The Shrine of the Water Dragon King

The Shrine of the Water Dragon King (Author’s Interface) The Shrine of the Water Dragon Kingwill act as Author’s Strategic Interface. The Shrines in each major city act to establish a house of healing and divination available to the party; and as each shrine grows, so does the effective Druid level of it’s Shrine Maiden. (Currently all Shrine Maidens are at 4th Level). As the Shrine grows in power, Brine Dragons will be attracted to take up residence as temple guardians, and can be bribed to provide their services both on and off the battlefield. So far only 1 Young Brine Dragon has made it’s appearance at the main Shrine in Shrike’s perch. As the party supports author’s Religeous crusade, others will become available; and the first one will be replaced with a more powerful servant! The Water Dragon Shrine’s will also act as intellegence clearing houses – With higher levels allowing greater feedback. Author may use his follower allotment to assign Cavalers of the Cockatrice Order, Druids of the Water Dragon King, and Adepts to his Shrines. His henchman should be the leader of the Water Dragon Order. (Reccomend: Kali, Druid 4/ Cavalier 3 – Special: Eidolon Mount 7!)

THE Shrine of the Water Dragon King (PENDING) Welcome to our Shrine…
POINT OF CONTACT: Shrine Maiden Kari Caldon, Shrine Matron? (Druid of Sappherion 4/ Cavalier of the Cockatrice 3 – 7?)
Locations (5): Shrike’s Perch, Tiorted (Temple District), Darkmoon?, Cloud Forest, Orb?, Mobile Shrine: Hauflin Tribe, Wolf Tribe.

Caster Level: 4
Divine Scrolls and Potions: Up to 2nd level Druid/ Water Spells (Full Price).
Scrying: 4 Minutes, Will DC 14; Donation – 700 Dragons (Full Price).
Brine Dragon: Services and Charges by request.

Available Brine Dragons: Circe of Shrike’s perch (Young Brine Dragon).

Requests: One Item or Dragon at a time Please! (Edit the Page and add you requests after your name):
Author: 2 Pearls are going to be given to Brine Dragon as down payment for future purchases. I provide 50,000 dragons to temple coffers (I don’t oversee how this is used). Also Shrike’s Perch Bride should be selected.

The Last Spirit under Mount Norad: Two of the three bound Water Spirits have been recovered: The Good Natured Saekron – Freed to her home plane, and the Insane Amphitrite – Bound to Shrike’s Perche’s Shrine to Sapherion. A third spirit awaits discovery at Station AWE I. She could be bound to create another water controller, or freed to gain the favor of the Water Spirit Tribe. Either road would bring honor and power to the servants of the Water Dragon king.

Darkmoon Water Shrine There is need to found a proper shrine to our Lord in Darkmoon. negotiations with House Zurai are a must.

The Shrine of the Water Dragon King

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