The 1st Bank of Shrike's Perch

The 1st Bank of Shrike’s Perch (Hector’s Interface) The 1st Bank of Shrike’s Perch will act as Hector’s Strategic interface. Monies deposited will form an available “Loan Pool” allowing other players to take out loans to take on projects, and interest rate determined by The Prime Rate will be allotted to allow the Bank to maintain it’s profitability. The more (an more prosperous) places the Bank becomes established, the bigger the available pool, and the better the Prime Rate (The basic function of interest rates on investments and loans). In addition: Funds deposited in The Bank will increase at a monthly rate determined by the “Prime Rate”. Special quests can increase the popularity of The Bank in certain areas, allowing an expansion. Damage and/or destruction to population centers, as well as political climate will disturb or buff the bank as well. This will affect loan rates, as well as available funds. Should damage to The Bank ever cause the available loan rate to go negative – the Bank will collapse. This will result in the loss of all invested funds, as well as general financial damage to all businesses: Causeing a depression… Dont let this happen! Finally: The Bank can act as an intellegence clearing house – More on this later! Hector may use his follower allotment to assign Rangers, Diviners, and Experts to The bank – His henchman should be the Bank CEO. (Reccomend: Garanimos, Diviner 7)

The 1st bank of Shrike’s Perch Welcome to The Bank…
POINT OF CONTACT: Garanimos, The Mathmagician? (Diviner – 12)

Savings and Trust:
Prime Rate: 10%
Investment Rate: .25%
Rate of Return: 3%
Loan Rate: 12% compounded monthly
Bank Solvency: 313,920 Dragons.
Branch Locations (7): Shrike’s Perch, Tiorted, Cloud Forest, House Zurai (Darkmoon) (Defunct). Mootfort. Orb. Port. Raven’s Loft (Branch Destroyed by War).
The Market: War with absolutes (-2% Penalty), Non Agression Between Tior’ted and Darkmoon (1% Bonus), Establishment of Mootfort (1% Bonus) = +0% Bonus to Bank, Current Financial Debacle in Darkmoon (-2% Penalty_.

Available Loans: Home Loan, Mount Loan, Project Loan.

Requests: One Investment/Loan Application at a time Please! (Edit the Page and add you requests after your name):
Hector: Project Fluffy Kitty

In light of the flagging war effort surrounding the Great Cloud Forest, High Priest Moezza & Arch Necromancer Jada have approached the Bank as representatives of the Cloud Leopard Clan for a desperate war loan. The agreed terms are as follows:

Item 1. Khous, the Water Oracle, shall lead a relief force for his cousins and be in charge of the assets supplied by the bank.
Item 2. Moezza and Jada shall return home to defend their homeland, with their ‘tame’ Absolutes and Undead to be used as assets. Acceptance of the above assets is a precondition of the following loan.
Item 3. The First Bank of Shrike’s Perch shall lend a sum of ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND (100,000) Dragons to the Cloud Leopard Clan. All spoils of war shall be given to pay off this debt. This money shall be used to finance a long term contract from each and every water dragon shrine for TWO WEEKS of non-continuous service from EVERY Water Dragon at each Water Temple. The use of these dragon’s will be under the sole discretion of Khous, should he be unable to render a decision then Moezza, and should she be unable to render a decision Jada.


Completed Loans: Project Loan (Magic item creation) Borrowed 7700dp at 12% Interest MPR. Interest: +770dp. Payments: -5000dp. Balance is 3470 owed._

Project Loan (Ressurection of Khous) Borrowed 4250dp from bank at 12% Interest MPR. Interest: +425dp. Payments: -4350. Balance is 325 owed. Payments: 325. Balance 0 is owed.

New Branches: The bank is currently quite limited in resources and in personel. Each new branch established will Increase the Solvency/Investment Rate, and Lower the Loan rate in your favor!

Peace Accords A stable environment creates and forments trade, as well as increasing the value of the almighty Dragon. Creating lasting peace between any two City/States will Increase the Solvency/Investment Rate, and Lower the Loan rate in your favor! HOWEVER: Any wars declared between City/States will lower solvency…

Hector Proposed Leadership Score
Level (+ 14)
CHA (+ 5)
Great Renown (+ 2)
Special Power (+ 1)
Aloofness (- 1)
*Base TOTAL: + 22

*Follower TOTAL: + 22 + 2 (base of operations): for + 24

Max: 15th Level Cohort (Garanomois) ; Followers: (75 / 4 / 2 / 2/ 1)

Garanomis’ Leadership:
Level (12)
Cha (2)
Special Power (
= +15 / +17 (Base of Operations)
Followers: 20 / 2 / 1
Cohort: Max 12th (Safeguard the Keeper of the Strong Box (10th Level Hobgoblin Iron Cavalier)

Known Investors/ Bank Vaults:

Hector: 64,000 (30%)
Fuerer: 50,000
Zell Vortrix: 75,000 (100%)
Darkmoon: 0
Tiroted: 66,600
Shrike’s Perch City Council: 7,000
Nisse of Port: 20,000
Raven’s Loft: 0 (-100%; City Destroyed)
Spiders of Orb: 1000 (Still figuring out the whole money thing…; +100%)
Cloud Leopards of the Forest: 12,900
Hauflin & Wolf Tribes of Mootfort: 8,320
Snow Leopards of the Mountains: 0 (Branch Not Established)
Miscellaneous Small Depositors: 2,900 (
Bank’s Corporate Vault (Paid by Loan Interest/ for re-investment in the Bank): 5799dp
Total Solvency: 313,920 Dragon’s Blood Pieces! (Not Including Corporate vault)
Executive Payroll (1/10 of 1% of total solvency/ Month): 395.92 Dragons/ Month

NOTE: Executive Payroll is paid to both Garanimos and Hector, as well as each Branch head as a monthly paycheck.
NOTE: The Corporate vault is money available to put towards capital in creating new branches. Garanimos has control over this asset.

The 1st Bank of Shrike's Perch

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