Morale Points

Morale Points represent the positive effects of one who is happy with themselves, and secure in what they want out of life. By living life according to your principles as described by your Nature and Demeanor, you gain an edge when the chips are down. All of these benefits are designed to prevent those horrible moments where circumstance renders your character unable to act.

Morale Max: You may keep Morale Points up to 2 + 1/2 level Rounded up so – 3 points at level 1, +1/ 2 levels. (Level 10 would be 2 + 5 = 7 Morale Points Max).

Re-Gaining Morale:
Nature and Demeanor: You must accomplish an action that satifies the equiements for your nature and/or demeanor to gain Morale.
Roll Better! Whenever you roll a 1 on a d20 roll you gain an immediate Morale Point. You may use this morale point to immediately use Another Chance. (See below) If you fail this second roll, this counts as confirming this as a critical failure. Alternatively you can accept the failure and keep the Morale Point.

Another Chance: A Morale Point may be used to gain a re-roll (Keeping in mind that you cannot re-roll a re-roll) and keep the better result. You can use this in subsequent rounds to escape an ongoing effect like mental domination, or a hold spell; this is treated as a separate attempt and the single roll stands.

Stay in the Fight: A Morale Point may be spent to gain a number of Temporary HP equal to your Character Level + your CON mondifier. This will allow you to continue to function even if below zero Hit Points, but does not heal negative damage, nor can it prevent death. However: It can be used to stave off your death until the end of the encounter, and maybe have time for a suitable dying speech… (Raise Dead or another effect must be used to save you.)

Get a Clue: Stuck? Spend a Morale Point for a flash of insight, and ask the GM a question. If I am unable or unwiling to help, the point is not lost. I have given this advice out freely in the past, but starting now it must be solicited. :P

Of course I brought it: Sometimes I ask, “do you have a grappling hook?”, or “Ok so you have your grapple, do you have ENOUGH rope..?”. You may spend a Morale Point to gain a piece of mundane equipment that you could have bought anyway. This must be a piece of equipment that could have been on your person anyway; or a small item in the environment (The proverbial fire extinguisher on the wall) that should logically be there anyway.

Personal Monologe: You can take creative control to narrate the background of the scene. As long as the GM approves you can narrate details of a scene to allow a circumstance bonus to your actions. (WIP)

I may add other benefits later.

Morale Points

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