The Divine Guardians

The Alfar Gods, and the Invader…

The majority of the ‘Gods’ of this world are hold-overs from Alfheim. Beings who were so powerful in their mastery of Manaflux that they had Achieved Immortality and near-omnipotence. They are now exiled to the outer planar realms, because the power of electromagnatism in the inner realms would rob them of their power and leave them vulnurable. So these once-mighty beings rule from afar, using a pantheon of lesser agents spawned from their power to attempt to control the world they regard as their personal playground.

They vie for control of the one resource that can continue to feed them: The Mana-giving life-force of the people of the convergence. All life generates Manaflux, but sentient life carries the most power. The Gods claim the ‘souls’ of those that follow thier philisophical paths, and fight over the reverence of the populace to keep their fonts of power fresh and pure. The fate of the concsiousness of the ‘souls’ depend on the disposition of the diety in question. ‘Good’ Dieties may allow the conciousness to inhabit a land of peace and plenty, while an ‘Evil’ diety might enjoy the misery of it’s victims. Good or Evil, all god strip these souls of their Manaflux, and consume it to maintain themselves. Even those who are returned from the dead have a bit of themselves devoured. (Thus the permenant Loss of a Level as per the pathfinder rules, and perhaps other issues a well…)

Living suplicants also provide nourishment to thier Lords, as their Prayers and Reverence beams a portion of their life-force directly to the Diety. In order to encourage obedience, the Gods grant the power to perform ‘Miracles’ to their priesthoods. With proof of their diety’s favor in hand, these loyal souls act as their masters’ proxys in the realms of the Convergence. These Priests have a good chance of being imbued with their Lord’s power upon death, and having their conciousness reborn in immortal flesh; however their will is then completely enslaved to the Overmind of their Diety, making a lie of this path to Immortality…

Unique among the Gods is the Invader, also called the Great Devourer; Lord of the Dark Moon called Encarda. An alien warrior from the realm of Materium who had long ago found a way to draw upon the power of manaflux to bolster his strength. During the Great Convergence he came to the world of Alheim to strike down the Lord of Destruction, and steal his power.

These beings, 10 in all, are called “The Divine Guardians”. These mighty beings have names, but guard these “True Names” more jealosly than does a dragon it’s hoard. They are known only by their titles… The Gods and their Allignment are as follows:

Lawful Good – Lord Alfather
Neutral Good – The Shining One
Chaotic Good – Lady Alfmother
Lawful Neutral – The Executor
True Neutral – Lord Beastmaster
Balance Keeper – Lady Fate
Chaotic Neutral – The Dreamer
Lawful Evil – Lady Crucible
Neutral Evil – Lord Devourer
Chaotic Evil – The Scourge

The Divine Guardians

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