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Mimic Bard

Project Uchiha: The Bard/Mimicry Conversion

All of us have at one time or another considered the idea of a Character that emulates others. From the Mime of Final Fantasy fame to the Uchiha Clan’s Sharingan, characters of this nature are both fun and inspirational. The major issue becomes: Balance. A character that can copy any effect that he or she can see quickly breaks any game where that character can cast unlimited numbers of spells via copy, or quickly emulate the abilities of another character who is in his element at the opportune moment; thus limitations must be put in place. The Copy Bard, or Mimic Bard is an attempt to meet the need for balance while catching the magic of the ‘Copy Ninja’. The Bard class is a good start as he is already set to be a jack of all trades. Bardic Performance plases a limit on copy ability, and the spell list provides a good limit on magical might. A median hit progression ensures flexibility, and a decent skill base provides versitility. This then is the playtest version. As GM I reserve the right to modify this class as needed to empower/debuff to meet with game balance.

Lv BAB F/R/W Special:
1 +0 0/2/2 Bardic Knowlege, Bardic Imitation, Copyspell, Spell Slots.
2 +1 0/3/3 Encore Performance.
3 +2 1/3/3 -
4 +3 1/3/3 -
5 +3 1/4/4 Lore Master 1/day.
6 +4 2/5/5 Encore Performance II.
7 +5 2/5/5 -
8 +6/1 2/6/6 -
9 +6/1 3/6/6 -
10 +7/2 3/7/7 Jack of All Trades, Encore Performance III.
11 +8/3 3/7/7 Lore Master 2/day.
12 +9/4 4/8/8 -
13 +9/4 4/8/8 -
14 +10/5 4/9/9 Encore Performance IV.
15 +11/6/1 5/9/9 -
16 +12/7/2 5/10/10 -
17 +12/7/2 5/10/10 Lore Master 3/day
18 +13/8/3 6/11/11 Encore Performance V.
19 +14/9/4 6/11/11 -
20 +15/10/5 6/12/12 Unfettered Emulation!

Spells/day and Spells/known are unchanged from the Bard Class.

1) Bardic Imitation: A Bard May use his Bardic Performance to mimic the feats and abilities of his enemies. As a standard use of Bardic performance, the Mimic can replicate any Feat/Class Ability that would be available to a character whose class level is less than or equal to his Class Level in Bard. The Bard can only mimic an ability that he has witnessed during his bardic performance, and this ablity remains available only until he/she ends the performance. (But see ‘Encore Performance, below!) The Bard will be subject to the same limitations and conditions that a character of the appropriate level would be. (For example: Mimicing a Barbarian’s Rage Ability would grant the Mimic the ability to Rage as a part of his Bardic Performance, but the Rage would still be limited to the Bard’s Con Modifier +4, just like the Barbarian… Prevets abuse of Class abilities like ‘Channel Energy’ and the aforementioned ‘Rage’…) Note that the Bard can only copy one effect/round, but he may build on this. (While raging the Barbarian uses the ‘Animal Fury’ ability to use a bite attack. Witnessing this, the now-raging Bard may attempt to emulate the ‘animal fury’ ability on the following round!) This ability replaces Bardic Performance, and uses the “Perform: Mimicry” Skill.

Performance (Mimicry):
-The DC to Mimic an opponent’s Class ability is 20+(Target’s Heroic Class Level or [Prestige Class Level x 2]).
-The DC to Emulate/Counter a Spell is 15+(Caster’s Level + Spell Level).
-The DC to Emulate a Feat is 15+(Target’s Level + 2 for each prerequisite that the Mimic lacks).
-The DC to Emulate a Skill is 10+(Target’s Level
* + 3 if not a class skill)*.
Like Bardic Performance this can be done for 4+Cha Modifier and +2 Rounds/level. The Extra Performance feat affects this version of Bardic Performance Normally.

If a Class Ability requires a Focus Item, the Bard must also possess the same Focus Item in order to mimic the ability (Example: Cleric’s Holy Symbol, Scrying Crystal, et all) Mimic cannot replicate a Unique Ability – Summoning a Unique Creature for example. (Like a Summoner’s Eidolon, HOWEVER he CAN copy the ability to use Summon Monster as this is a part of the same effect!)
Cannot Mimic Knowlege Skills; but see Lore Master and Jack of All Trades from the Bard Class!
***Max Skill Ranks that can be emulated = Bard’s Level.

2) Copyspell: A Mimic can use his Perform: Mimic skill and his available Spells/Day to counter an opposing spell as it is cast. Any spell countered counts against the Bards spells/day just as it would normally. He replaces the normal ‘Spellcraft’ check with ‘Perform: Mimicry’. This ability replaces ‘Countersong’.
Conversely, a Bard may copy a spell as it is being cast and use it at the same time as the caster in order to duplicate the effect. (As the Team’s Sorceress casts fireball on a group of Trolls, the Bard, having held his action to on the Sorceress’s initiative hurls a fireball at the same time!) The bard need not replace one of his spells known to copy a spell as it is being cast, though it still counts against his spells/day. In either case the Bard MAY replace one of his spells/known slots with the countered/copied spell!

3) Copied Spells: A Mimic can never learn spells on his own, but can ‘copy’ spells into his spells known by using ‘Perform: Mimicry’ as described in Copyspell above. A Bard learning spells through Mimicry may copy spells from ANY spell list, though they will always count as Arcane magic when used by the Bard. This ability replaced the Bard’s Normal Spell List.
NOTE: Starting Spells: The Bard may begin with known spells matching those of his team mates so long as he would have known them proir to the start of play. This represents his observation of the team prior to play. Otherwise he starts with no spells known!

4) Encore Performance: The Bard eventually gains the ability to recall abilities mimiced in previous encounters. Starting at second level, sixth level and at every 4 levels afterwards the Bard gains the ability to temporarily add abilities that he has Mimiced to his repretoir. Each ‘Encore Slot’ may contain 1) A Feat (even one that the Bard doesn’t have the prerequisites for, so long as he successfully copied it!), 2) A Class Ability that he has copied. (Subject to the same limitations), 3) A Skill he has emulated. (up to the max skill ranks available to him at that level). The Encore Ability may be selected/switched out by ending his Bardic Performance on the round that he first Mimic’s the ability. He may now use this without invoking his Bardic Performance! This ability replaces Versetile Performance and Well Versed.

5) Unfettered Emulation: At Level 20 the Mimic gains an almost godlike Omnipotence when using his Bardic Performance! The Mimic may copy/counter any spell, spell-like ability, or class feature regardless of class/spell level; and is no longer subject to normal restrictions on an ability he is emulating during the encounter that it is emulated! (Though he may still only learn spells and abilities per his class levels…) …This allows access to 7th – 10th level magic…

6) Bardic Abilities kept: Starting Feats, Bardic Knowlege, Lore Master, Jack of All Trades. Eventually the Bard counts as having ranks in all knowlege skills anyway, and can take 20’s on them!!! Further, use of the ‘Use Magic Device’ skill will allow the Bard to use anything that he comes across. :D

Mimic Bard Kit

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