Juicy Loot

The Following Loot was recovered from Feijoo, and his Assassins. If you think something is missing, thats because: It Is…

-Wand of Scorching Ray (CL7, 2 Rays, 4d6 each),
-Wand of Shield (cl5, 5 Minutes),
-Ring of Protection +2,
-Bag of Holding Type I (250 Lbs.) x 3,
-Winged Boots,
-Potion of Mage Armor (cl10),
-Potion of Overland Flight (cl10),
-Potion of Cure Disease,
-Potion of Cure Poison,
-Earth Elemental Gem (Large),
-White Priest Vestement, Golden Jewelry (500 Dragons)
-Potion of Detonate (Page 215. Advanced PLayers Guide; CL 5) x 2
-Potion of Extra Healing (Cure Light Wounds, Caster Level 5; 3 Doses) x 3
-Potion of Fire Breath (Caster Level 3) x 3
-Potion of Invisibility (CL5) x 2
-Trident + 1 × 4
-Net, Mastercrafted x 4
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Misha’s Askance: I know I have a lack of funds(Augurys’ cost a lot :/ ) However, I can eventually cook up some fatastic foods for the party. I ask of only a couple items:

-: 1 Bag of holding (Personal max load is 75 pounds. >.< )
-: Large earth elemental gem (Bombing run from Kukuro >:D )

Please allow me these items, and I can help out far more than normal. Plus, baking a cake for you guys would be a gift unto itself.

The reason I have not been taking any magic items so far (ie. magic weapons and armor) is because I can’t use them. I’m bad with most weapons and I can’t wear armor without disrupting my magic, which is my only true srength. The only thing I look out for are wearable items that give AC bonus. The rules for AC bonuses stacking have changed a bit. Looking up this particular item showed that it would stack with both the mage armor and shield spells. Being the kind of controler caster I am, I tend to end up in the frey of battle when I shouldn’t. Example: When you guys wanted me to cast color spray or burning hands to wipe out a group, I needed to be withing 3 squares of the enemy, which is too close for comfort with an AC of 12, or when something is escaping and I’m the only one who can catch it with my Expeditious Retreat. With certain characters having an AC of 21 or higher, a lot of the enemy has a decent attack bonus to even have a chance of hitting them, which means they only miss me when they roll a 1. I would like to put a bid in for the +2 AC ring and the Wand of Shield to help get my AC up because the are the only things I can use to increase my AC to try and stay alive in the game.

I’ll take one of the potions of detonate because I’m probably the only one who can use it, but I would like to leave the other for Rune so he can try to duplicate it. Actually, we should probably leave one of each potion to him for the same reason.

The only other thing I want to put a bit in for is a bag of holding becuase I have a max carrying weight of 67 lbs with a Str of 10. I know everyone is going to want one of these, put they should probably go to characters with extremely low Str since they are probably bogged down by equipment already as it is, which slows them down. It is also a bit inconvinient to have a stronger character carry your stuff for you, especially when the party splits up or the characters end up on the other side of the battlefield.
HECTOR: Potion of Invisibility, Bag of Holding

Wants Winged Boots to Crucius

Juicy Loot

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