Bonus (1): Burning Hands-3. Sorceress (5): Color Spray-1^^, Mage Armor-1, Expeditious Retreat-3, Featherfall-5^, Magic Missile^-6, True Strike-6^^, Identify-7.
Exchange Featherfall for Magic Missile at 6; When Glide Becomes Available.
^^Exchange Color Spray for Floating Disk at 6.
2) Bonus (1): Scorching Ray-5. Sorceress (5): Flaming Sphere-4, Glide
-5, Create Treasure Map-7, Misdirection-9, Gust of Wind**-11, Resist Energy^-12.
^Exchange Glide for Resist Energy at 12; When Overland Flight Becomes Available.
**Useful Defense Against Gas-Based Attacks/Effects; can also get a boat moving, etc

3) Bonus (1): Protection From Energy (Fire Only)-7. Sorceress (4): Lightning Bolt^-6, Tongues-7, Dispel Magic-9**, Fireball^-10, Nondetection-11, Greater Magic Weapon**-14.
^Exchange Lightning Bolt for Fireball at 10; When Ball Lightning becomes Available.
**Exchange Dispel Magic for Greater Magic Weapon at 14; When Break Enchantment become available.

4) Bonus (1): Elemental Body I (Fire Only)-9. Sorceress (4): Dragon’s Breath-8, Ball Lightning-9, Stone Skin-11, Wall of Fire-13.

5) Bonus (1): Elemental Body II (Fire Only)-11. Sorceress (4): Wall of Force-10, Overland Flight-11, Break Enchantment-13, Symbol of Sleep-15.

6) Bonus (1): Elemental Body III (Fire Only)-13. Sorceress (3): , Chain Lightning-12, Disintegrate-13, Greater Dispel Magic-15.

7) Bonus (1): Elemental Body IV (Fire Only)-15. Sorceress (3): Prismatic Spray-14, Limited Wish-15, Vision-17.

8) Bonus (1): Monster Summoning VIII (Fire Elemental Only)-17. Sorceress (3): Incindiary Cloud-16, Polymorph Any Object^-17, Prismatic Wall-19.
^Usefull for a wide Variety of Transmutations – Like Making Temporary Golems!

9) Bonus (1): Elemental Swarm (Fire Only)-19. Sorceress (3): Meteor Swarm-18, Wish-19, Mage’s Disjunction-20.

NOTE: Due to the character background, and the rich story upon which this character is based, many modifications had to be made to existing feats to fit her. While she gets some amazing abilites from her background, she pays the price of having to spend feats on prerequisites for these powers as a balancing issue; thus delaying some of her spellcasting versetility to higher levels…
Sorcerer Bloodline Feats: Sorceress Bonus Feat (1): Eschew Materials-1. Bloodline Feats (3): SF (Knowlege, The Planes)-7, Empower Spell-15, Lightning Reflexes-21;
Others not selected: Dodge, Improved Initiative, Power Attack, SF (Knowlege: The Planes), Weapons Finesse.

1) Childlike**,3) Elemental Spell (Cold), 5) Elemental Spell (Acid), 7) Elemental Spell (Electricity), 9) Combat Casting, 11) Endurance, 13) Die hard, 15) Fight Through Pain`, 17) Arrogance^^^, 19) Craft Wonderous Item.
**Story Exception: Normally only avaialable to Hauflin. Vortex is a very young Alfar with Human ancertry Traits; meaning that she appears as a Human Child.
`Story Feat: Allows user to Substitute her Cha for Con bonus in Fort Saves. Prerequisites: Endurance, Die hard.
^^^Story Feat: Allows user to Substitute her Cha for Wis bonus in Will Saves. Prerequisites: Endurance, Die hard, Fight Through Pain.

Class Abilities: Included for Completeness…
Bloodline Arcana: Fire Elemental. (Bloodline Spells and Cantrips Above)
1-Covert Energy Damage from any Spell to Fire Damage.
1-Elemental Ray. (3+Cha/Day)
1-Bonus Feat: Eschew Materials.
3-Elemental Resistance (10/Fire)
7-Bloodline Feat (Skill Focus)
8 (Loremaster) – Secret (Secret Health or Toughness)
9 (Loremaster) – Lore (1 to Knowleges, Make Kn Untrained)
11-Elemental Resistance (20/Fire)
11-Elemental Blast (Fire, 1/Day)
15-Bonus Feat (Empower Spell)
17-Elemental Movement (
30’ Base Speed)
19-Elemental Blast (Fire, 2/Day)
21-Bonus Feat (Lightning Reflexes)
22-Elemental Blast (Fire, 3/Day)
22-Elemental Body: Immune (Critical Hits, Sneak Attacks, and Fire!)

Rank + Abl + Class = Modifier
Appraise 1 + 2 + 3 = 6
Bluff 1 + 3 + 3 = +7
Knowlege (Arcana) 1 + 2 + 3 = +6
Knowlege (The Planes) 1 + 2 + 6 = +11 (up to rank 10)
Spellcraft 1 + 2 + 3 = +6
Fly (1 rank)
Intimidate (1 rank)
At Level 8:
Diplomacy (
1 rank/level starting at 11)
Use magic Device (1 rank)
Handle Animal (1 rank)

Fire Sorceress and Loremaster Build

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