Rune's Alchemy Lab

The Alchemy Cart (Rune’s basic Interface): While Rune doesn’t have a proper stronghold, he DOES have a mobile alchemy lab that is enough for himself and a henchman, and can count as a basic Interface for ordering Potions, and (Should Zik allow it) Stable Extracts made via the Infusion Discovery. The Advantage to Extracts is that they can be made daily in batches, the problem is that they go against Rune’s available spells/ day…

The Alchemy cart Welcome to Boss’s lab guvnor, and watch ya step. Don’t mind Subject Zero, he’s ok. Just don’t mess with his glasses…
POINT OF CONTACT: Kit “Subject-1” Roads, Gazepede Keeper and Apprentice Alchemist. (Alchemist – 3)

Masterwork Alchemist Lab:
Caster Level: 8
Item Creation Feats: Brew Potions.

Available Recipies: Potions/ Extracts
1st Level (CL1) MSRP – 50 Dragons: Cure Light Wounds, Shield, Expedious Retreat, Truestrike, Comprehend Languages, Bomber’s Eye, Expeditious Retreat, Crafter’s Fortune, Disguise Self, Endure Elements, Keen Senses, Negate Aroma.

2nd Level (CL4) MSRP – 400 Dragons: Fire Breath, Alchemical Allocation, Cure Moderate Wounds, Bulls Strength, Blur, Invisability.

3rd Level (CL7) MSRP – 1050 Dragons: Thorns, Draconic Reservoir, Beast Form I.

Custom Jobs (Guest Provides the Spell):
MSRP = Spell Level x Caster Level x 25 Dragons.
See Table (Potion Base Cost by Brewers Class) – Top of Page 551, Pathfinder Core Book.

Requests: One Potion at a time Please! (Edit the Page and add you requests after your name):

Sonya: I would like to order 2 True Strike potions, 2 Alchemical Allocation potions, and 1 Cure Poison potion. I would also like 1 Cure Disease potion (which could be brewed with Feuer’s help)


A Proper Laboratory: While The Boss is doing pretty well ramblin’ about in ‘dis here Wagon, he could use a place where he can put down a few grounding rods if ya know what I’m gett’in at… Truth is we need to find a site for a good’n’proper Lab so The Boss can have a staff, and run more advanced experiments! I mean, ’E still wants ta make a Spider-Ant for the Wader-fall, and to grow a proper fungus garden he does…

A Note on MSRP: The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price is the standard cost to buy these items at any magic Shop. They are the typical prices listed in the Magic Item Section. They are subject to the whim of the Craftsman though. Educe, for example, offers his goods at a 25% discount off of MSRP in order to undercut his competition… Namely: Nymar Bladesinger, and Vryflaggan the Sage. Rune may charge what he feels like, though up to now I think that he has been supplying you at cost. (50% of MSRP)

Rune's Alchemy Lab

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