The Moot at High Pass, Part 1

The 15th of Alfmother, in the Year 112 AC…

Every spring the tribes of the Swan Valley meet in the melting snows of the High Pass to trade goods, prisoners of war, and to swap stories of the previous year. Alliances are forged, enemies are made, and decisions of great import to all are discussed under the watchful eye of the wise and impartial Raven Tribe. For five years the people of Shrike’s pearch have also been made welcome in the wake of a deal brokered by Hamish the Polymath, and Tengu the Trickster. The chieftains of every tribe now gather to exchange pleasantries and open the annual Moot at High Pass!

Sunny the Badger has been troubled by a Fever and unexplained scaly patches accross his body. He has displayed uncharacteristic Strength, and an Elemental Focus stone, similar to those found in Elemental sorcerers, and certain elementally alligned creatures has been detected in his chest!? Many belive this could be a sign of the Water Dragon King’s favor with his Rider: Author Penrose!

Siangham and Hector have been coordinating the training of a new kind of Agent for Shrike’s Perch that will act as a kind of Notary and Business Agent.

Sonya has been training hard with the Arcanist Vryflaggan to understand more about her planar Origins, and about the non-combat applications of arcane power. She has slightly re-tooled to prep for the Loremaster Prestige Class!

Aeron has been leaning about Alfar Culture in the City of Darkmoon from the newly rescued Zurai; and the more he learns the more he seems tempted to disown his people. Zurai tells of a culture unbound by morality or hidebound law; that is a bastion for freedom and individualism under the divine hand of the mortal Avatar of The Great Devourer. Aeron sees a society unbound by anything resembling reason; a terrible place beset by sin, vice, greed, questionable sexuality, and an absolute disregard for the sanctity of life…

Crucius continues to set training standards for the Shrike Guard, and has pushed the council to spring for expensive firearms to transform the Guard into a more formidable force. Firearms have been issued to the Moot Honor guard for now, as added security for the oracle. Appalled by the fact that his warriors don’t know one end of a sword from the other, he has mandated blade training to commence at the end of the Moot!

Misha Penrose has mastered the scrying powers of Vryflaggan’s Crystal Ball, and uses the device to keep the team coordinated; and to move her Rooster to the best position to support her team.

Educe the Brown has completed the transfer of enchantments to create the Stained Glass Halbard, and the Executor Pistols. His Master, The Warlord, now weilds the cursed blade, unafraid of death.

Rune’s Gazepede is now trained well enough for field trials; and his Edible fungus is a hit even with the Cloud Leopards who hate him 3 times over for his being a Wolfman, and Alchemist, and for plying their high priestess with catnip… He even has a new title: The Pariah of the Wolf Tribe. His Chieftain is pleased with his progress in Shrike’s Perch, and with his lack of proximity – Good Times!

Cloud Leopards – Have agreed to allow safe passage through their lands; and in exchange for the pacification of a necromantically tainted grove, passage into the Feywild: The Lands of the Beastmaster! A secret alliance has been made on the agreement that the Leopards will not side with the Hobgoblins; nor will the Town side with the Hauflin-Wolf alliance.
Hobgoblins – Have agreed to the exchange of Aluminum and Steel Goods for Cold Iron from Shrike’s Perch. They were greatly impressed by the dazzling display of martial prowess by Author, Crucius and Rune!
Raven Tribe – Has agreed to sell special Rings of Sanctuary for 2500 Dragons each and to trade intellegence; they seek stability in the region. They have also offered to sell air travel…
Darkmoon – The Alfar have agreed to allow safe passsage for up to 10 envoys from Shrike’s perch, and an expedition is being planned.
Agreements have yet to be made with the Hauflin, and Wolf tribes who seek a military alliance with Shrike’s Perch; nor with the Fish Tribe on anything meaningful. Though with the Expedition’s theft of Lethe, which is suspected to be a baby Absolute, it is anyone’s guess how they will react!

Well now you’ve done it… You have caught what you belive to be a tiny Absolute in a Cold Iron Box, and the Fish Tribe’s Avatar is aware and VERY unhappy! Crucius and Misha are moving at full speed upon the Giant Soldier ant Panzer, racing to get your ‘sample’ back to the Foundry at Shrike’s Perch. Meanwhile the rest of the team is at ground zero of the biggest religeous/ political upset that the Moot at high pass has ever seen!

The Moot at High Pass, Part 1

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