The Aethersprite, Part I

p>The Nisse Arcane Technicians (ArcaTechs) have made it to the Athersprite safely under the protection of the Shrike’s Pearch 2nd Great Expeditionary force under Count Author Penrose. Though victorious, some hard decisions had to be made along the way that have placed the town of Shrike’s Perch in jeapordy of Divine Wrath…

The Expedition disguised the Nisse ArcaTechs as Badger Tribe Warriors using a Veil; while Hector the Blue, Manny the Manticore, The Warlord, and the newly recruited Mr. Clean the Water Spirit disguised themselves as ArcaTechs. Sonya, Princess of Darkmoon, used her arcane powers to Misdirect enemy divinations from the ArcaTechs to thier doubles. Mr. Clean agreed to accompany the group in return for Oracle Amitri’s agreement to petition the 10 Divines to restore his memory as she had done for Oracle Jason of Port. Saekron the Water Spirit, Clean’s Lover and longtime friend of The Expedition, used her divine power to create an Aetherspire of dense, breathable Aether and to bless the Expedition with the power of flight!

Planshifting from the Tower of Water at Mootfort the Expedition and their charges moved skyward towards the orbiting Nisse Vessel. The first thing that the Expedition noticed was an ominous cloud of Aetherstuff that loomed over Mootfort. Sonya quickly identified the cloud as a nest of Phase Spiders, and the unit moved to investigate. Negotiations attempted by Hector in his guise as the Senior ArcaTech quickly dissolved into violence; and a blast from Sonya’s fireball wand met with unexpected results – The entire nest solidified into stone and shifted to the Prime Plane, dropping several tons of debris onto Mootfort – Devestating the Tower of Water, and the Temple to Sapheraeon within… Saekron was wounded, Tsunamikai the Dragon lost power and reverted to the ‘Young’ age category, and 68,000dp in damages was assessed on the tower.

On the heels of the Phase Spider incident; beings identified by Feuer of the Fire Temple as Akhanas, Death’s Reapers, and servants of Lady fate moved to intercept the Expedition. The Reapers accused The Warlord, Educe, and their ‘accomplices’ of cheating the laws of death, and disrupting the planar balance by using abyssal matter for constructions on the Material Plane. All too true… They informed the Expedition that they would be detained until a ‘Tribunal’ had assessed and repaired the damage on the Prime Plane by obliterating The Dark Tower. Hector the Blue’s retord was short and elegant: BOOM!!! He blasted the Akhana with the full might of his ‘Shining Mithryl Cannons’! Feuer and Sonya followed up with fireballs, and Crucius, Author, and the Warlord with naked steel and aggression! The resulting fight left The Warlord dead, and the Akhanas discorporated. The Warlord used his death as an opportunity to rejoin his true body at The Dark Tower and warn Shrike’s perch of the danger, while Mr. Clean is sent to make the warning directly. The decision is made to leave the fate of The Dark Tower up to the Shrike’s perch City Council. The Warlord was raised from the dead by Feuer to rejoin his power with that of the Expedition. Though the Nisse seemed greatly shocked and aghast by the party’s actions againt their Goddess of Death they then moved on towards the Aethersprite.

Back at Shrike’s Perch: Coucilman Kurin Norad proposed that the Dark Tower be defended in order to protect the Arcane strength that it adds to the town. The Alfar opposed the motion as conflict with the Gods was the last thing that the township needed. They already had enemies in The Absolutes, and The ROOT. Kurin, Brim, and Sculd voted as a Block in favor of keeping out of the fight. The Alfar Vryflaggen, Nymar, and Hiril voted as a Block against the motion to defend the tower. Oracle Amitri voted against due to her connection to the 10 Divines, while Siangham moved to allow a short recess to get input from Councilman Crucius of the Shrike’s Guard. She sent her Animal Companion, and mascot of the city, the Dire Shrike Vladamir into the Aether to carry the ballot to Crucius, while Vryflaggan reluctantly used his arcane power to speed the mighty avian on his way!

As the Expedition traversed the Aether the intrepid Shrike caught up to them, and passed a scroll, pen, and ink to Councilman Crucius. The message revealed the current council position, and asked for Crucius to give his input. Between them Siangham and Crucius could sway the vote either way. A brief discussion among the expedition led to the decision to save The Dark Tower. Vladamir returned with Crucius’ vote, and Siangham backed him up – The Council would defend Educe’s tower… Of the councilmen only Kurin the Dvergar King, Siangham the Warden of Nature, and Nymar the Eldritch Knight deigned to move. Amitri declined to act due to her connection to the Divines, Vryflaggan and the others declined for a variety of personal reasons… Kurin elected to send his ‘Champion’, Berzerker Bill, in his place.

Back in the Aether the Expedition had encountered a snag, they had found themselves under attack by one of the Nisse’s own Sky Guardians! Multiple blasts from Positive Energy bombs had nearly caused the Expedition’s members to explode (literally!) from excessive health and vigor… Sonya detonated a fireball to ‘help’ her allies keep from exploding, while Hector and Manny teleported inside the approaching construct in an attempt to destory it from within. Unfortuantely he found it full of Kirchwassers, and though he tried valiantly to bluff them into thinking he was Hamish the Polymath, he found that they were all in the thrall of his brother’s hive-mind… They all transformed their heads and necks into copies of Manny’s deadly maw, and tore The Manticore apart. A moment before Hector met a similar fate he was pulled back to the reletive saftey of his allies by The Warlord’s mastery over time and space! As the Expedition prepared, the twenty Kirchwassser deployed in a sphere around the suddenly humanoid Sky Guardian; and the Nisse ArcaTechs flew under the cover of illusions wrought by the returned Mr. Clean.

The team jumped into action – The Warlord Teleported himself, and Crucius into flanking positions near the giant construct’s gun arm, Author to charge range above the Guardian’s head, and Sonya behind the creature. Hector and Feuer moved to support their allies, Crucius struck the Guardian’s cannon in half supported by The Warlord. Author struck the construct’s head with his devestating lance; and Sonya bathed the enemy in a cone of electified breath that wounded the Kirchwasser but left the Guardian unharmed. Further battle left Crucius dying, and the Warlord greviously wounded by the Kirchwasser; though death was staved off by Feuer’s breath of life! Hector and Author finished the Guardian with a brutal combination of ‘Shining Mithryl Cannon’-fire and Cavalier Charge. Bursts of Prismatic light from Sonya swiftly disrupted the Kirchwasser enough to allow the rest of her team to defeat them.

With the objective in sight, the Expedition moved to recover the ArcaTechs. They found that Mr. Clean had been discorporated by an attack from their old ally turned foe – Ugten the Trickster. The Nisse and their Badger Tribesmen seemed to be none the worse for wear. Finally the Aethersprite had been reached… 422, 400xp Total/ 70,333xp each!

Now there are two important tasks at hand: The restoration of Aethersprite, and finding a way to mollify the angry Alfar Goddess – Lady Fate. Two Missions: Aethersprite Redux part II, and Dealing with Death. The only question that remains is – Will the Council be able to keep The Tribunal of Lady Fate from destoying The Dark Tower and The Tower Heart within..?

> Last Week…

You have defeated the Black Dragon Silurian by driving him from his nest and ambushing him with your best shot. Not only did you manage to destroy him, but Zel the Contractor took his Son as a Vassal. The party has installed Silurian’s Son as the master of Clamrock, the Otter Tribe village; giving you access to a shipyard capable of constructing armed cutters.

You have now turned your sights back to the Nisse. The plan to escort the Nisse Arcanists to the Aethersprite is underway, with the Nisse standing disguised among their Badger Tribe soldiers; and Hector posing as the Master Arcanist. You now begin your journey through the Border Ethereal, miles into orbit…

The Warlord, Aspect of the Destroyer is again ready to stand by you in battle, allowing a grateful Educe the Brown to return to his duties as Minion! Master. A Clone body has been prepared for each of you, granting you (in effect) an extra life. This will prevent the usual loss of a permenant Con point for retruning to life; but can only happen once every 2d4 months. Souls reaped can also be turned in to The Tower Heart to generate new Minions!. Ed will be out of action for at least a month as he works on the Blue Minion! Hive; but Bryar can still make magic items for you. I will be working on the Water Dragon Shrine interface next, as recent interest has been shown in it’s use.

The Aethersprite, Part I

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