The Dark Tower

THE DARK TOWER Welcome to The Master’s Den of Evil; allow me to show you around, and please don’t mind the mess – This is a work in progress…
POINT OF CONTACT: Educe the Brown, Minion! Master. (Conjurer – 10)

Educe’s Dark Magic Workshop:
Caster Level: 10
Item Creation Feats: Craft Magical Arms and Armor, Brew Potions, Craft Wands, Craft Wonderous Item, Forge Ring.

Available Summoning Magic: Lesser Planar Binding Suite (Lesser Planar Binding (up to 6 HD), Diminsional Anchor, Magic Circle against Evil) – Cost: 1500 Dragons + Offerings. (YES I CHARGE FOR THIS – It’s dangerous!)

Available Summons (Known): Any Extraplanar Creature you have seen or can ID with a Knowledge (Planes) Check up to CR.

Requests: One Item or Summon at a time Please! (Edit the Page and add you requests after your name):


Draconic Heartstones: I cannot Bind True Dragons, True Elementals, or Undead at this time. As such I am forging a Heartstone for my dark Tower that will channel these energies! The requirements are steep however: I need the elemental Heartstone from a True Dragon alligned to each of the 4 Elements, AND a Heartstone belonging to one of the Dragons Corrupted by The Devourerer known as an Umbral Dragon. Worse yet, they have to be mature Heartstones, and so the Dragons need to be of at least full-adult standing. The rewards for this are self evident: I can bind True Dragons, True Elementals, and Undead for you! In addition, the power of the stones can replace certain required spells and materials in the magic item creation process, making it much less expensive and time consuming! Chop Chop – ED.

The Dark Tower

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